Without a broader explanation from the user... its hard to say what that they said it worse.Internet being worse? Thanks! Spec sheet lists 2.5Gbps as the maximum. It's my second modem in 30 months. I have Rogers 500 Mbps now and it keeps disconnecting to game servers unless I unplug the modem and reboot it. No problem. Seems like our 30+ year lines were degrading fast. Near the end we had weekly reboots and tech visits every 4~5 weeks. I spent ten years recently optimizing home theatres for hundreds of clients. The toys are fun and work well for me. I can say unequivocally that Rogers PQ is superior, especially on 1080i channels since they are not down-converted to 720P as they are on Bell Fibe. The flex channels are nice also. Wasnt able to go in though, so not sure if they actually have it LIVE though. Then there is always the question of going with the 1.5 Gb/s down, 950 Mb/s up plan and spending more money to run a fiber to ethernet conversion. The Wi-Fi seems good. Bell gives promos/discounts on services , ignite DOES NOT and WILL NOT ( bundled) I’m on ignite premier/ 1G internet and extra sports theme packs. I regret the switch. If deals with more than performance and pros and cons of different technologies. So you have Ignite and the picture quality is worse? 1. I guess for some people its fine.. and I dont mind watching SOME stuff on the computer. I just left Bell FTTN with Fibe TV and home phone. Bell fibe ftth is your best bet (at least for now. The internet is terrible and the tv service just doesn't come close. My discount at rogers is coming to and end in march. But Rogers is far superior to bell with customer service (although ignite is closed 10pm) I’m slowly getting used to ignite, it’s not been easy. I'd love to see *any* ISP that offers good CPE. So you have Ignite and the picture quality is worse? Limited to recording/watch 2 things at the same time. I know what I would choose .... Good Luck. The price is better with Rogers but the service does not compare. You can choose the video output all the way to 4K60p … not that we are getting 4K. « Does Rogers block certain IPs from being reached? You do have very strong points, let's hope it is better than hh3000 crap. Rogers keeps calling my famsquad giving a deal for $`105 plus tax. As far as I know, Bell uses Fibre whereas Rogers uses cable. After months of being unsatisfied with my Rogers internet connection, I switched to Bell. I'm worried I will not have enough speed for my 4 family members. (I watch a lot of youtube that way, etc).But generally.. even when I am sitting at my computer.. i want to watch my TV (tv shows, movies, etc) regardless of source of regular TV or netflix, etc.. i want to watch it on the TV.Why strain my eyes looking at the smaller screen when i have the big one there?Rogers may get some people jumping on it, where there are less options.As mentioned above.. if you are in a bigger area, you may have BELL FTTH or even just higher speed other options.But you go into some more fringe areas, like where I live. Got the 500mb package with Popular and HBO. I'm hoping it's the same configuration with Router + removable SFP+ ONT. There also isn't a contract. I wasn't either but Rogers was no better. I have been struggling with transition to ignite. Been on Bell internet since dialup, Fibe for 5+ years. I miss my bell fibe. While I havent owned Fibe myself, my brother in law does, and looks about the same to me? Forum discussion: So I have a choice to make and not sure. My house is 1.2km from the node (way over the recommended). So a person can go in and check out the interface and how the PQ generally looks, etc.Then the person can make the call themselves.Really in the end, each person needs to choose what it best for them. Day 3 is coming and hopefully we learn about more features. It's my second modem in 30 months. How do the bad guys know whatever I am doing on this computer. Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV? I am paying same as I was at bell ... fewer channels... picture quality was better fibe, talking remote is not as easy as it sounds, the remote is very temperamental . Pick your poison.. either way you're getting burned. 