As unlikely as it may seem the world’s “Digital Economy” is thriving. Although the entire globe is in lock down, online sales have grown to record levels over the last few months. Amazon is showing a plus 400% growth since the February Corona lock down in the United States alone.

Have you purchased anything online over the last three months? I know I have. In fact, I’ve contributed quite a bit to the digital economy.  But here is the key for YOU: Are you just participating in the digital economy or are you profiting? This simple distinguishing factor may make a huge difference in your bottom line. 


How to profit from the digital economy

I’m about to tell you something you already know: People use the Internet to get specialized information. You know that, right? Not only do you know that, you yourself use the Internet to access specialized information. 

However, although you agree that people, including yourself, use the Internet to access specialized information, have you ever considered creating your own digital information product to market? Don’t feel bad. Most people haven’t either.

Latest statistics tell us that the information marketing business is a $400 Billion dollar a year industry. People from all walks of life have profited from packaging and presenting specialized information. And we are talking about information of all types. 

The three types of info products to create

In the information marketing industry there are three general category of products that fall into the evergreen category. Evergreen denotes products that are always in high demand. Those are products related to:

  • Wealth: Subjects can include investing, home buying, credit, wealth creation, work from home and more
  • Health: Subjects can include diet, healthy exercise programs, meditation and mindfulness, disease prevention, fasting, and much more
  • Relationships: Subjects can include marriage advice, dating advice, sexual enhancement practices, parenting, conflict resolution, and much more

Now the question is, do you have any specialized knowledge in any of these topics listed above? Guess what? even if you just answered no, you can still create a best selling product outside of these subjects. 

Something as mundane as a simple directory resource ebook on how to fix classic cars can make you millions. 

The Cory Rudl story

Cory Rudl was a young man in his early twenties that put together an ebook on how to buy and sell used cars. Back in the early 2000’s Cory created a one page website marketing his ebook “Car Secrets Revealed.” The book taught everyday people how to buy mechanically sound used cars. Add value to the cars. And resell them for a profit. The ebook was a hit. First year sales were over $250,000. Second year sales totaled over $400,000. Third year sales were over $500k. 

Unfortunately, Cory died in a freak accident while he was racing cars in a Las Vegas racing tract.  The interesting thing to note is that even after his untimely death, his website continued to earn for several years. Many years produced multiple six-figure incomes from the sales of his ebook. 

So again, the question is, what specialized information can you put together and offer online. The resources have never been easier to reach for. The ideas are literately limited to your own thinking. Even if you feel that you have no specialized knowledge you can presently offer, I would question you to ask what do you enjoy doing? 

Is it possible that you can in fact gather information that you can put into an ebook or even a video? How sweet it would be if you could develop an income from going through the trouble of putting it all together once. You could create profit for years to come. Your own royalty checks. Think about the power that passive income creates. 

As a reader of this post, hopefully you will walk away with a renewed inspiration to create something to generate income online. This digital economy is the way of the world as we now know it. Don’t just participate in it. Profit from it by creating your own digital product.

Remember, it’s your time to shine!

Mike MartinezMike Martinez

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