Welcome to GM Knives. If you have a custom knife you would like made, please get in touch and I'll be happy to discuss the project with you. Brechfa Knives is based deep at the heart of Celtic Wales in the UK and was fully established in 2016. This website requires cookies to provide all of its features. Perkin Knives presents a stunning range of survival knives for UK’s adventure enthusiasts. If you have a specific request, please contact our office on 01492 640664. A Brechfa Knife that I designed with our smaller bushcrafters in mind. £495, Stuart Mitchell. I asked my local butcher what was his go to knife for most tasks and then I designed this knife around his recommendations. Please provide photos and/or detailed list. The criteria was very specific requiring me to work to the absolute mm in tolerances. We are custom knives makers based in UK. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. Stainless steel was invented there in 1912 and the city became the epicentre of world production until the Second World War brought new technologies and market adjustments. The rise has been meteoric, with high-profile chefs such as Sat Bainsproprietor of a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Nottingham using Blok Knives and loving the fact that they’re supporting a British craftsman. They are more capable of doing things than you may think. Survival knives are sharpened across the beveled edges to ensure better functionality. It’s easy to make a grown (and often heavily tattooed and/or bearded) knife-maker cry: simply put one of their blades in the dishwasher. All Knives are razor sharp and ideal for Outdoor camping, Hunting & Bushcraft Activities. Every knife is different and some take longer than others - but I know, including time for heat treatment and the epoxy to dry that it is at least 40 hours per knife. It's a beautifully functional knife with a great balance and feel. Ours is a renowned knife store in the UK that stands for quality and assurance. I gave Ben a call and, for two years, he worked with us to create exactly what we wanted. My wife quoted him £150 and I thought she was mad. You can strap it around your waist or store away in the rucksack while you are scaling the mountains or trekking in the woods. Slipjoint and Traditionals by Case, GEC, Queen, S&M, Parker, Remington Etc. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Slipjoint and Traditionals by Case, GEC, Queen, S&M, Parker, Remington Etc. Indeed, he’s doing it right now, with a little help from his friends. It consists of the most elite and capable soldiers in the British armed forces. Here is a video which shows how I build a knife. The forge is among a niche group of British knife-makers winning back legions of chefs and home cooks who, until recently, have been more enamoured with Japanese and German blades. We bring you real steel knives, folding karambit, etc. Please check out my policies page for all the info you need to purchase from my site which I hope will also put your mind at rest that I am a responsible and a conscientious seller. Buy from me with the confidence that my Knives are made by hand from start to finish LOW PRICES ALL THE TIME All my Knives & Sheaths are made the old fashioned way, (with blood,sweat & tears! I was asked by a client if I would make a custom Chopping Blade. A handmade bushcraft knife of your choice with leather sheath and belt loop dangler, including UK Special Delivery start from £330.00 Custom knives & Kitchen knives and sets are individually priced depending on design, materials & time required to craft them. maker will have a waiting list), you’ll soon receive a tool to appreciate each and every time you use it. Although we cover the whole UK marketplace under our belt, we are looking forward to pushing our sales worldwide as well. It was a demanding project and a great challenge which I enjoyed immensely. A nice selection of Alan's very early work from a collector who has supported Alan from the very beginning. Browse through our unique and exclusive collection of hunting knives to find the one that suits your taste and budget. Years of work has been invested in developing the very best knives that I can make. Wanted knife collections, large or small. This section contains a fantastic range of both fixed and folding blade knives which are highly demanded by both knife collectors and knife users. A. Wright & Son Lambfoot Knife Wood Handle - 7cm Blade, A. Wright & Son 31 Buffalo Lambfoot Pocket Knife - 7.1cm Blade, A. Wright & Son 31 Stag Lambfoot Pocket Knife - 7cm Blade, A. Wright & Son 40W Spear Point Pocket Knife - 7cm Blade, A. Wright & Son 40STAG Spear Point Stag Pocket Knife - 7cm Blade, A. Wright & Son 115CB Buffalo Pruner Pocket Knife - 7.5cm Blade, A. Wright & Son 115C Stag Pruner Pocket knife - 7.5cm Blade, A. Wright & Son 115C Wood Pruner - 7.5cm Blade, A. Wright & Son 108W Wood Peach Pruner - 6.3cm