Adding Value for online marketing successWe hear the phrase a lot; “If you want to be successful online, add value.” Add Value, what exactly does that mean?

There is no denying that adding value is how wealth is created in business, on or offline. However, I believe we need some clarification as to what adding value really is.

The common misconception is that by representing your company product or service, you are adding value. I tend to disagree, and here is why.

As an example, we have a great weight loss product. The product does what it promises. From every angle that we can see, this is a valuable product. So by offering this product to the market place, we are adding value, right?

Yes, and no. The product is valuable, but because you are not the only one offering the product, your added value is at the same playing field as everyone else in the company who is also offering the same product.

In order for you to add value over and beyond the value that is already being offered, you must add something to the mix. Adding additional value will make you stand out from everyone else in the company offering the same product or service.

The logic is simple. If your company has 20,000 representatives, all offering the same weight loss product, everyone is playing at the same level, at least value wise. But if I now decide to start offering a free report on how adding my exercise plan can triple your weight loss, I am now adding value over and above what everyone else is adding.

When you look at the top earners in every company, what you will find is that they find a way to compound value. Yes their current product or service is valuable, but on top of that, they add even more value. In that way, they become more attractive in the marketplace. People flock to them.

How to add more value?

The interesting thing is that added value can be something simple. A free report, a training session, an added marketing strategy, the promise of support, almost anything can add value. The two important elements are that there must be true value, and the value must be articulated properly so as to be clearly understood by the marketplace.

Once you find a way to compound value, take time to test it and see how it is received in the market. Your idea of value may or may not be accepted, and so it may take some testing. However, if you continue finding ways to add value, you will undoubtedly increase your business by default.

In summary, just marketing your particular product or service is not exactly adding true value. Finding that “something more” to help compound the value is what will set you apart from everyone else in your company, and / or industry.

Of course you could continue just offering what everyone else is offering, but rest assured two things; First, you will continue to struggle in your marketing. Second, those offering “something more” will continue to be more attractive and continue to produce better results.

The decision is clear, adding value works for creating online success, but only when you find “something more.” Put your mental energy to work, finding ways to compound value. The added effort will be worth it.

Remember, it’s your time to shine!

Mike Martinez

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