Milky Way Trail is a difficult 0.6-mile trail which connects lower Horse Gulch trails to Raider Ridge. The views from Purgatory Cliffs at the top of the Elbert Creek trail overlooking the Needles are beautiful no matter what time of year you scale the heights; however, there is almost no better place to witness the changing aspens in the fall. 1746.17 m Up Located right in-town, it is a local favorite for hiking and mountain biking, and with so many different connectin. The Black Hole Loop is a 0.2-mile difficult loop within the Alien Run Trails and is a popular mountain bike ride in the 4-corners area. While a popular mountain bike location, Twin Buttes is also a multi-use trail system just west of Downtown Durango. Share a Video . Meeting with the Highland Mary Lakes connector, Cunningham Gulch bring you to unhindered views of Mount Rhonda, Kendall Peak, and Little Giant Peak before ending at the Colorado Trail. Mike’s Trail is accessed from Stacy’s Loop and leads to a mid-point on Cuchillo Trail within the Horse Gulch Trail System. Sorry. If you're looking for the best trails around Mancos State Park or Navajo State Park, we've got you covered. Please explain. A popular trail in Overend Mountain Park, Hidden Valley offers a winding and shaded hike or bike ride. You can just catch it somewhere and walk to your heart's content, or you can make a plan to walk the whole 479 miles. Anasazi Loop a fast-paced singletrack with no major climbs or descents, just gentle grades. A popular and iconic trail located in-town Durango, just minutes from downtown Durango. The large lake is surrounded by a wonderful trail system, offering hiking, biking, camping, and water sports in the summer, and great Nordic trails in the winter. La Plata Canyon is in an area west of Durango with many mid country trail options. A stunning day hike, or a great four-to-five day backpack trip near Vallecito, Colorado. White Creek Trail is a difficult and scenic high country trail near Cunningham Gulch and Highland Mary Lakes trails. Durango’s newest trail! Big Canyon Trail is a moderate 1.6-mile trail that spurs from Cowboy Trail and is open to all non-motorized use. Located 18 miles from Durango, the community of Vallecito is nestled in a beautiful mountain valley 8,000 feet above sea level. Create Recommended Route or Ponderosa Trail is a 0.6-mile trail that connects between Animas Mountain and bouldering areas of Dalla Mountain Park. 2761.11 m Down, 18.5 mi The Foothills Loop will take you along the ridgeline and then on a fun 2-mile downhill section. Sick Bird is a difficult trail that parallels the eastern edge of the main Animas Mountain Trail loop. This fast rolling singletrack ride is a popular trail winding through pinyon and juniper forest near Cortez, Colorado. 327.82 m Down, 13.9 mi The Ridge Hike Trail is an out-and-back trail option in the Church Camp trails area. 328.04 m Up 9,059' Down 2 More Trail is an intermediate 2-mile trail in the Phil’s World trail system. Hippie House is a 2.6-mile trail that offers a beginner trail option for the Phil’s World trail system.

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