But equally … Then I found that it also had some great EQ tools onboard and finally, I was also pleasantly surprised by the crunchy drive you can make with this pedal. If you’re after a portable bass preamp, and you like the sound, it’s the perfect option for you! Some heads route things differently, and mix that loop back into the preamp signal in different ways. The Aguilar Amplification Tone Hammer processor is primarily a Preamp and DI pedal, with lots more functionality than a standard DI/Preamp. The bottom line (pun intended) is you should get what makes you sound best. Have not tried the Eden but the Aguilar Tone Hammer is awesome. Also, there are still a ton of preamp pedals out there that we have not yet had a chance to review – or even try – so this is not meant as an ultimate top list of pedals. The Treble band center frequency is at 8 kHz with no upper limit and a cut off at 800 Hz. If you need proof, just take a listen to the demo below, the demonstration also features the GUI that is used on your Mac/PC to upload cabinet. Again, it looks very interesting and is definitely high on our review wish list. Hi Josef, Thanks for your comment and kind offer to lend me your M81. Best Audio Interface for Live Performance, Best Home Recording Studio Equipment Packages, Hartke Bass Attack 2 Bass Preamp/Direct Box, Ampeg SCRDI Bass DI Preamp with Scrambler Overdrive, Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI Effects Pedal, Hartke Bass Attack 2 Bass Preamp Direct Box with Overdrive, Aguilar Tone Hammer Bass Preamp Direct Box, Palmer Pocket Amp Bass Portable Bass Preamp, Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra Bass Preamp Pedal, Integrates Hartke’s ‘shape circuitry’ for high-quality sound and low noise interference, A multitude of interface controls for ultimate sonic sculpting, Separate stompbox switch for Overdrive ON/OFF. Very clean sounding DI but the tone tweaking capabilities, including the ability to add OD into the bass sound ala Jack Casady's Versatone, are some of the best I have ever tried. First, I just got it for a clean transparent boost. Leo Tilton Jr. left college after being two years into a four-year degree to pursue music. That's how powerful playing the bass is! The preamp Roger Sadowsky used was co-developed with another significant name in bass – Alex Aguilar – and the design they came up with is still very popular today. Well, in essence, a preamp pedal is all about tone-shaping. Runs on a 9V alkaline battery (not supplied), but can also be directly run on a 9v DC power supply (not included), or 48v Phantom Power. Unless you’re a master technician and a master bassist, you can leave the real technical stuff to the engineers. Would love to try it in any case! Only thing it won’t do is dirty. Opinion is by definition subjective, so please feel free to disagree with any review conclusion. I just bought the Two Notes Le Bass Preamp. Otherwise, it features a 6-band graphic EQ and two awesome sounding distortion circuits, so you really can create some unique sounds with this thing. If you do some brief research on this subject, you’ll come across terms such as “direct input,” “direct injection” and “direct interface.”. Similarly to other processors on the list, it’s direct out signal can be either Pre or Post signal manipulation, giving you the option to send raw, pre-amped signals to the Front of House via XLR output. Both of these MXR preamps seems very compelling and we would love to have them under review at some point. Optional power supply. Behind each knob are a ton of engineering thoughts, philosophies and decisions and that is what makes every preamp pedal around sound unique. A few good reasons for adding a preamp pedal to your gear list could be: OK. Now that we have the basics covered, let’s take a look at some of the best preamp pedals we have had on the test bench so far…. Ever wondered how different a bunch of seemingly similar basses can actually sound? With the number of interface controls, all the way from basic EQ parameters to frequency response shaping, it really makes the processor suitable for any style of music. Thanks for the tip! Why not go ahead and get one that delivers this, unless your budget is severely limited? And although some bassists might say this doesn’t mean much to them, for others, it’s a big dealbreaker. Someone once said that when you’re presenting information to a group of people, you should tell them what you’re going to say, tell them, then tell them what you just said. You’re in the right place! The screw that holds the battery compartment closed pierced one of the 9 volt batteries the first time that I used it. Aguilar’s Tone Hammer also resides high on the wish list. A direct box takes an unbalanced signal from the bass and converts it to a balanced audio signal. Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ba$$player, Mar 27, 2011. Read the specs and reviews on these six preamp/DI boxes carefully so you know what each one will deliver. Books are written on the subject of producing the best, low-frequency sounds, but you might want to leave that for your college education. Another dual-channel bass preamp pedal: Le Bass from Two Notes Audio Engineering. On the contrary. We’re not too keen on the sound when the Drive settings are at 80-100%, but that’s just our personal opinion. More modern sounding overdrive, it works great for metal, but also sounds great dialed back a bit. The battery compartment for the Tone Hammer pedal is not cool. Sansamp BDDI vs Aguilar Tone Hammer Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Steve Zapp, Sep 11 ... my initial thoughts are that the Sansamp would be considered more of an Amp simulator doing different forms of amp sounds and overdrive, while the Tonehammer is more of an AG500SC with a D.I. This one integrates an actual tube with one channel for clean tone and the other for overdrive. It’s known to provide that organic, warm sound that Agular is renown for, and offers AGS (Adaptive Gain Shaping) Circuitry to allow the player to really cut through the mix, ideal for bass solos and times when you want a little more bite. It is available in two different variants – one version with DI out, and one without. As you can hear from the video demonstration below, with this bass Preamp engaged, this thing sounds fantastic! And while limited in terms of flexible frequency control and considering that it was created for guitar, it sounds surprisingly good on bass. Since there are so many preamp pedals out there that we have not yet tried, we decided to also add a comprehensive ‘wish list’ of preamp pedals that we would love to review and potentially add to this article in the future. Outstanding boost is one of the key elements making this unit stand out. Musicians love to call their pedals “stomp boxes” and for good reason. In fact, this article will not be static, as we will update it whenever we try out a new preamp that we think should be in here as well. Compare that to the Eden, which has a unique design that puts the switch away from the knobs, even on a slight angle for better access. These pedals have built-in DI to feed the house, which also means integration of speaker simulation to compensate for the missing bass cabs, as well as an emulated tube sound that will add a bit of drive as well if you push it hard. that’s for sure! Presence control is more than adequate, though it only has a two-band EQ. It is a classic, featuring a tube preamp section as well as a fully parametric EQ on both the low band, covering 40 Hz to 440 Hz and the mid band spanning 440 Hz to 4.4 kHz. Only you know the answer to that. …and of course a big bunch of other preamp pedals! The Sansamp will be OK as a preamp, I prefer my Vt-Bss pedal tone to my marshall bass amp's preamp, and use the amp through the FX return to bypass the preamp. The SansAmp Bass Driver DI – or just BDDI – from Tech 21 is a modern pedal classic. The BCP1 was Diamond’s response. One thing that may confuse – especially if you have been hanging out in the guitar sphere – is that sometimes the term preamp may be used to describe something that alters the gain structure to a degree where it effectively becomes an overdrive circuit. I've used one on a few gigs and it was pretty useful, good tone. The VT Bass DI from Tech 21 NYC features a pretty basic 3-band EQ, coverig LOW, MID and HIGH. The Bass band is centered at 90 Hz with no lower roll-off and an upper cut-off at 500 Hz. Additionally, you may prefer to use an all-in-one solution, with bass multi-effect pedals including preamps.

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