Control your daily habits, and you control your success onlineIs there a link between your daily habits and your success online? Does developing success online seem like an uphill struggle? Interestingly enough, a recent Duke University study indicates that up to 45% of your daily activity is habit driven.

What does that mean to you as an online marketer? It means that you must keep a close eye on your personal daily habits and make sure they align with your ultimate business goals. Otherwise you could be playing tug-o-war against yourself and not even know it.

Let’s say you are in the daily habit of getting home from work, unwinding with a glass of wine, and sitting in front of the TV for a few hours, nothing wrong with that, right? That depends on your goals. If you are serious about developing a six figure yearly income from your online or home business, you may have a problem there.

The problem is that you may not be acting congruent with your goals. Make no mistake about it, having a successful online business is a dream lifestyle… the freedom, the wealth, the ability to help others… all of that is ABSOLUTELY beautiful, but it does require effort. It requires daily effort.

This is where your current habits may need to be altered to fit your goals. Here is a simple equation that is hard to go against; Successful actions lead to successful results. Failure actions lead to failure results. None of this happens instantly, but we can’t deny that success breeds more success. And the other side of the coin is failure breeds more failure.

Your daily habits are interwoven in this equation. If your daily habits have you sitting in front of the TV with a beer in hand, and you are struggling with your online business, the first place you should look at is your own habits, rather than blaming your company or upline.

Here is a question to think about, would your results be different if your daily habits were to sit at your computer and produce a new piece of content to post online? Whether it was a blog post, a video, an article, or a new email campaign, you would be creating more positive exposure for yourself and your business.

Overtime, that will compound, one small success on top of another. It’s impossible to fail if you compound success on top of success. Just as it is impossible to succeed if you compound failure on top of failure. This is where your habits are extremely important.

Simple habits for online success

Hopefully you are sold on the idea of aligning your habits with your online business goals. If you are, let me help you get started. Here are four simple activities anyone can begin using to help their online marketing endeavors. I recommend 20 – 30 minutes of daily activity in these areas. Putting your focus and energy into these key areas will undoubtedly produce positive results.

  1. Creating fresh and valuable content: Nothing will help to establish you as an expert in your field than providing solutions for your target market. The more solutions your provide, the quicker you will be perceived as an expert. Do this daily.
  2. Video Marketing: Video marketing is a great way to get your message out. Regardless of whether your message is a sales message or a training lesson, video makes it easier to connect with your audience. Putting out a daily video message has worked for some of the highest paid online marketers. Do this daily.
  3. List Building: This is probably one of the most neglected facets of online marketing, and yet it is one of the most important. List building is what separates the pro’s from the amateurs. Professional marketers build their list DAILY, amateurs rarely do. Do this daily.
  4. Build your own products: If you put just half hour a day to record an audio or video for your own products, within a month you would have 15 hours into the development of your own product. Having your own product can bring you serious cash flow for years on end. This is a great skill and habit to develop.

Does this sound like a lot? It really isn’t. The average person spends over 7 hours a day watching TV. This simple strategy can be executed in just 2 hours a day. It’s all about your daily habits.

Analyze what your true goals are, and then notice if your daily actions are leading you where you want to be. You may want to adopt the online marketing strategy outline here. My advice is to try it out for 90 days and see if it serves you. If not, you can always go back to what you were doing before.

Remember, successful actions lead to successful results. Failure actions lead to failure results. Your daily habits and activity should ALWAYS be leading you to success. Control your habits and you control your success online.

“It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez

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