blogging-successThe biggest problem most budding bloggers have is coming up with blogging posts. The question I most often hear about blogging success is, “Mike, what should I blog about?” This post will address that concern with a laser accurate solution.

Keeping with the strategy that we are to position ourselves in front of our specific  “laser targeted prospects,” our main focus is to identify our clearly understand who our market is, understand their problems, and then provide effective solutions for those problems.

Blogging success secret; Solving problems your target market faces

A good question to ask ourselves is, if our prospects were sitting in front of their computers, searching Google for answers, what would they be searching for? How to generate free traffic for their websites? How to save money on their next vacation? How to develop a great website? What’s the easiest way to lose weight?  The answers can vary depending on who our target market is.

If you want to become a blogging success, what you must keep in mind is that your target market is out there, this very second, searching for answers to their specific problems and concerns. As an online marketer, your number one priority should be to help them elegantly solve their problems.

Blogging Success secret: Google keyword research

Just as an example, let’s take weight loss as our subject. Let’s say your target market are people that want to lose weight, what would they be searching on Google? One very effective way to find out would be to go to Google’s keyword search and test keywords. You can find Google’s keyword search tool by simply searching “Google keyword search tool.”

So you research a few keywords, rapid weight loss, natural weight loss, weight loss products, best weight loss products, ect. With the Google keyword search tool, one of the cool things you can do is find the exact keywords people are searching, as well as, related keywords. That is powerful because you now know what keywords are the actual things people are searching for. That helps you narrow down your target market, with the exact things they are looking for. Having this information allows you to now make a list of the most searched keywords for your specific market. Once you make your list of the most popular searches, you then create articles or posts based on the keywords.  Here is a quick example. Let’s say you found that Rapid weight loss, Best diet plans, and Best weight loss products are the top keyword search for your specific market.

Next, write a several post titled (just examples), “4 keys to rapid weight loss,” or “How to identify the best diet plans,” or “Best weight loss products reviewed.” What you have done there is three key things. Number one, you are addressing a key concern your target market has. You are taking the exact keywords that your market is searching for, and providing valuable information that addresses their specific concerns.

Two, you are now positioning yourself as an expert in front of your target market. By writing an article that provides true value, you are transforming yourself into the problem solver. People appreciate problem solvers, and view them as experts.

Lastly, because you went through the added step of researching your markets key concerns, which led you to finding the exact keywords, and because you built your article around those keywords, you have created a highly optimized page for your particular niche. The added work involved in following this plan is well worth the trouble, when you consider that you may very well land on Google’s first page with your blog post. Before I end this post, let me address one more issue. Some reading this will ask, “How do I come up with ideas for these posts?” If you can’t get your creative juices flowing, research the keywords and find what other people are writing about. Don’t plagiarize, but do go and read up on your subject and let that spark ideas in your own head as to how you can put together a post of your own.  In time, your mind will pick up the process, and you will soon be splitting out articles like a pro.

My best advice is simply to get started. And be consistent. To become a blogging success, create a routine for yourself where you go through these steps on a regular basis. The more you work at it, the better you will become.  Just do it.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine,”

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