Obama vs RomneyElection years are full of choices. Democrat or Republican? Conservative or Liberal? Good candidate or bad candidate? Promises flying all over the place, yet the outcome is usually the same. Politicians on the campaign trail over-promise, and then once in office, under-deliver.

This post is about your personal choices. Not about whom you should vote for, or even if you should vote at all. Those are your personal choices, and I’ll leave those to you. And this is not about me sharing my choice with you either.

The fact of the matter is that regardless of whom lays their head’s on the White house’s pillows come the New Year, your personal financial situation will be determined by the choices you make and the effort you put out.

Here is an eye opening question; What does Microsoft, IBM, General Electric, General Motors, Disney, Burger King, CNN and Apple have in common? You answer, “They are all big business giants.” True, but not what I’m looking for. Give up? The answer is; All these companies were started during a recession.

Obama or Romney?

A very interesting study by an Ivy League University found that the number 1 component to your personal wealth is not what political party was in office, your education level, your family background, or even the state of the economy. The number 1 component to your financial situation is the people you associate with most often.

In fact, this study pointed out that your income will average out to the income of your five closest associates (friends). Who you hang out with most often will determine your financial situation better than anything else. Want to improve your finances, start associating with people that are doing better financially.

What has happened in the past?

What very few people realize is that even if the economy is striving, you may not be. And it works the same in reverse; the economy could be tanking yet there are always people that are thriving despite of the economy. Why is that? Why is it that more millionaires are created in poor economies than in striving economies?

The answer is that you are responsible for your own results. You are responsible for associating with people that will spark productive ideas, as opposed to hanging around victims that drag you down to their level. If you are a person that is waiting for Washington to pass the regulation that will help you succeed, you will be waiting a long time. It doesn’t exist. Your personal financial situation MUST be improved by you, not some Government agency. The first step starts with you associating with people that see opportunity as opposed to obstacles.

Tell me who you walk with…

My grandmother drilled in my head this simple phrase, “Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who YOU are.” As a kid I didn’t understand the true meaning of that phrase. I’m sorry I didn’t see the wisdom my grandmother had in those early years of my life. If you think about it, she was years ahead of herself, at least from the stand point of the University study which proves her point, association does make a difference.

So go out and vote for your political party, but keep in mind that the real choice you should be making is who you associate with. Find mentors that support your goals. Find groups that are proactively moving forward despite obstacles. Stop associating with people that shrink your mentality. Seek out positive, successful, goal oriented people. The choice is always yours. Nothing will move you faster to your goals, or spiral you down quicker to failure, than the people you associate with most often. Choose wisely! 

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