2. Both are horrible companies but if these are your ONLY options then Bell has the far superior technology while Rogers is a better company overall. Additional TVs need to have strong signal to get ignite.... the modem is weak so u have to rent extenders. Will update next week! I have Rogers 500 Mbps now and it keeps disconnecting to game servers unless I unplug the modem and reboot it. Ignite TV is very nice 4 sure but still very expensive. Rogers comparatively? After months of being unsatisfied with my Rogers internet connection, I switched to Bell. while Rogers is a better company overall. All boxes are very small and hooked up on Wi-Fi. The rest of town (including my house).. about 5mbps through bell, maybe 10mbps with a TPIA over DSL. Again may be subjective to each person, and their setups, etc.Overall, I do find the PQ better on the ignite than it was on the regular rogers cable tv though.Each person need to really check/compare themselves.Most of the Rogers stores now I think have a demo set up. The only 2 things stopping me from moving to Bell are the 50 Mbps speed and the 2-year contract. I'm tempted to try Bell for its internet. They were all options at an extra cost like unlimited long distance in Canada. I don't see how they can use the HH3k for 5Gbps. I primarily PC game and the ones that I run I have no issues, but other consoles, games, could have other issues like your having pitfall21.Different providers have different partners in connecting to the rest of the internet, so may have different routing, etc.Picture Quality? About 1/5 of the town can get bell fibe (so faster VDSL), but thats it, no FTTH. Overall like you said, in most cases with bell your looking at 50mbps stop speed, which should be enough for the TV, etc.. but if your a heavy usage household (a lot of gaming, etc, at the same time) it could become a choke point.It may depends on the gaming, setup, etc too. Two location have ethernet available so I may use that in the future. See my comments in the following post earlier in this thread. Sports theme packs (seasonal) are more expensive (and I thought it was impossible to be more than bell ) and less selection ( bells far better for add ons). very expensive. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Who knows what modem Bell will bring out when they finally deploy the 5 Gb/s capability as they've indicated for this year. Rogers, Is not what it promised. Also for Bell, I wasn't so enamoured by the all-in-one Home Hub 3000. ...Who knows what modem Bell will bring out when they finally deploy the 5 Gb/s capability as they've indicated for this year. The picture quality is the same. After asking my cohorts, the HH3K has the BCM53134 switch chip in it. We initial had to reboot the modem 7 time over the first 2 days. Internet speed test are 590mb/22mb vs Bell at 48mb/8mb. Re: Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV? (for me, a no brainer.. since there is STILL no scheduled time for Fibe availability in my area.. so its max 5mbps DSL & satellite with bell, or rogers 500mbps and ignite :P). And unfortunately not been worth it. Dont know.. Is that a good deal or should my famodam stick to Bell fibe? Bell FIBE Internet 50 Rogers Ignite 100 Unlimited Highlights / Overview Connection Type Fibre Optic Fibre to your neighbourhood Cable Speed 50 Mbps down, 7.5 Mbps up 100 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up Monthly Usage If you go with Bell's gig plan, consider using a fibre to ethernet converter and your own router. This doesn't mean that there cannot be exceptions (FTTH for example which can match Rogers Coax speeds), in specific instances, however, on average, Rogers provides what they promise (plus a bit more) while Bell often under-delivers. The only thing I'm worried about is if 50 Mbps is enough for 10-12 devices. That's what we're here for! The question I would ask myself if you can live with it. There are many surveys regarding internet speed and all of them have Rogers near the top of internet provider  ratings while Bell is often near the bottom (on average, especially in Fibe FTTN applications). I regret the switch. Voice command, surfing, recording all work as expected. vs. Ignite 60 Price: $74.99 / month Speed: 60 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up Usage Allowance: 200 GB View Details FIBE Internet 50 Price: $75.95 / month Speed: 50 Mbps down, 7.5 Mbps up Usage Allowance: 250 GB vs. Ignite … Bell fibe ftth is your best bet (at The goal of the Rogers Community is to help you find answers on everything Rogers. I’d sit tight for now ). That can be subjective. Ignite is a slow process and it new to everyone - Rogers included. Personally I still find hh2000 to be better than hh3000. There are many kinks to work out yet. Don’t do it. The 30 second skip on Bell is missed but I can say "Fast Forward … 3 minutes" which is great and gets you close. Routing is indeed questionable, specifically outside of GTA. Just another VLAN, DHCP, a static route and IGMP Proxy to get TV working. Almost had buyer regret! However Bell Fiber is now available at my building. Had to juggle our records and constantly has conflict.

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