Just as a formal introduction, my name is Mike Martinez (obviously) 😉

Like many budding network marketers, I went through all the same frustrations most network marketers go through as they start their career in this fascinating industry.

Most people get excited about an opportunity, or a product, and they jump in, sometimes doing the right due diligence, sometimes not, but they jump in excited ready to start working, when all of the sudden they hit that dreaded wall called marketing.

It’s been said that network marketing is the marketing business people get into but have no clue what marketing really is. What that means is that most network marketers really don’t understand marketing. And that problem is propagated by the industry itself. Herein lies the problem with most network marketing programs, and it’s huge failure rate.

What’s the first thing your sponsor tells you to do when you join your network marketing program? “Make a list of your friends and family and we’ll start approaching them.”

I’m sure you’ve heard those words before. Now let me be clear here. I’m not against introducing my friends and family to a good (hopefully great) product. But, are my friends and family REALLY looking to start a home business? Are they prepared for the struggle it entails? Are they ambitious enough to really want it to succeed? Hate to say it, but probably not.

I can’t tell you how many years it took me to fully understand that. During those years, I honestly thought my failure was with me. It wasn’t. Not that I didn’t need to learn more to become a better network marketer, or leader. I did. In fact, I’m still learning everyday. But the core of the problem wasn’t me, it was my target market. It was my approach to a marketing system that was fatally flawed.

I have to tell you I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure this network marketing thing out. I kept hearing, put it in front of more people. So I did. I passed out business cards, I posted fliers. I attacked anyone within three feet of me (the good old three-foot-rule), I hounded my friends and family, I purchased and called (fresh?) leads, and nothing… and I do mean NOTHING WORKED!

Then, somehow I met a few mentors that really transformed my network marketing career. What I learned from them was what every top earner is actually doing to sponsor 10 – 20 (or more) new distributors into their opportunity every month without chasing friends and family.

Now my mission is to help others do the same. I truly believe that network marketing is one of the last enterprises that allows anyone who puts out a sincere and sustained effort to achieve whatever they want to achieve. And that is done by embracing the right marketing strategies and living the principle of “service to many leads to greatness.”

Having the right marketing system

There are three components to rapid success in network marketing:

  • An indomitable desire to succeed (you MUST have this to succeed)
  • An effective marketing system that you ACTUALLY take action on
  • A good (hopefully GREAT) company and product

Of these three, an effective marketing system is what will propel your success the fastest. You see, you can have a sincere desire to succeed, and still prolong your success without an effective marketing system. You and I have both heard the stories of people that against all odds found a way to succeed. Pure determination. And that is good. But personally, I like to find the smartest way to work.

You can also have a good product, or be representing a good company, but if you are following a marketing plan that doesn’t work, it will drain your enthusiasm and getting to success with drag as if you were pulling a thousand pound weight. Again, have people achieved success without a good marketing system? Yes, but it has taken years, when in reality, it could have all been done a lot sooner.

I teach my team how to focus on a very specific target market. Yes I teach my partners all about approaching friends and family properly. But again, every successful business owner markets their business to a very specific target market. As network marketers we should be doing the same.

Next, you learn how to position yourself in front of that market to start getting prospects to start approaching YOU. That is a huge difference in marketing as is been taught by most companies today.

That is what I offer as a partner. I’m always on the look out for people that have the desire to succeed, and have the willingness to learn how to market themselves properly. Network marketing can and should be a life changing experience. Unfortunately, most people get so frustrated with the “Old School” marketing model that they soon quit. I want to change that. I want to enhance the network marketing experience so that you not only radically changing your own finances, but also the lives of those that join you. That is duplication at it’s best.

Now, with all that said, let me share with you who I choose to align myself with.

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