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InCruises Review 2020 – What’s the catch?

This InCruises review 2020 will go over why this company has caught the attention of so many people world-wide. As of this writing, InCruises has been in business a short 5 years. In this time, they have a sales force in 178 countries around the globe. It seems as if Incruises has taken a firm grip within the cruising industry. Is this good for you , the consumer or prospective business owner?


InCruises Membership

InCruises is divided into two separate components. It’s cruising membership plan, and it’s business opportunity. Let’s address the membership aspect first. Ultimately, InCruises has put together a discount cruising platform. This platform is available only to it’s members. Membership is by invitation only. Members pay $100 dollars (US) monthly. Funds are deposited into what the company calls it’s cruise dollars fund.

Members have the ability to select world-wide cruises, currently over 5500 available cruises. These cruise trips are marketed to the general public. In other words, the cruise packages found within the InCruises platform are comparable to what is being offered on the travel sites you find online like Expedia and Priceline.

Where Incruises offers it’s major advantage is in it’s “Cruise Dollars” fund. As members are paying their monthly membership into the company, their $100 is matched by the company. Therefore, members accumulate $200 in “Cruise Dollars” on a monthly basis. These cruise dollars are specifically to be used for the purchase of a ruise or cruises within the InCruises cruise options.

The catch, if you so consider it, is that the available cruise dollars are available based on tenure. The company has set up a membership reward system that allows it’s members to access more of their available cruise dollars. First year, members have 60% of available cruise dollars. Second year, 70%. Third 80%. Fourth 90 %. And fifth year 100%.

Keep in mind, members save from the very first year. Actually, I find this to be a brilliant customer retention strategy. Their customer retention is huge. The membership value is evident.

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It’s not about the money…

For centuries the money issue has been debated: How important is money for human happiness? Some say it’s critically important. Others regard money as the root of all evil. I look at it from an entirely different angle.

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4 Steps to getting started with Instagram today!

Just about everyone is on social media these days. The various social media platforms available each have their unique way of letting your contacts know what you’re up to. Some allow you to share content. Others get you to post your current status in the span of a few characters. And then there’s Instagram.

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It’s not about the money

freedomWhen you don’t have money, you think it’s all about the money. At least I did. I remember the days when my pockets were empty and all I did was wish for more money. In my mind, I felt as if money was the solution to all my problems, and my deep-seeded desires.

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Three Mental Principles To Magnetize Wealth

NYT2008121512593046C What if you could literately open the floodgates to wealth by simply changing the way you think? Imagine how powerful it would be if you could control your mind in a specific way, and by so doing, manufacture the exact outcomes you desired.

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Thinking your way to success

Scientific thinkingWhat you allow in your mind makes all the difference between the actions you take and what direction your life travels. Ultimately, the responsibility is within each person to monitor what is allowed into the mind.

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Top four reasons why most people never build a list

List building secretsIsn’t it ironic that although most online marketers have heard the age old expression, “The Money is in the list,” over 95% of marketers don’t have a list? What is even more incredible is that those same marketers continue to buy because of emails, yet they refuse to acknowledge the power and effectiveness of list building and email marketing.

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Ready to take your video marketing to the next level?

Video Marketing ChallengeHow to take your video marketing to the next level? Before we begin, can you REALLY take your video marketing, and by default, your video creation, to the next level?

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Control your daily habits, and you control your success onlineIs there a link between your daily habits and your success online? Does developing success online seem like an uphill struggle? Interestingly enough, a recent Duke University study indicates that up to 45% of your daily activity is habit driven.

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Sharing your story thru video

Tell your story with videoVideo marketing has a unique way of connecting with your audience. Unlike other forms of online Medias, video has the ability to reach out and grab certain segments of your audience.
It’s important to understand that you will not create the same connection with everyone. In fact, the level of connection will vary greatly. Some will instantly connect with you on a deep level. Others will have a lighter, yet very respectful level. And still others will not connect with you at all.

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