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Network marketing successNetwork Marketing Success can be summed up to a few simple principles. One, I’m sure you’ve heard; “The money is in the list.” You’ve heard that a thousand times. And it is absolutely true; the money is in the list. Question is, “What’s the best way to create the list?” Should you use your company’s lead capture system? Or, should you create your own?

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Empower Network Scam Review

The Empower Network scam reviewI’m probably going to get a lot of hate email for writing an “Empower Network Scam Review,” however I believe someone should clarify the reality of the Empower Network. David Woods’ “Empower Network” is billed as a new “commission loophole,” viral blogging system that will help you market your business, while allowing you to receive 100% commissions from the system. Is that all true?

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