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The following are programs which I fully endorse simply because I’ve taken the time to investigate them, and I use them in both my marketing, as well as, my own personal home businesses.

I will briefly explain each, as well as their value to you.

Mike Martinez's GVO Link


GVO is a web hosting company that offers online marketers a great suite of both marketing tools and resources. GVO has been the choice of many top marketers around the world. This site you are on right now is hosted through my GVO account. In fact, all my sites are hosted on GVO.

If you are marketing your company’s replicated site, YOU ARE SELLING YOURSELF SHORT. The problem with marketing replicated sites is that everyone in your company is doing the same. What you should be doing is marketing your own sites. Especially, your own capture sites and blogs. That’s what GVO offers. Custom made capture sites, wordpress blogs, auto-responders, plus much more.

What makes GVO a great resource is that you don’t need to be a wizard with web creation in order to have multiple sites up and running. I’m certainly not a techi type of guy. Yet I’ve managed to put up websites pretty easy.

If you are marketing online, GVO is the company to go with. They are affordable, reliable, and the compensation plan is strong. And if you do decide to partner with me and GVO through my link below, I would love to help you build your site and capture pages. Plus, I have a few free resources that will help you create a great custom site in no time. Click here to visit my GVO website.


Free Fast Traffic

Free Fast Traffic

As an online marketer you know the importance of being able to generate traffic. Free Fast Traffic details time tested methods that work to get HIGHLY TARGETED traffic to any site. Traffic is the life blood of your online business. Start employing these strategies today and begin reaping the benefits that will change your results quickly and elegantly.


Mike Martinez's magnetic sponsoring link

Magnetic Marketing  

If you are still chasing friends and family for your network marketing business, or if you simply don’t have enough prospects to talk to, Magnetic sponsoring is the answer. This unique system will teach you the secret to sponsoring 10 – 20 new representatives into your business each and every month.

Magnetic sponsoring has create many top earners. Chances are that the top earners in your company are using Magnetic Sponsoring.




Blogging for successClick here to get started!

Blogging has become the favored method of branding yourself, and generating tons of favorable attention for your business. However, many are lost when it comes to building their blog sites to get the perfect marketing solution. This WordPress blogging training takes you by the hand and details, step by step, exactly what you need to do to get your WordPress blog up and running like a PRO.






There you have it, my creme dela creme for your home business success. Lets partner together and help ourselves and others succeed.

Mike Martinez

Mike Martinez home business success