Network Marketing SuccessOver the last few years I have been in contact with thousands of new and seasoned networkers. A large percentage of them either are, or have become orphans within their respective network marketing companies. What that means, for those that are not familiar, is that they have been abandoned by their upline. It may be because their upline left to another company, their upline has little to no experience, or their upline lost their steam(desire) and is no longer doing the business. Whatever the reason, if you are in this category, here are 4 questions you should ask you new sponsor if you are think about joining a new opportunity to help you ensure a better outcome.

Interview your next sponsor

Before we begin looking into the 4 questions you should ask, why should you interview your next sponsor? The answer is why shouldn’t you? When you are making a decision like joining a network marketing opportunity, you obviously want to make the experience a success. Network marketing can and does bring with it a lot of benefits, when done right. But many times we get caught up in the hype of the company, and/or the sponsor, and we forget to ask the right questions.

As a quick example, a few years ago I was introduced to a company via a dvd. I researched the company and liked what I saw. I then went on to research the person on the DVD. I found out that he was the 2nd top earner in the company, he was promoting himself well online, and he had been in the company for over 10 years. These were all good signs for me. I contacted the person and basically sold myself into the opportunity. He didn’t have to do anything to close me. I was already sold on joining him and the company. My mistake was that I didn’t ask the right questions. Had I done that, I probably wouldn’t have joined the company, at least not under him.

As it turned out, my sponsor was the 2nd top earner in the company, which was true. But he built his business entirely offline, 10 years ago. At the time when I joined him, I had recently purchased my home in NJ, over 100 miles from my prior residence. I was still working near my old residence, taking a daily commute of over 80 miles each way. So I was a bit disappointed when I spoke to my sponsor and he recommended I set up a home meeting. Home meetings are a fine way to build, but in my case at the time, I hadn’t made any local contacts. I was still new to the area and because I was working 80 miles away (1 1/2 hr + commute) I had very little time to socialize in my local area.

I inquired about his online marketing, but he just continued to go back to the home meetings issue. And, to my surprise, he stopped communicating with me simply because he thought I wasn’t following his “Home Meeting” plan. I went on to build an organization anyway, but I did so without any help from my upline.

So the point here is that if I had asked the right questions, I may have not signed up under this particular sponsor. Understand this, I believe if you are going to succeed in network marketing it is because you have the drive and the enthusiasm to continue building until. That is my firm belief. Even when you don’t know exactly what to do, if you persist you will, eventually, come across the right strategies. But I also believe that you can shorten the learning curve dramatically by having a sponsor that can teach you a business building system that is time-tested and proven. That speeds up the process, demonstrates success, and energizes new recruits. Ultimately, working closely with a good upline sponsor greatly improves your chances for success. So with all that said, let’s look into the questions you might want to ask your new upline sponsor before you sign the dotted line.

1)”How are you getting leads for your business?” This question is probably the most important one for you to really analyze the answer. What you want to hear is that your prospective sponsor has a system in place, preferably a system that is unique to him and his team. Look into the specifics of their system. Having a website that captures names and that is connected to an auto-responder is not enough. Ask about traffic generation systems. Anyone can put together a lead capture site, but it’s another challenge to get the right traffic onto it to site. Another area of caution is how many people in the company are actually using the system. What you will find is that many top income earners create systems that help them generate an additional stream of income for themselves. They promote it as a marketing system, when in reality it derives an income for them and possibly the company itself, but does very little to help promote the opportunity. What you are looking for is a unique system that helps you brand yourself, while at the same time canvassing for red hot leads.

2)”How active are you with your team?” This question will give you an insight into the training and support provided by your prospective sponsor. A good leader maintains contact with his core team. A good leader takes the time to train his team on effective marketing strategies, as well as, team building strategies. Another key is in being accessible for support, be that 3 ways, welcoming and training new representatives, or simply answering questions that may be of concerns to other members. Of course, we must keep in mind that as organizations grow, and more demands are placed on top team leaders, support becomes less available, but you should still be able to contact your upline if the need presents itself.

3)”Do you have a business building philosophy?” This one is one you may get a long pause once you ask the question. Most people don’t have a business building philosophy for building their network marketing company. None the less, it is a good question to ask. Ideally, if you do get an answer, you may want to look at the answer and see if it has anything to do with personal development. Business building philosophies based on personal development produce the strongest teams.

4)”What are the first steps I need to take to start making money with this program?” This will give you a good sense on what marketing strategy you will be taught if you decide to jump in. Ask for specifics. Drill down and get answers step by step. Ask for explanations on things you are not certain of. This will do several things; First, it may test the patience of your prospective sponsor. Second, it may tell you just how familiar they are with the steps they are proposing. That can give you a feel for the person’s competency in that particular area.

The purpose of this article is not so that you jump ship and seek another sponsor. My purpose is twofold; To give you a great starting point if you are seeking a new sponsor, and so that you can take these same lessons and provide the proper support to your team by becoming the sponsor that can answer these issues. The network marketing industry is a great industry. However, the orphan count is growing at an alarming rate. And that only gives us a bad name as a whole. I know I put in time with my team, and when I see orphans, seeking help and essentially, being lost about their business building strategies, I know we just burned another one. And as we all know, bad news travels much faster than good news. Yet we have it in our power to help create success stories within our industry. If you are an orphan, take heart and move forward, you can still succeed. If you are not an orphan, team up with your upline and help those below you feel and become part of the team. Creating synergy in network marketing creates miracles.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

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