Blade. A leather sheath provides a safe, durable casing for your knife and offers quick access whenever you need. Hunting knives are great for skinning flesh without damaging the layer underneath. Buy authentic Pocket Knives in the UK from Perkin Knives to make the most of your investment. Stainthorp Custom Knives... fine handmade blades for the hunter, collector or outdoorsman. It may be expensive but when you see the craftsmanship you'll understand why. The "Chuck" is a true go anywhere and do anything knife. Please feel free to look around and enjoy the wide variety of sporting and collectable cutlery I have available. At Perkin Knives, you get a wide variety of combat knives and blades. Heinnie Haynes is the UK's premier supplier of custom knives and limited production knives from the world's best, and most sought-after knife makers. A Brechfa Knife that I designed with our smaller bushcrafters in mind. Wanted knife collections, large or small. Hand made in the England with pride and passion. ‘This is the knife graveyard,’ he explains. 6mm 01 Tool Steel for utter assurance in anything you can throw at him. Most buyers fail to realise the full potential of Camping Knives. They won't be as good as in a lightbox though! ‘There were hundreds of prototypes until I hit upon a design that I really liked and, one day, a bloke in the pub stopped me and said he wanted to buy one. sell a knife to anyone under 18, unless it has a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less, carry a knife in public without good reason, unless it has a folding blade with a cutting edge 3 inches long or less, carry, buy or sell any type of banned knife, use any knife in a threatening way (even a legal knife), ©2017 by Brechfa Knives. ‘I make axes, swords, daggers the sort of thing you might have wanted as an eight-year-old boy,’ he laughs. My office is now workable but I just can't get the most important bit sorted yet, the photo studio.This is also the most time consuming part of keeping things up to date as the stock I carry is very fast moving low volume/one off and never stays the same unlike some sites with stock items that are in production for years at a time.As a work around till I can invest some real time again into the website I am posting lists of my available stock which I will be able to keep up to date far more easily the downside is no pictures.My suggestion is add me to WhatsApp and request a picture of what you would like to see. Of course, you’ll need to look after your work of art if you want it to last a lifetime. When you are out on an adventurous spree, it is a bit difficult to carry several equipment and tools, which stand essential to cope with wildlife. The Smachet was used for close quarter engagement with the enemy in the trenches. ‘I’d been looking around for great steak knives for eight years and had almost decided on ones from France,’ explains Sat. Whether carrying a knife is your passion or necessity, you deserve only the best. Blued D2 Engraved Mark year 93                                           £495, Randall inspired design comes with two sheaths (one not by Alan) and the original design sheet dated and signed 1991                          £595, Fisherman Hunter, England logo, 12C27 yellow micarta handle. For the necessary loving care, you’ll need a honing steel or, better yet, a sharpening stone. And we’ve been doing it longer than they have.’. We provide folding Hunting Knives of superior quality and character, which inspire a sheer sense of pride in anyone who carries it. Beautiful to behold and the very finest tools a home cook or professional chef could wish to own and use. Please provide photos and/or detailed list. "A really lovely knife. All the custom knives you'll see here are hand made entirely by me, Guy Stainthorp. Anyway just to say I'm still here, still open for business so feel free to drop me a line. When you are out in the woods, the strength and grip of a knife can mean the difference between life and death; therefore, choosing the right knife is important. We sell premium quality custom knives. To all my customers past and potential I'm sorry my website has been in such poor order for so long!I appreciate you dropping by hoping I've updated. He built his first knife in 2013 and his interest developed quickly, transcending pastime or hobby, straight into obsession. We are one of the most trusted knife makers in the UK. Roger Harrington has been a professional knife maker since 1997 trading as Bison Bushcraft or in his name, although that isn't where his passion for making knives started. Small artisan forges are creating cutting-edge culinary tools as Britain experiences a renaissance in bespoke knife-making. Perkin Knives features a wide selection of handmade knives for sale in the UK. I’d never thought of selling them, to be honest I just made some as gifts.

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