Predicting the futurePredicting your personal future can be a science. And no, I’m not talking about any weird extra-sensory perception sort of thing. I’m talking about specific success principle at work here. Best of all, anyone can do this.

Your future is being decided right now. The thoughts you are thinking. The actions you are taking, are creating your future right this very second. The good news is that because we are constantly creating our future, with a little organization of thought we can purposely create, instead of haphazardly create. 

Here are the steps to purposely create our future;

  1. Write the prediction down: Clarity is power. Where do you want to be?
  2. Write the reason(s) for the prediction: Having the right “why’s” can ensure success.
  3. Once you’ve met your specific deadline, if you were right, write down why you were right. Knowing how you got there is of major importance.
  4. However, if you were wrong, write down why you were wrong. Correct your course.
  5. Adjust the next prediction accordingly.
  6. Eventually, you will start getting it right, and it will become easier and easier to predict the future.

This is the same exact formula used by all successful business people, inventors, Scientist, and anyone who succeeds at anything. The key is to analyze, adjust, and move forward. The big mistake most people do is that they never stop to review why they “FAILED.” Instead, they let others convince them that they just weren’t meant for such lofty dreams. “That happens to other people, not us!” 

The reality is that success can happen for anyone. You can not only predict your own future, you have been given the ability by God to create your own future. Every religious book on the planet tells us the we were created in God’s image. God is the creator, therefore, we have inherited the ability to create. We are the ONLY living creatures on this Earth that God has given that gift to. Yet few ever use that gift. I’m encouraging you to use that gift wisely.

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