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Living your “Best Life” in 2019

What if, RIGHT NOW, you decided to make 2019 the best year of your life?What would it take for you to TRULY follow thru and deliberately live the phenomenal life you know you are capable of living? Stick with me here because I’m about to share with you a strategy that will allow you to do just that. “Living your “Best Life” in 2019 is within your grasp. Read the rest of this entry

It’s not about the money…

For centuries the money issue has been debated: How important is money for human happiness? Some say it’s critically important. Others regard money as the root of all evil. I look at it from an entirely different angle.

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Network Marketing is just not for me…

While millions of people live a life being controlled by outside influences: their jobs, their bills, their obligations, many of those same people attempted to breakout and create their freedom by developing a home business. Most of these same people, at one point or another, got sold the dream of residual income. Do something one time, derive income for years to come. By far the best way to get paid in America, or anywhere in the world for that matter.

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What will YOU do different TODAY?


Sometimes, it’s the small things we miss that can make the biggest difference in our lives. For instance, scientist tell us that human beings process between 60 – 70,000 thoughts a day. Of those thoughts, about 90% were thoughts we had the day before.Think about that for a second. 90% of the thoughts you are going to experience today were the same as the thoughts you experienced yesterday. Now, if you had a great day yesterday, then that may be a good thing.Is you had a stellar day, why not revisit those thoughts again today. Thoughts are powerful in that they trigger emotions.

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Is it possible to go from broke bouncer to being worth over $360 million in just a few years? It is if you know how to add value.

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It’s not about the money

freedomWhen you don’t have money, you think it’s all about the money. At least I did. I remember the days when my pockets were empty and all I did was wish for more money. In my mind, I felt as if money was the solution to all my problems, and my deep-seeded desires.

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How to achieve goals without the struggle

Socrates-building-the-newIt took me years to fully understand this concept. Yet, I probably don’t FULLY understand it, but today I understand it at a much greater degree than I ever did in the past.

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Three Mental Principles To Magnetize Wealth

NYT2008121512593046C What if you could literately open the floodgates to wealth by simply changing the way you think? Imagine how powerful it would be if you could control your mind in a specific way, and by so doing, manufacture the exact outcomes you desired.

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Thinking your way to success

Scientific thinkingWhat you allow in your mind makes all the difference between the actions you take and what direction your life travels. Ultimately, the responsibility is within each person to monitor what is allowed into the mind.

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Top four reasons why most people never build a list

List building secretsIsn’t it ironic that although most online marketers have heard the age old expression, “The Money is in the list,” over 95% of marketers don’t have a list? What is even more incredible is that those same marketers continue to buy because of emails, yet they refuse to acknowledge the power and effectiveness of list building and email marketing.

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