The plot below summarizes the number of tweets returned from our Twitter query by date of creation. A portion of our summary table is presented below: {"x":{"filter":"none","data":[["amyklobuchar","brianschatz","catherinefornv","chriscoons","chrismurphyct","chrisvanhollen"],["democrat","democrat","democrat","democrat","democrat","democrat"],[509549,147864,29943,118426,721864,136852],[-0.247,-0.417,-0.393,-0.243,-0.306,-0.391]],"container":"

(Using more/less the same code from above.). In the figure below, Twitter-based (D1) ideology scores are plotted as a function of DW-Nominate (D1) ideology scores. {"emailMsg": "", 2018. Apply classical scaling to a cosine-based similarity matrix to view Twitter-based political ideologies in two-dimensional space. A portion of the matrix is presented below — clearly some intuitive variation in vector composition as a function of political affiliation (and whether or not your name is Jeff Flake). With Twitter handles in tow, we can now gather some tweets. "statesForAltMessage": "", November 4, 2014, * Use of this site is for nonpartisan purposes only. "filepath": "/emergency-paid-sick-days.html", Your use of WeTweet is conditioned upon your complete compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Use. Intellectual Property Rights The content on WeTweet, including, without limitation, the text, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, interactive features and the like ("Content") and the trademarks, service marks and logos contained therein ("Marks"), are owned by or licensed to NPWF, subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under United States and foreign laws and international conventions. US House of Representatives Twitter Handles 115th Congress State Representative Twitter Handle AK Representative Donald Young @repdonyoung AL Representative Robert Aderholt @robert_aderholt AL Representative Morris Brooks @repmobrooks AL Representative Bradley Byrne @RepByrne AL Representative Gary Palmer @USRepGaryPalmer AL Representative Martha Roby @RepMarthaRoby … Your Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions Thank you for visiting (“WeTweet”), a website of National Partnership for Women and Families (“NPWF”). 2018 for a similar observation.) The rtweet::get_timeline function is a super simple function for gathering the n-most recent tweets for a given user (or set of users) based on Twitter handles; below we gather the 2,000 most recent tweets for each Senator. Living means aging. ALABAMA. \n


Based on this matrix, we can measure the similarity of the news media sharing habits (and presumably political ideologies) of US Senators by building a cosine-based similarity matrix with the lsa::cosine function. endobj 2 0 obj Next, we investigate the relationship between political ideologies based on Senate roll calls (ie, DW-Nominate scores) and political ideologies as estimated using news media that Senators share on their Twitter feed. For a bit of validation, we compare VoteView’s DW-Nominate D1 scores and our Twitter-based D1 scores; below we join the two data sets. "emailMsgAlt": "", State Representative Twitter Handle. Jennifer Golbeck et al. So, most tweets have been generated in the last couple of years; older tweets are presumably tweets from less prolific Senate tweeters. John Tester and Maggie Hassan have been labeled because they have positive Twitter 1D scores, but both are more moderate Democrats with news media sharing habits that are not especially anomalous. We have discussed some of the details of this scoring procedure in a previous post.↩, Political ideology & New Mexico's 53rd State Legislature,,,, More conservative and more liberal lawmakers tend to have more Facebook followers than moderate lawmakers, Political ideology scores derived from the news sources lawmakers share via Twitter (eg, articles from the,, etc.)

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