of their habitat. There are some Unfortunately, this often results in the death of both the mother and the infant. Only few relict populations still occur in this region, and only about Also, the illegal and their forests Every minute, the equivalent of two football fields of forest is destroyed. unknown on an These activities destroy the habitat of gibbons and other Southeast Asian primates, including orangutans. on the Indonesian island of Java. Unfortunately, studies have shown that photos of humans with non-human primates increases the desirability of having primates as pets. Vietnam (Cao Bang Province) to neigbouring China (Guangxi Province). Young gibbons occurs on the island of Hainan in the South-Chinese sea. Preservation Gibbons are among the most endangered apes and among the most critically endangered of all non-human primate species. Nouvelles  Consequently, the future of gibbons and of all biodiversity is threatened.    Rural poverty and lack of awareness of the threats facing the gibbons of extinction. Découverte  Gibbons not only include the most endangered apes but also the most endangered primate species of the world. The current conservation status of gibbon species is alarming - all but one is listed as either Endangered or Critically Endangered. trade. species survive in the Bawangling National Nature Reserve, i.e. black, that of adult females is yellowish. Today, all gibbon species are considered endangered. effectively. While most of the world’s primate species are threatened with extinction, the Hainan crested gibbon (Nomascus hainanus) is the rarest and most vulnerable of all primate species, with less than 30 individuals remaining in the wild and a range restricted to only 2 square kilometers on a single island at the southern tip of China. habitat. are threatened Lack of Jeux  The construction of roads through protected areas increases the fragmentation of gibbon habitats and increases access to poachers. gibbon, of which The production of palm oil, used among other things to manufacture cosmetics and biofuels, contributes greatly to the destruction of the forests. Contactez-nous  © Tous droits réservés Productions Nova Média Inc. 2010. The white-handed gibbon population is estimated at 80,000 individuals, while others, such as the silvery gibbon and Kloss’s gibbon, have a population in the range of 400 individuals. Yunnan Province, too, but became extinct there around the year 2000. northern Laos. world. Several gibbon species The only way to obtain a young gibbon is to kill its mother. there are less than 30 individuals remaining. reasons for this are habitat loss and degradation, hunting and illegal It orignally occured in the southernmost part of China's WebTV     just a local problem - the threats faced by the gibbons are largely its original habitat. occurs in southwestern China, northwestern Laos and nothern Vietnam. Would Combined with hunting, deforestation also greatly contributed to their population decline. This species is critically endangered you also like central Java. Often both mother and infant are killed in this process. below), for AZA White Paper on the Personal Possession of Non-Human Primates, Banner photo: Fitriah Basalamah, Tuanan Research Center, Borneo. example the rarest species of ape in the world is the Hainan crested Gibbons also fall victim to animal traffickers, who readily kill adult gibbons in order to capture their young, highly sought-after as family pets. Gibbons are among the most endangered apes and among the most critically endangered of all non-human primate species. Deep in the Indonesian forest, Aurélien Brulé devotes his career to saving the gibbons. Humanima.TV  Enter the characters appearing in the image above. Tourists visiting gibbon range countries should be mindful of the dangers of taking and posting photos with wild gibbons. Intentionally-set fires and logging result in persistent localized forest loss due to the conversion of forest habitat to agriculture and the expansion of commercial palm oil plantations. awareness, research and conservation measures for the gibbons. include the most 1'300-2'000 individuals survive. This species is critically endangered information is not Then support our work by donating The silvery gibbon only occurs The white-handed gibbon population is estimated at 80,000 individuals, while others, such as the silvery gibbon and Kloss’s gibbon, have a population in the range of 400 individuals. In addition, they are hunted for food and for use in local medicine. distribution area after another. The species has already lost of the tropical forest is imperative to gibbon survival - if it Tribumanima  Although rural poverty and increasing human populations in gibbon range countries contributes to the grave conservation status of gibbons, the lack of awareness to the threats facing wild gibbons and their habitat is international. At age 18, Aurélien Brûlé went to Indonesia to establish a sanctuary for gibbons. The species has already lost 98% of Only few relict forests remain in west and    are additional causes for inadequate gibbon protection. Gibbons are commonly seen in wildlife markets. As in all species, it is continuously disapearing from one known locality of its Although no population estimate is available for this by imminent extinction in the very near future. In fact, their rates are the highest among the world’s tropical regions. world. Gibbons and other Southeast Asian animals are especially vulnerable to anthropogenic pressures. silvery gibbons survive. Today, poaching continues to be rife in many parts of Asia, and gibbons are increasingly losing their natural habitat. or becoming Young gibbons are often taken from their mothers to become pets. Reserves and national parks do not adequately protect gibbons, and anti-poaching laws are rarely enforced. Their current status is extremely alarming (see more than 99% of its original habitat. but often they are poorly managed and wildlife laws are not enforced More extensive and effective patrolling of protected areas is required, as is the improved protection of threatened gibbon habitat that directly involves local communities in ways that benefits them. gibbons only survives in one forest area extending from northeastern Only about 100 individuals survive in the last piece of remaining Furthermore, photos taken of tourists with gibbons can contribute to the perception that gibbons are not as endangered as reported. in the The close proximity of people and non-human primates can result in the transfer of a variety of illnesses. Remove image The species has already lost more than 99% of its original habitat. Il parle avec les loups  tree tops. The GCA therefore aims This gibbon is, therefore, the second-rarest primate species of the the gibbons. A combination of factors have led to this massive deforestation, ranging from construction of road networks to development of agricultural lands. a member! therefore, the rarest primate species of the world. Avec la participation financière de About 25 indiviudals of this

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