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Branding yourself for success!

Conquering fear to achieve your goals

Conquering fear for network marketing successWe have our sights set. We know what we want to accomplish. You can see your goal so clearly you can almost touch it. Its real. Its there. Yet you still can’t seem to make it happen. Why?

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Attraction marketing with a spin…

Like Nike says… JUST DO IT!

Mike Martinez Network Marketing Success

What you need to know about World-Ventures


Free Traffic Generation strategies

What you see is what you get!

Network Marketing Success with Mike MartinezCan you see yourself on the cover of Forbes magazine. If you can’t, maybe you should create one yourself!

Hope we can all believe in?

Network Marketing Success with Mike MartinezLearn to move yourself into success by your own efforts. It’s the only way!

Network Marketing SuccessOver the last few years I have been in contact with thousands of new and seasoned networkers. A large percentage of them either are, or have become orphans within their respective network marketing companies. What that means, for those that are not familiar, is that they have been abandoned by their upline. It may be because their upline left to another company, their upline has little to no experience, or their upline lost their steam(desire) and is no longer doing the business. Whatever the reason, if you are in this category, here are 4 questions you should ask you new sponsor if you are think about joining a new opportunity to help you ensure a better outcome.

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Should Christians use the “Law of Attraction?”

Law of attraction and network marketingI recently posted an article about the “Law of Attraction” and network marketing. I received a lot of emails asking about my views on Christianity and the “Law of Attraction.” Here is my answer.

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