Best Natural Makeup Brands + 100 Percent Pure Review, How to Make Foaming Hand Soap Easy DIY Recipe. 99 I believe I may take the plunge & recover my chairs. I actually have 2 chairs similar to yours. To begin, I made enough piping to get me through the whole project. So now that I have the piece stapled around the back and the piece stapled to the front and into the crease under the rounded top, I move onto the seat cushion. If you are adding piping, use the original chair as your guide. I see they come cotton thickness as low as 6 oz weight to a thicker 10 oz weight. Too difficult to describe on here. Put it in all the places that the original maker of the chair put it.3. For the cushion, I created an envelope style cover, as opposed to using a zipper.To make the pattern, I traced the shape of the cushion onto the drop cloth, leaving about a half inch on all sides for seam allowance.For the bottom part of the cushion I cut two pieces that would overlap each ther for the cushion to fit inside.I also cut a long strip that would go around the center of the cushion to join together the top and bottom pieces, with piping sandwiched between.If you are on the fence about trying this, I encourage you to do it! I hope that I’ve inspired you to start working on an old outdated chair. I’m completely hooked lol!! So there you have it, my long drawn out chair process…and that’s just what it is long AND drawn out. After seeing how much seamstresses charge ($400 and up) to have a custom made slip cover for a wing-back chair, I decided to look up instructions to see how to do it myself and I’m so glad I came across your tutorial. £12.99 £ 12. LOL. hi Lisa, Is there a video or the tutorial. Question: what Your pictures are good and descriptive! You are excellent in explaining all the steps. Drop Cloth Tarp Art Supplies - 9x12 Finished Size, 100% Cotton, Seams Only On The Edges, New Unmarked Fabric, Cotton Duck Fabric - Be Confident You Have The Canvas You Need. Any ideas, tips, suggestions most welcome. I’ve reupholstered and slipcovered countless chairs in different styles. Excellent video! Drop Cloth Couch Covers. I then folded each edge over and stapled it into the edges. Hi Kim, I am consumed with figuring out how to slip cover my sofa and yours is the best I have seen yet. I’m so glad you’re here! As long as you go slow and check the fit often, you can totally do this. I do sew, but I was trying to speed up a room makeover. Other brands turns gray and off white. Oh nice! This project was hard, but with patience and perseverance (and a few choice words) totally doable! Lori Next, I cut and draped all the pieces over the chair. Audiophile & Mech Keyboards. Thank you so much! I used White Dove Benjamin Moore color matched to Behr (because it’s more budget friendly), made it into chalk paint with my diy chalk paint recipe, and painted it on with a brush. There are several different methods of using drop cloth to “make over” furniture. If you add nail heads you are doing more of an upholstery project than slipcovering. For the cushion, I created an envelope style cover, as opposed to using a zipper. So over 50 years. I hope this helps. They are very custom to each individual chair, so I can’t go off measurements alone. This is always an extensive labor intensive project and after I’m finished I always ask myself, “why did you do that”…and then I turn around and do it again. My couch has it's own slipcover. Your work is wonderful better than some pro upholsters. See my full disclosure HERE. I know many of you have been asking and it’s finally here. This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. And I love your couch too. The pillow supplies were actually the big ticket items at $30 for all the fabric and $20 for the fiber filling. It really is rewarding to see the end result. Some brands are made with 50% polyester, so unbleachable. Just beautiful. Your email address will not be published. But, as you can faded when I lived in Las Vegas. HEAVY WEIGHT COTTON CANVAS ALL PURPOSE DROP CLOTH 9 FT. X 12 FT. Love your pillows and the fabric you chose! Notice in the photo below how all the seams of my slipcover are along the original seams of … Thank you very much. You could either upholster your furniture or make a slipcover for it. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. Drop by my blog sometime, it's new, I've only been up for 3 Weeks, but its going very well! Following the lines and seams of the original chair, I pinned the outside wing pieces to the back and to the inside wing pieces, which I also pinned to the front of the chair piece. And it worked. Then I add this to the machine around the drop cloth. Hi Lisa, This is not a quick process. I have been sewing simple things for years now; dresses for my little girls, pillows, curtains, throw blankets and even simple slipcovers for our living room couches. You will be so proud of yourself for tackling the slipcover. However the back of my chairs is just as visible as the front of my chairs in my space. Also, all sofas and love seats are not created equal, and it may take you a bit of practice to get it covered the way you like. It’s mostly my favorite part because I know that I’m almost done!?? Drop cloths vary a lot from brand to brand, and sometimes even within a brand from product batch to product batch, in terms of colour, quality and thickness. I started by overlapping the two back pieces and pinning them (right sides together) to the chair back piece.It is really important to keep the chair back piece smooth and tight. I hope I can do it! I had no other