Recent Listings. CATTLE FOR SALE. Amarillo TX, 79109, Phone: 1.800.381.4848 Wall calendars are the world's most popular calendars with style and unique themes for every interest from art to animals, religion to meditations, family organizers and children’s themes. Encompassing a massive 27,944 deeded acres with a BLM allotment of 30,210 acres, this ... Read More, PROPERTY TYPE:Farms and Ranches, Fishing and Hunting, Homes and Cabins, Recreation, Diamond X Ranch is your classic California winter grazing ranch. - $275 (Nebraska) We will have Angus , Angus sim cross and char cross bottle calves available any day now calves will have been on there mom for at least 3 days to a week and will be given enforce 3 and first defence and cows have had scour guard please text or email calves are 275 a head text me at or calves are almost always black or charlais some red calves … Angus Bred Heifers... S. Central OK (1), 11 Angus/Brangus Bred Heifers... N. Central TX, 200 Angus Bred Heifers... Northeast WY ~ FD, 50 Angus & BWF Bred Heifers... North TX ~ PI-N, 45 Angus/Brangus Bred Heifers... S. Central AL, 60 Angus Cross Bred Heifers... W. Central AR, 50 Angus, Crossbred, Tarentaise, & Hereford Bred Heifers... Central NM ~ FD, 120 Reg. We respect your privacy and will not share your information. Pretty heifers read... View Details See our privacy policy. You can view the Privacy Policy here. Find cattle and livestock for sale. If you would like an email update on our listings, please include your email below. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. CATTLE FOR SALE. 6910 SW 45th Avenue, Suite 4 Calves very easy. Red angus cross heifers. This ranch has it all. You can personalize your calendar, too, with different colors for appointments and trips, add stickers or stickie notes for a quick reference, or create your own system of symbols and abbreviations. Imagine 2,701 deeded acres consisting of six non-contiguous parcels starting at the south east corner of the fertile Fall River Valley, where the 1,073 acre Ranch Headquarters is located. - All Rights Reserved. *, Your connection to this website is secure, Includes all major and significant holidays, Stay on organized and on track the entire year, Great for families, students, and professionals, Pair with your favorite organizational tools. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. ... Indicators of cattle/beef market strength 10-Day Index Trendline. Beef Bottle Calves !!!!! List your animals and livestock for free. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. Angus Bred Heifers... Northeast OK, 3 Reg. The Jersey cattle were successfully imported into the United Kingdom in small herds by several aristocratic landowners who were impressed by the breed’s submissive temperament, small size, attractive features and seemingly curious nature where they were used as ornaments for the beautification of several owned landscape parks. BrownTrout Publishers, Inc. is an independent publishing company headquartered in El Segundo, California. Change from Previous Day: +0.44% Change from 10 Days Ago: +5.57% The 7,217.57 +/- acre Kelsey Ranch is located in both Merced and Mariposa Counties in ... Read More, PROPERTY TYPE:Farms and Ranches, Fishing and Hunting, Homes and Cabins, Recreation, Waterfront, Located in Northern California’s San Benito & Fresno Counties, Ashurst is just 60 miles from Hollister and a 100 miles from San Jose California. Find cattle and livestock for sale. *Submit your email address to receive offers. By continuing to browse or use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Angus Bred Heifers... Northern FL, 5 Angus/Beefmaster Cross Bred Heifers... South TX, 5 Angus Bred Heifers... S. Central OK ~ PI-N, 5 Reg. With $35 calendar purchase OR any $59+ purchase. ADCA# 039941. Seclusion, privacy, rich with water, and vast open land you can see for miles on end, all in close proximity to popular city areas. The company was founded in 1986 by Marc Brown, Wendover Brown, and Mike Brown, and has since grown to become the worldwide market leader in calendars publishing. FAX: 1.806.356.9164, The Island Ranch has an unprecedented seven miles of river frontage, offering a lifestyle and privacy like no other. But what makes a great ranch is the water. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This complete cattle operation, consisting of 3527 +/- acres, allow 500 to 600 cows year round. Daylily Acres Heather DOB 25-Mar-2016 for sale. Rich with water, natural beauty, interesting topography, privacy, and recreational activities is Green Valley ... Read More, Cattle grazing on wide-open spaces; conjures up visions of the old west with cowboys on horseback, herding, roping, and branding cattle. You can unsubscribe at any time. The wall calendar format gives you enough space to keep yourself organized and provide breathtakingly beautiful decor for any room, or surface, in your home. The iconic N3 Cattle Company is on the market for the first time in 85 years. Your Connection to this website is secure. Check out each calendar’s specifications for an exact size. Angus Bred Heifers w/ 1+ Calves... Southeast OK, 200 Angus Bred Heifers... Central NE ~ FD, 85 Angus Cross "BWF" Bred Heifers... Southeast KS ~ PI-N, 44 Angus & Angus Plus Bred Heifers... E. Central OK, 38 Angus Plus Bred Heifers... Southeast OK, 38 Angus, BWF, Red Angus, & RWF Bred Heifers... N. Central AR, 35 Angus Cross Bred Heifers... Northwest CO, 32 Angus & BWF Bred Heifers... S. Central MO, 30 Angus/Brangus Bred Heifers... FL Panhandle, 30 Angus & BWF Bred Heifers... S. Central MO, 24 Angus & BWF Bred Heifers... N. Central TX, 21 Angus Plus & Brangus 1st-Calf Heifers w/ 12+ Calves... Northeast TX, 20 Angus, Brangus, & BWF Bred Heifers... North TX, 18 Angus & Brangus Bred Heifers... S. Central AL, 18 BWF & Red Angus Cross Bred Heifers... W. Central TX, 16 Brangus Cross, BWF, & Lim-Flex 1st-Calf Heifers w/ 8+ Calves... E. Central OK, 16 Angus & Charolais Cross Bred Heifers... Northeast MS, 15 Angus Cross "BWF" Bred Heifers... Southwest MS, 11 Angus & Brangus 1st & 2nd-Calf Heifers... Northeast TX, 10 Angus Cross "BWF" Bred Heifers... W. Central OK ~ GF, 10 Angus, Hereford Bred Heifers... North WY, 10 Reg.

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