They are mounted horizontally and are also used in compressors with smaller capacities. What you have asked is a very, very difficult puzzle to solve. Many industrial applications require only 75 PSI, yet operators tend to run compressor systems between 100 to 125 PSI, resulting in artificial demand rates of up to 40%. Do you need a gas or electric compressor? During your search for the right air compressor, you may run across single and two-stage compressors. PSI measures pressure, while CFM measures volume. How can you tell the PSI of your compressed air? Air Compressor Size Chart By Tool However, overpressurization, also known as artificial demand, can create unrecoverable cost and energy losses (keeping in mind that in general, for every 2 PSI increase in discharge pressure, required energy increases by 1%). Take all of those factors into account (plus all of the other points that we discussed) and getting the best air compressor should be a fairly simple thing to do. Traditionally air compressors tend to be fairly loud. It is the unit typically used to measure air pressure, or how much force a given air flow has. About Us If you are using a tool that has a large air capacity, then a smaller tank size will not give you enough reserve air at the right CFM and PSI to keep the tool functioning as it should. In this example, supplementing the existing compressor with a 7.5-HP compressor could effectively add volume and stabilize discharge pressure to the desired degree. The air gauge on your air compressor displays the PSI of the compressed air in the compressor tank. Personalize your experience on the Compressed Air Blog. That will make the total upfront costs more expensive, but it may balance out over time. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is a measure of volume used to indicate an air compressor’s output rate in terms of cubic feet of air per minute of operation. Accordingly, capacity isn’t a function of tanks style but is directly related to the tank size. I hope you can help me with a problem that has been perplexing me. Articles Atlas Copco is always available to assist you in your compressor selection. Calculate potential energy savings achieved from adjusting pressure with the following formula from the experts at Compressed Air Best Practices: Regardless of your specific compressed air applications, ensuring you maintain an accurate pulse on both pressure and flow rate is critical to ensuring the proper functioning of your pneumatically powered applications. Tank size is critical in order to keep the air supply at the right levels when you are operating a tool (or multiple tools, if you are in an environment where people are using more than one air tool at a time with a single compressed air source). An air tool needs to have a certain flow of compressed air to run properly. PSI is an acronym for Pounds per Square Inch. With a two-stage model, the air will get pumped twice before being stored. Frankly, though, I find most Plasma cutters to be airflow hungry, and my favorite was when I got to use one that was hooked up to a 60 Gallon air compressor like one of these. In carbon arc gouging a carbon rod is used to heat and melt the metal, and a blast of air moves the molten metal out of the way.

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