Leadership is a key element in business success. This is especially true in Network Marketing. For that reason, it’s critically important that we have a clearly defined meaning for leadership.

For some, leadership is directly related to the amount of followers one has. Walk onto a stage, 5000 people stand and applaud, for these people you are now considered a leader. And to be fair, based on their definition, that may qualify you as a leader. At least, you can lead a crowd.

However, for me personally, leadership is not defined by the number of followers one has. Instead, leadership is defined by the leaders you develop. In other words, how many lives have you improved? How many people will now recognize you as the person who altered their lives in one form or another? For me, that is the optimal form of leadership.

Network Marketing Leadership

In corporate America, leaders set time driven goals for their teams, and as leaders, they ensure that the objectives are met within the time frames. If the objectives are not met in a timely fashion, consequences are paid by either the staff being led by the leader, or the leader himself. This is a fear based leadership/motivation model. Essentially, in most businesses, this same model is repeated over and over again.

In our business, leadership is different. Most people that come into Network Marketing lack the skills needed to succeed at a high level without the proper mentorship. Communication, marketing and leadership are skills that are developed over time. So in reality, network marketing leadership is an uplifting mentoring experience. It is not fear based. Instead, it is focus based.

Setting the focus on improvement

I like to say that leadership is an exercise in focus refinement. If a person can, by the use of words and personal example, help another person set a vision for themself that energizes them to take consistent action, therefore altering that person’s life in a positive way, then that person is a leader.

In other words, if you can have others see more in their lives than they currently see, and that moves them to take consistent action, you are a leader. This is how success stories are made.

There is nothing more beautiful than a person stating the impact that a leader has had in their life. It is human progression at it’s grandest. Therefore, the biggest responsibility in leadership is in helping to elevate the live of others. Some may disagree with that statement. Many will argue that leadership is entirely measured thru results.

My argument is that results naturally unfold when you develop a vision within people that energizes them to be the best they can be. One thing is for sure, humans are capable of amazing things. Rarely do humans even begin to scrap their unlimited potential without a leader igniting the desire for greatness.

We need more leaders that develop leaders. That’s the bottomline.

It’s your time to shine!

Mike Martinez

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