Fruitcake has long been the traditional sweet served at weddings, parcelled out in small pieces as a take-home gift for guests (single girls place it under their pillow in hopes of dreaming about their future husbands). Lemon peel shows up only rarely in old recipes. Christmas pudding with brandy-butter sauce, Pantry 101: Canned cranberry sauce vs. homemade, Pantry 101: White balsamic vs. dark balsamic. I have not seen them on sale after Christmas except in the reduced section, but supermarkets and manufacturers would not sell them in sufficient quantities to justify stocking them at other times of the year. Is a frozen version the smarter choice for a 30°C day? Some people hide a silver coin inside the pudding; this coin brings luck to the person who finds it when eating the pudding. It's a lighter-style fruitcake with only raisins as the star - finished with an apricot jam glaze (and glacé cherries to decorate are optional). Other names for Jamaican Christmas cake are; ‘Jamaican black cake, Jamaican rum cake, Jamaican Christmas cake.’ Christmas has come and gone, but as the famous Jamaicans saying goes, ‘it never too late for a shower of rain.’ You can bake or steam it anytime of the year. Thanks, Ruth Reichl chooses her seasonal favorites—and yes, that includes fruitcake. 5.2 Instructions. Orange and lemon came later. Restoring "the dessert" in the opening sentence. Mincemeat also has these same ingredients. This Christmas Day pudding is for you. I don't have the sources at hand to correct this article right now. If we turn off the lights in the room, everyone can see the flame. I was always told that "Plum" was a corruption of "Plomb" or "Plumb" meaning heavy (like lead, plumbum (Latin)) Certainly in my French lessons at school there were references to English puddings being Plomb. Christmas pudding Fruitcake isn’t the only thing it’s time to reconsider. Don't worry, though, we've got recipes to suit all levels of organisation. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 12 Spiked Eggnog Recipes for Your Next Party, 25 Luxe Gift Ideas for the Kid Who Has Everything, Pretty Christmas Sweaters for the Holidays, The Best Holiday Cards to Send This Season, 25 Luxury for the Special Ladies in Your Life. MonteGargano (talk) 22:53, 26 November 2013 (UTC), There's confusion about the similarities between Christmas Pudding and American fruitcake. Wild blueberries. 5.4 You may also like: How to make Christmas pudding mix. If you buy rather than make Christmas pud, then you can only buy it a few weeks leading up to Christmas anyway. Is it sweet? 6. Reichl is an award-winning writer and editor. What's the texture like? The reason is probably because English people (like me) think of fruitcake as the dark stuff Christmas Cake and similar ones are made from. Most people serve Christmas pudding with custard or hard sauce. jimfbleak 08:07, 16 Dec 2003 (UTC), "...once real silver coins were not available..." When would that be? What is Fruit Cake While it is true that you can only seem to buy them around Christmas time, those of us who make them ourselves are certainly not limited as to when they can be eaten. Every item on this page was chosen by a Town & Country editor. Lilacs. I think the British call this style of cake a "Creole Cake", perhaps in reference to the Jamaican "Black Cake". She adds lemon and orange, along with lots of fresh ginger. Traditionally, fruit cakes are soaked in brandy or some other liquor. What are the Similarities Between Fruit Cake and Christmas Pudding? This is a 2lb. Use this transparent png image for your personal projects or … Ingredients for Christmas pudding contains various dried fruits including raisins, figs, prunes, nuts and cherries. American fruitcake is usually pale and quite a different beast (I live in the US and am one of the few who admit to liking it). For those who've left their pudding to the last minute This Christmas Day pudding is for you. 5.1 Ingredients. Does it taste heavy? Brushed with booze, it is meant to be carried to the table swathed in flames. I would love to have a recipee of that famous cake, but that is unfortunate, that there is no information about this in the encyclopedia. It is also possible to moisten the pudding with molasses or treacle or flavour it with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and other spices. I adored them, but as New York’s German population became assimilated, the Bavarian bakery he favored closed. The peel is boiled or just soaked, sometimes in a salt solution, to reduce bitterness, before being simmered in syrup to "preserve" or "candy" it. Chef Robin McKay figured there must have been a reason why fruitcake, a long-running Christmas joke, was once considered a holiday requirement. I just think if this is correct, it would be useful information to add - I've heard many people wonder what exactly figgy pudding