Empower Network scam reviewThis Empower Network Review will shed some light into the network itself. As you may already know, the Empower Network has been in business since October 31, 2011. Since that time many changes have taken place. More importantly, since my last post about the Empower Network, (see blog post “Is the Empower Network disempowering you?”) I’ve received dozens of comments, both positive and negative, about my post. I am using this post to answer some comments I’ve received from EMPOWER NETWORK members.

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Although I won’t go into specifics here, my original article and corresponding video claimed that the Empower Network was using deceptive marketing tactics in both their lead capture pages, and videos. I stand by my original comments, as they are still using the same tactics, and in some areas, have added additional tactics.

  • Empower Network Deceptive Claims;

    Lead capture pages are reaming with deception. “This was almost kept a secret!,” the very first sentence on their lead capture page, is an outright deception. I’ve gotten dozens of request from Empower Network members asking me to PLEASE take down that video and blog post. They reason that marketing has a certain inherent deception to it. I’ve even heard, “Deception is part of marketing. People in the US are used to deceptive marketing.” I don’t agree. Deception is deception any way you slice it. Many companies have successfully marketed their products with clear and honest advertising.

  • Empower Network Deceptive Income Claims;

      This one is probably the one that bothers me the most. Why? Because in today’s economy, with millions of people being as desperate as so many are, putting out false income claims just to cash in is downright unethical. What do I mean when I say deceptive income claims? On the Empower Network video you see Larry Tam and Tracy Walker, both are experienced online marketers. Both had somewhat of a following before the Empower Network. Both had built their list before the Empower Network. But if you look at the Empower Network video, you would come to believe that they made their money simply because of joining EN. The video shows Tracey Walker making over $50,000 her first month, but does that mean the average Joe with no experience, no following, and no list can duplicate that? Hardly. But that is what the video is leading you to believe. I find that truly unethical and extremely deceptive.

  • Empower Network Hypnotic Marketing;

      Let me be clear with this one. I understand hypnotic marketing, and I don’t claim it to be entirely unethical. But I believe it is being used unethically within the Empower Network marketing video. Play the video again. Count how many times during the video you hear David Woods saying “you can trust me.” Notice how many times the video ask you to relax and read every word. If you understand how the mind works, and especially how hypnotic marketing works, you will understand the power behind those simple tricks to manipulate your mind.

  • Empower Network New Battle Cry “Stop being a WUSSIE”;

    To top it all off, if you haven’t made a buying decision by the end of the video or webinar, they throw in one last marketing challenge, they call you a WUSSIE. You hear them say, “Stop being a WUSSIE and get all in.” Getting all in, I believe, is over $1500. For what? Information products. I can’t tell you how many dozens of people I’ve spoken to over that last few months that consider the Empower Network an utter waste of time and money. And some of these were not “WUSSIES,” they were all in, and yet they still didn’t even scratch the surface of making the money they were led to believe they could make. The biggest shame is that this strategy is now being promoted by it’s members too.  Look at there member videos. Chances are good you are going to be called a WUSSIE if you don’t take out your credit card and “GET ALL IN.” I find that extremely distasteful.

Now to be fair, I’m not going to say that all of these people that have come to me to complain worked the business as they should. Most probably didn’t. What I am going to say is that the Empower Network marketing is geared toward making people think that all they need to do is blog, get on page one of Goggle, and deposit money into your bank. It doesn’t work that way. I know it, you know it, and I’m sorry to say, I believe that the Empower Network knows it.

Fancy marketing is not the answer. Doing it for me is not the answer. Blogging and getting on page one of Google is not the answer. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IS THE ANSWER. I find that the Empower Network is trying to take that lesson out of the equation. At least on their marketing sites and videos they make it a point to say that you don’t need to learn how to do many of the things that they themselves learned. They are telling you to let them do it… the copy writing, the videos, the capture pages, all the stuff that goes into becoming an elite marketer.

If you don’t remember anything else from this page, remember this… YOU CANNOT BECOME AN ELITE MARKETER WITHOUT DOING THE THINGS AN ELITE MARKETER DOES. At some point, if you want to become a top earner, you need to go through the lessons, master them, put them into play, and finally reap the benefits. There are no short cuts.      

I say challenge yourself. Look into yourself and see what’s missing. See what improvements need to be done. Find the mentors. Take the actions. Of course you are going to stumble, stub your toe, and bang your head, but just keep on going. Never forget that there are no short cuts. Like my mentor Jim Rohn was famous for saying, “Don’t ask for it to be easier. Ask for you to get better. Don’t ask for less problems. Ask for more skills.”

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Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

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