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WordPress Training – Learning how to use WordPress

wordpress trainingA week doesn’t pass where I don’t get tons of emails, Facebook messages, and phone calls asking about how to use WordPress for blogging. I absolutely love training about WordPress simply because it is a marketer’s dream website. Currently, over 70 million WordPress sites are floating around cyberspace.

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Thriller – A Blast From The Past!

Thriller 2012

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Video Marketing… What do you want to know?

How to do video marketingI’ve been busy working on a new video course that will take people step by step using video marketing to market themselves and their business. I’m just adding the finishing touches, but I needed your help in making sure I’m answering all the questions people have about video marketing.

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The Difference between men and women…

Difference between men and women

Dare you not to laugh…

Who do you think you ain’t?

Mike Martinez network marketing success

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It pays to be a little crazy…

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People are amazing!

Like Nike says… JUST DO IT!

Mike Martinez Network Marketing Success