The Empower Network scam reviewI’m probably going to get a lot of hate email for writing an “Empower Network Scam Review,” however I believe someone should clarify the reality of the Empower Network. David Woods’ “Empower Network” is billed as a new “commission loophole,” viral blogging system that will help you market your business, while allowing you to receive 100% commissions from the system. Is that all true?

Well, the “commission loophole” is that you are getting 100% of the commissions paid out to the representatives. That is a play on words, but it is true. And, it is true that it is a blogging system. Of course, blogging is a powerful way to market your business. But is the Empower Network actually dis-empowering you, and your efforts to build your business? After all, you are blogging to build YOUR business, right?

Are you really marketing your business with the “Empower Network?”

David Woods has a very interesting story. To many, it is a very inspirational story. A young entrepreneur, starting out, facing all the same obstacles most people face in starting their business. Struggled for years on end, until one day he was taught the “SECRET.” What was that secret? Learn how to market yourself first, and then market your business, a very powerful lesson indeed.

But, is that what is happening with the “Empower Network?” Are you really marketing yourself first, then your business? I don’t think so. What you are actually doing is falling in line with everyone else in the network, then, marketing the network, and then maybe you are getting some exposure.

By his own admonition, David Woods says that his business changed dramatically once he started marketing himself first. That is what is commonly known as attraction marketing. That is the right way to market online. All the hoopla that is associated with the “Empower Network” is simply because a few dozen Internet marketing leaders are promoting the “Empower Network.” But when you look closely, you will find that these Internet marketing leaders are marketing this program from their own blog sites. And if you doubt what I’m saying, prove it to yourself. When you finish reading this post, do a Google search for “Empower Network.” What you will find is pages and pages of Internet marketers marketing the “Empower Network” from their own personal blog sites.

What I’m trying to say here is that David Woods became the David Woods we know today because he joined a community that taught him ways to market himself first. David did that by joining the master mind group from an online marketing community, Click here. And I will venture to say, that had David, not learned to market himself, and had he started marketing someone else’s program, his success wouldn’t have reached the level it has. At the very least, it would have prolonged his learning curve, until he started marketing himself properly.

Am I saying that the Empower Network is a scam? No. But what I am saying is that if you are looking to market YOURSELF, you may want to look somewhere else. The best place is your own personal blog, where you have total control of your site, your content, the images, the auto-responders, the links, and everything else.

What the “Empowering Network” is asking you to do is to post something every day on their site. You should be doing that with your own blog site. Consistency is what gets results with online marketing. You should be doing that on your site, not anyone else’s site.

Again, think about the Internet marketing leaders that you see marketing the network, they are marketing to their list, on their personal blog sites, and yes, they are making 100% commission on the sign ups. That’s a good deal from an income stand point for them. Is it a good deal from a marketing stand point for you? Not so much. Keep in mind that none of these leaders would even imagine dropping their personal blog sites and just blog on the “Empower Network.”  That’s a major clue.

The bottom line is that the “Empower Network” is designed to market the “Empower Network.” That is all well and good, but don’t expect it to position you as a leader. Don’t expect it to put you in the “attraction marketing” spot light, because it won’t. You have to do that yourself with your own blog site. Take the lesson that propelled David Woods, and other top marketers into success, and use these lessons yourself. First and foremost, market yourself first (with your own personal blog), and then market your company. Anything else will only divert you from success.




Remember, “it’s your time to shine!

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