Lead Capture StrategiesThe money is in the list. That is a fundamental key to online marketing success. List building is a skill that all top income earners possess. Having access to a large list allows you to make multiple streams of income. The cold hard facts are that 80-90% of the people that come thru your doors(your websites), won’t join you. And, it doesn’t make a difference what business you are doing, most people won’t join.

However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot make money from the tire-kickers. That is a key strategy that top income earners rarely talk about. They focus on building their list, and find ways to offer several different products and/or services that might be of interest to their list. That is what is commonly referred to as “monetizing the list.” So, even thou 80-90% are not joining the primary business, they still get money dripped into their pockets thru other affiliate products, programs, services, and even products that they create themselves. And ultimately, the bigger the list, the better they target their offers to their list, the bigger the money drip.

5 Pro list building strategies

1) Find multiple ways to build your list; Having multiple ways for building your list is a key strategy. Capturing from your blog site, from SEVERAL specific lead capture sites, from social media, article post, ect., provides you with multiple outlets for lead capture. If you go fishing with one fishing rod, you may or may not catch a fish. But you multiply your chances of catching fish if you use several fishing rods at different locations. That is a very obvious conclusion, yet it’s one that many people miss when marketing online.

2) Offer something of value; Why would anyone subscribe to your list? The reason is simple, people will subscribe to your list if you are offering something that peaks their interest. Here is where knowing your target market is of key importance. If you have properly identified your target market you can then find products that are of interest to your market. Once you find something that will interest your market, you can either purchase private label rights to those products, or the best option is to create your own product, usually in the form of a report, that you can give out in exchange for your visitors name, email, and phone number. The key is providing value. If you give something away, and that is going to be the first contact a prospect has with you, make sure you are providing REAL value.

3) Using video to encourage opting in; Video has matured online. There is something unique about video in that it gives your visitors an opportunity to see, hear and familiarize themselves with you. Video has proven it’s value when it comes to providing that extra push for having someone complete the opt-in process. A good strategy for those that have their own blog is to simply place a video above an opt-in form and ask your visitors to opt-in. And again, let the video tell them what they are getting for opting-in. Provide REAL value.

4) Walk on spokespeople; This is becoming a new fad for online marketers. Basically, once you land on a page, an actor walks out and talks directly to your visitor and encourages the visitor to fill out the form on the page. This technology works well for list building. Many times, you can use this technology and get opt-ins without actually offering any additional reports or “gifts.” Here is an example of one such page…  Click here! These web-walk-on actors range in price from as little as $9.95 a month, to flat fees of up to $500 for a 30 second walk on appearance message. I like to test all of my marketing efforts and was surprised to get 62 opt-ins from this one walk-on-actor ad placed on Craigslist within 2 days of posting it. You can find more information on the service here… Click here!

5) Funded proposals; Funded proposals is a great way to build your list, and get paid while doing it. Basically, the funded proposal offers something of interest to your target market, something that they actually pay for, and it collects names and emails in the process. Therefore, funded proposals solve 2 problems; Builds your list, and drops cash in your pocket. That cash can be used to fund other paid marketing efforts you may have in your marketing plan like PPC’s, additional paid advertising, or simply income you can build as you build your list. Here is a great funded proposals system the works very well for online marketers… Click here!

List building is one of the key strategies being used by top income earners that will build a long-term wealth online. The money is in the list. Use these strategies and start building your business systematically on the Internet. Any one, or better yet, a combination of these 5 strategies can help ramp up your list building to another level of steady income. Try it and see the results for yourself. YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED!

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    • AJ Perisho

      Nice post Mike!
      Basically the same fundamental strategy as direct mail. Build a great list, send offers, make sales.
      All business owners should be creating a solid list of suspects, prospects, and of course current clients.
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

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