Empower Network ReviewThis Empower Network Review will detail what is rarely mentioned in their marketing site, and videos. Is the Empower Network REALLY going to help you build your primary business? Not if you have a primary business and are looking to add blogging as a means to gain favorable attention, as well as, a means of positioning yourself as an expert and leader in your field.

The Empower Network Review you are about to see will help you clearly determine if this network will help or hinder your business marketing goals.

This Empower Network Review outlines;

  • How much does the Empower Network REALLY cost
  • Can I use the Empower Network to market myself
  • Can I build my primary business with the Empower Network


Empower Network Review; What does it REALLY cost?

This Empower Network Review talks about something that is rarely addressed by other “Empower Network Reviews” Mainly because other Empower Network Reviews are done by empower network members for the exclusive purpose of recruiting you into the program. No harm in creating review post to recruit… in fact, that is a great way to market a program. But understand that you will get better, unbiased information if you read a review from someone that is outside of network or program itself.

Going back to the cost, you hear a lot about getting “ALL IN,” which mean getting the blog, the inner circle training, and 2 separate information products totaling $1600. However, for this Empower Network Review we will focus on just the first 2 levels, i.e. $25 blog & $100 inner circle training.

You would think that the$25 blog is a bit expensive for what you are getting, which essentially is a WordPress blog, but it doesn’t stop there, at least where the price is concerned. In addition to the $25 a month cost, PLUS $20 a month for an Empower Network admin fee. So your $25 monthly investment quickly turns into $45 a month.

If you don’t already have your own auto-responder account, add another $20, new total $65, and we are talking just the blog site. If you don’t want to be a wussie (their words, not mine) you also get in on the $100 a month “INNER CIRCLE” training. New total $165 a month.

Empower Network Review Video

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