2 by the elements and 1 time be Tirek. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Not only that, but the Shapeshifter fought them and managed to escape from them according to an encoded message that reads (using Bill's script) "specimen has escaped, is … The fact it has to be moved by magic makes it seem unnatural. Forth, Discord also has his own dimension that he created, the chaos realm and he simply is the god in there, the whole dimension is his, controlled by him and created by him. Silver: You bet it is. I figured Bill would win. When did he claim it? I would totally say it is worth the wait after all those centuries of work. - Alongside Billy and Mandy, regularly defeats enemies like Nergal, Eris, and Jack O' Lantern The Sombra Timeline has her on the front lines and its barely holding them off. Height: 5' 3" They could be weaker or stronger, one shot wiped them all out. Umpteen seventh: Discord can also turn in to spirit, soul state once his physical form is destroyed. Height: 6’6” Large Hockey Arena Kirby is universal + and a bored universe level guy one shot doomsday, Nope . He did punch a moon, but it isn't as big as ours. Sixth, even though Discord has been statued, Hit by magic,  and magic has been taken, he never has any kind of scratch & scar & Wound on him. Like the DK feat about him punching the moon. -Trained all her life to fight against Samurai Jack Alias: Rachel Roth,Trigon's Daughter, Evil Avatar, Dark Raven, Pride, Witch Bill Cipher, a dream demon with a yell triangular shape, with a white eye in the middle, due to the series, he is over 1 trillion years old and the main antagonist in the series. So, I'm not saking you to get rid of this, or anything of the like, I'm not trying to say your outcome is wrong, but would you mind if my friend still continued with his? Can we really give Bill all this power even though we never seen him to it? Raw power can't kill an immortal being. Theme: Bill Cipher, a dream demon with a yell triangular shape, with a white eye in the middle, due to the series, he is over 1 trillion years old and the main antagonist in the series. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. 7K Views. 0 Kudos ShrekAnakin. They're both guys who like to have fun and cause chaos. A woman sat at a table in a big, comfy looking room on the highest floor of the building and looked on a small note while holding some kind of cell phone in her hand. -Broke out of Aku's possession In a fight between two reality warpers such as these two, that would end up generating quite a lot of chaos, likely fueling him. Kirby does beat Buu but he's only large planet. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Also I don't believe that. but well, he is not completely destroyed at least. Discord is the spirit of chaos, literally the embodiment of an abstract concept, yes? King Knight acts as the main protagonist in this prequel expansion to the wonderful world of Shovel Knight. It gives us hope that we will meet Bill again. By Trident346 Watch. Can't they be pals instead? Apr 9, 2019 #1 both low 2-C tier Speed equalized win via death or KO battle takes place in final destination SBA Talking Dorito: 8 (ShadowWarrior1999) (JooCipher) (TheAresnal1212) (JimBoyDejuan12) (Dragopentling) (Stalker … The realm self destructing was posing a threat to the multiverse. The young Canadian scowled as he walked across the empty mosh pit while his friends and former bandmates started setting up their equipment on the stage at the far end of the arena. Discord has friends to look out for and has dealt with slimy deal makers before, He'd deal with that pesky triangle for Fluttershy. weakness & ways to defeat: Bill's weakness is that he has zero planning skills, he can easily be tricked by someone. Doesn't that say something in terms of power? We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. For arrogant, Discord is smart, that's why he is a trickster, so he does learn from his mistakes. Bill is actually legitimately threatening, Discord is just a troll. -Prevented Samurai Jack from performing seppuku Grif: This is going to be brutal, isn't it? Season 1, Episode 9-Gravity Falls VS My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! BEST VILLAIN! -- Saying that Bill has greater reality warping is pretty iffy. Remember! Repeat: Bill's realm was a threat to the multiverse, not Bill himself. -Eventually broke free of Brother Blood's brai, Ashi Two massive, octopus-like aliens with a single, large eye resided in a corner, possibly conversing their options for interplanetary conquest. Random-Ass Planet No. And yeah, I don't and he doesn't want you to erase your hard work. Why should they fight? Weight: 77 lbs. Somewhere in Vale, a tall building next to some fabric halls Fifth, even though Discord has been statued for a thousand years, he did not ask for revenge, which indicates that he does not care about the thousand years he lost, and he doesn't really care how princess Celestia and Luna statued him, which shows that he is powerful. Unless we know the actual specs of the Sun, it can't really be used as a show of strength. For discord, he does not have any physical weakness, however, he does have a mental weakness, friendship and arrogant, but the friendship weakness had been fulfilled duo to Twilight and her friends. Can we really compare GF existence to ours? Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

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