Network Marketing SuccessI did two things I don’t normally do yesterday. First, I promised my wife that I wouldn’t go into my office. It was Christmas and so I decided to dedicate it to my family. I went to my daughter, Maritza’s house and spent the day with my kids and grand kids. I had a great day!

Second, I watched some TV. I’m not a big TV guy, but after a long day playing with the kids and having a great time, I figured I’d unwind with a little tube. My wife landed on a channel that had a scene of a hospital room. In the room laid a young girl on the hospital bed. My first thought was, “Here we go with another sad story.” But my wife insisted that the story was inspirational. And she was right.

The movie is called “Soul Surfer” and it’s about a young 13 year old, who while surfing one day was attacked by a shark and her entire left arm was detached. Interestingly enough, the story is based on actual events. I was hooked.

I get juiced at seeing the power of the human spirit in action. Humans are capable of so much. Yet, few people ever get to experience that side of our nature. I believe we all have this inborn desire to show the world what we are capable of.

Unfortunately, because we are constantly being fed negative news, very few people are willing to put themselves on the line and reach for more. Very few people are willing to dig deep within themselves to prove how wonderful they really are. Most people shrink with circumstances. We allow events to dictate our responses. Rarely is the outcome good when that happens.

For most people, just the idea of looking stupid will halt any motivation to move forward. However, we have all seen and heard of people that against all odds, found ways to succeed, even in the worst of circumstances. The human mind is designed for greatness. God is a genus.

But the question is, how do humans find that extra oomph to excel where most would quit? What inspires one person to go on, and the other to throw their hands up and retreat? These are good questions, and I wish I could say I had all the answers. I don’t. But I do know this; in many cases, all it takes is someone inspiring another to keep going, keep moving forward. The words, “Don’t quit” have an amazing power, a power to energize another’s spirit.

The world we live in today needs more people that inspire others. We need people who are willing to step up and show others what we are capable of. What humans are capable of. We call these people leaders. And don’t misunderstand, leaders are not immune to challenges. Leaders face all the same obstacles as everyone else, and probably more than the average person, simply because they are willing to put themselves on the line more often. But somehow they find ways to conquer, whether it is business, disease, or just everyday life.

In seeing this movie, I could see that this young girl was very special. But for me, the unsung hero was the person that encouraged her to go beyond what seemed like her limitations, and find the way. In other words, the person that lit that young lady’s fire to push beyond her limitations. That is who I consider my hero. And that is the person I aspire to be.

I like challenging people. My challenge for you is to go out and see more into people than they see for themselves. Help people break out of the shell that keeps them in fear. Inspire people to think bigger, take bolder actions, and achieve things they want to achieve but are afraid of doing. One simple word of encouragement, one helping hand, one shift in thinking and you can literately change someone’s destiny. We need destiny changers. The world is hungering for leaders that will step up and show others how amazing the human spirit is. And I’m here to challenge you to be that person.

For me, network marketing is an amazing industry. Not because of the money that can be made, but because of the personal development people go through when they indulge in helping others succeed. Yes, we all want to make more money, but if we step out of the spotlight, and instead we put others there, success will fall upon us faster and greater than anything else we can do for ourselves. Helping others is the key to massive success in network marketing.

Accept the challenge and help as many people as you can to succeed beyond their wildest dreams through education and inspiration. Let your personal greatness shine by lifting others, and your life will never be the same.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez
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