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Inspiring the next soul surfer

Network Marketing SuccessI did two things I don’t normally do yesterday. First, I promised my wife that I wouldn’t go into my office. It was Christmas and so I decided to dedicate it to my family. I went to my daughter, Maritza’s house and spent the day with my kids and grand kids. I had a great day!

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Transforming Resolutions into Reality

Network Marketing Success in 2012Are resolutions an utter waste of time, or is there something magical about setting the mind on a specific yearlong goal?

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My wake up call, and your challenge!

Network marketing success Today at 8:52 am, I woke up to a ringing phone. It was my good friend and partner, Frank Donohue. Frank and I have been associates in several businesses for the last 3 yrs. We talk almost every day, tossing around business and marketing ideas. Frank is a brilliant marketer that has a great quality of, nothing only telling great stories, but also breaking down difficult concepts into small chunk size bits so that people can understand them. But this is not a post about Frank (although I highly recommend you visit his site, ). This is about an interesting conversation we had this morning. It was a wakeup call for me. Allow me to share it with you.

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Network Marketing Success and the law of attraction

Network marketing success and the law of attractionThroughout the ages there has always been a class of people that seem to excel above the rest. They prosper while the rest barely get by. It seems almost as if they have a magical power to attract all that is good.

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