choice. Your book is beautiful as well and I cannot wait until you have one out with your yummy recipes! Have I lost you? Do you remember how many orders of drop cloth (or yards) you needed for this chair? Can you show me the back of the finished slipcover and how you fastened the two back panels together? Pin the fabric tightly to the chair4. I cut the fabric to match each space with a little left over on the sides. Rose, Thank you for you tutorial video. Thank you so much sweet Kris! Does the fit and the weight of the skirt do the job or is there something I should know about in advance? They were my Beba’s (Grandma’s). Add throw blankets draped casually over each end of the sofa or chair. I’m studying your simple sewing sessions! They can smell when they first come out of the package. Start the machine again and wash the drop cloth with detergent and white vinegar in the rinse cup. I am SOOOO glad I found your blog in my search! | SEAMLESS, VICMORE Embossed Plastic Drop Cloth for Painting Projects 9 Feet by 12 Feet Paint Floor Cover Anti Skid Plastic Sheeting. However, in my space, the back of the chairs are just as visible as the front. I’m assuming if there is visible dirt on the slipcover, one could use a product such as “shout” and bleach to remove the dirt or stain? Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to meet up with you on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest as well! Apr 5, 2019 - Explore Jeffrey pyles's board "Drop cloth slipcover", followed by 831 people on Pinterest. I showed you the drop cloth curtains I made for my kitchen. Perhaps I have finally gained enough confidence to give it a try . thanks so much. The piece that is stapled under the top rounded part comes all the way around the top of the chair and gets stapled into the frame at the bottom. . If you decide to cover your couch or sofa with a drop cloth slipcover then make sure you wash it first. There is not really a secret way to staple it in, it just takes time and patience. Reconnect on plugin Settings page, Copyright © 2020 | Exclusive member of Mediavine Home, The lights are up!! Also, I will have to use the “tub” method for bleaching, that you mentioned. Love the envelope idea for seat cushion. If you have followed my blog any this summer, you know that I have become a drop cloth connoisseur and have found many uses for this splendid and inexpensive material.. I cut pieces for the outside and inside of the wing, two pieces for the back, two pieces for the arms, two pieces for the front of the arms, two outside lower pieces, a piece for the front apron and a large piece for the front chair back (if that makes any sense at all). Finding beauty in our everyday life in the farmhouse. Here are a couple of the other chairs that I have reupholstered in the past. Thank you for sharing your talent. The piece that should cover the bottom of the chair is sold in fabric or craft stores and it’s a thin black layer. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. And here’s a comparison of the drop cloth before (unbleached on the left) and after (bleached … How do you use the straight pins as a sewing guide since you can’t sew over them? I could tell that I wasn’t going to have quite enough bleached drop cloth to finish my project, so I used unbleached drop cloth for the portion that would be hidden underneath the cushion. After 4 hours, un-pause the machine and let it continue the wash cycle. Of course, to make a slip cover, you’re going to need some fabric. I am hoping to reveal the whole room soon. Thank you again…. Wish me Luck! I didn’t finish the seams, because of laziness, but I should have! Funny, you should mention bleaching your couch. I knew people were having trouble with other brands, but now I actually know why! I chose not to tear into the fabric on this one and I just reupholstered right over it with tack nails. There's a problem loading this menu right now. When you bleach the drop clothes, does the bleach "break down" or weaken the fibers of the drop cloth ?3. The drop cloths I recommend from Amazon are 100% cotton, so bleachable. I love this sweet blog. I needed a total of 4 drop cloths (6 ft. x 9 ft. each). Privacy Policy. Depending on the size of the seating you’re covering and the size of the drop cloth, you may get some extra hanging from the bottom on the sides. I used your Amazon link to purchase my drop-cloth and followed your instructions. Hi, I love your slipcover look. Thank you and good luck! Just a thought. smart lady, you are. It’s all worth it in the end!! How many drop clothes did you use for this project ?2. Email the pic to [email protected] and I’ll check it out! I don’t have upholstery tools to take off the fabric so I opt for a screwdriver, which works great to get under the seam. Follow the original seams and lines of the chair/couch/love seat2. I only link companies that I trust. This would be a wonderful accent pillow for a couch as well. Once filled, I added about a half a gallon of bleach and then the drop-cloth. At about $2 per yard, bleached drop cloth is also the perfect home decor weight fabric for diy curtains. I stuck pins through the fabric and into the couch to hold the fabric in place. I bought this couch at Macy's home store. X 12Ft. After 1 hour, un-pause machine and let it agitate for a minute and then pause it again for another hour. You need your own show. Required fields are marked *. You inspired me to finally make a slipcover for our sofa. It is really important to keep the chair back piece smooth and tight.

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