is. Like Christmas cake, Christmas pudding is also best made in advance (traditionally on Stir-Up Sunday, the last Sunday before Advent) and kept at room temperature to blend and boost the flavours. This Colombia version, torta negra, is dense with prunes, raisins and figs, generously spiked with both rum and port. What's your booze of choice? It's customary to decorate it with a sprig of holly and serve it poured over with brandy, which is then lit. You need to soak the cherries in brandy overnight, but chalk this up as an easy pud to make. Almost everybody in the UK buys CP from the supermarket and cooks it in a microwave oven. 5. I'd love to try this (but not knowing anyone English, I wouldn't know what it's supposed to taste like.) It's the quintessential Christmas fruitcake - it even croons Jingle Bells when you cut into it. Perhaps a revision should be considered. Diana's Christmas Cakes & Puddings would like to thank all our lovely customers for supporting us in 2020 and in past years. American fruitcake is usually pale and quite a different beast (I live in the US and am one of the few who admit to liking it). Aptly named, this fruity number can be made on Christmas Day itself! Does anyone have a reliable source on this? The meats and fruits were combined to create mince pies, which were the precursor to Christmas puddings. or is this just a myth, Christmas celebrations in general were banned by the rather Puritan Parliament in the 1640s, a practice continued in the English interregnum (1649-1660), which also affected some of the American colonies at the time. Pantry 101: White balsamic vs. dark balsamic. oTHErONE (Contribs) 08:17, 10 November 2006 (UTC), I've never heard or seen anyone eating christmas pud except at or near to Christmas. Not sure where she got it, but she was a cook at Lulworth Castle in the 1860s, so it may have come from there. Furthermore, some people cover fruit cakes with marzipan and royal icing, but not Christmas puddings. ], The article currently gives the impression that CP is lovingly made in British homes using recipes handed down the generations. They are usually served in celebration of Christmas and weddings. This brandied sago pudding a lot simpler to make than traditional plum pudding - it still uses suet and breadcrumbs for texture, with dried cherries adding some glamour. One other thing: GREAT article (even for Wikipedia.) There is a distinct difference between fruit cake and Christmas pudding when we look at their ingredients and cooking method. We hope you all enjoyed your delicious cakes and puddings! Both are also based on dried fruit and candied citrus peel, but that’s where the similarities end. The UK fruit cake is more like a pound cake studded with raisins and glacéed fruits. For gin lovers. I own a non-profit, no banner, no requests for donations hobby site about Christmas Puddings and it includes my recipe. The peel of choice in the wonderful Georgian cookbooks was citron, used in all sorts of dishes and not just these puddings; orange peel was also popular. Although there are some similarities between the two, there is a distinct difference between fruit cake and Christmas pudding when we look at their ingredients and cooking method. Curiously, my Wife's family recipe is similar in proportions, and her mother remembers having it at Easter too. Exclusive TV sneak peeks, recipes and competitions, 3. When Kate Arding traded her native England for the upstate New York town of Hudson, she brought her holiday traditions with her. MonteGargano (talk) 05:37, 23 November 2013 (UTC). Isn't Christmas pudding also known as "figgy pudding", as well as plum pudding? Do British vegetarians have an effective substitute for the suet? This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. First stir all the dry ingredients – flour, brown sugar, breadcrumbs and mixed spices. Maikel 09:02, 27 August 2007 (UTC). They hark back to the Middle Ages, and when they appear on the holiday table we eat them for the sake of our ancestors, tolerate them for the sake of nostalgia, and then happily go back to ignoring them. cake I vote that the stuff about eating it at other times of year be deleted. Overview and Key Difference Christmas cake It would certainly be possible to make Plum Pudding, Fruit Cake, and Mincemeat that all tasted almost the same. Sheeple, take off your pudding goggles! The British Christmas pudding dates back to the Medieval times, but they became most popular in the Victorian era when cooks learned to preserve dried fruits and meats for the winter months. The pudding has a more moist texture than the cake. 07:39, 24 November 2006 (UTC), I did a slight rework to improve the structure and allow me to add a note about flaming/firing (when I first had a northern girlfriend I discovered it is not universal).

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