. Hong Kong-style French Spread a generous amount of peanut butter (or whichever spread you’re using) on a slice of bread – make sure to add a little extra peanut butter to the very centre of the slice. It would be perfect with the French toast! Directions. Yield: 2 Hong Kong Style French Toast Bricks. Or just sign up to be a part of my mailing list to have updates delivered straight to your inbox! Let’s go through them quickly: Arguably the most Save time, save money! And Cindy from psychology to notice Sandwich it using a second slice. You want to use enough oil that it reaches about halfway up the side of your bread. Check how much of this product you're using for this recipe. While the milk tea is brewing, prepare the french toast. Crispy on the outside, In my version however, I like to add some mozzarella cheese and use maple syrup instead. There we were, two guys from across Under-soak, and you’ll I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about it that makes it taste so cot damn delicious. French toast has arguably found its spiritual home, bathed in syrup (do you go maple or golden? Slice diagonally and serve with a side of syrup or a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk. Based on his instructions, we attempted to make it a few days later. Hong Kong-style French toast is a deep fried, milky, egg-battered sandwich, stuffed generously with peanut butter/jam, and topped with sweetened condensed milk. Hong Kong-Style French Toast Recipe. Let’s go through some of my favourite options. This recipe looks super-indulgent, so tempting and drool worthy. This year, though, I’m petitioning the Global Committee of Overused Catchphrases to update this (terribly outdated and somewhat unsavory) simile to something a little more fun. Really good recipe — thanks. In previous recipe with Food Party we made Hong Kong Cha Caan Teng Style Egg Noodles Breakfast. Thank you. It’s an indulgent favourite of mine! Heat 1 inch of oil in a pan over medium-low heat. There's a reason why Hong Kong French toast makes most delicious lists, and why iced milk tea or "dong lai cha" is on nearly ever street corner in Hong Kong. standard day-old bread will do. I convinced him to take a bite of my sandwich and he instantly changed his opinion on the sandwich and said that his definitely didn’t taste as good as the one I was served. If you have access to a deep fryer, you can use that too. Shop the latest collection online and in store. Sang Hang Yuen is killin’ the Cha Chaan Teng game, open 24/7 and recognized for having allegedly the best corned beef and scrambled egg toasted sandwich along with local favorites – braised pork knuckle noodles, crispy French toast and red bean ice. A typical Cha Chaan Teng offers a wide selection of Western-influenced Chinese comfort food ranging from spaghetti to milk tea to fried rice at very affordable prices. Looks SO delicious!. And that, my friends, is how the French toast crumbles in 2020. Keywords: Hong Kong Style French Toast, Hong Kong French Toast, French Toast, peanut butter, nutella, strawberry jam, Tag @yamisohungry on Instagram and hashtag it #chocolatesandchai. Whether it’s for a big party or just for my closest friends and family, I love to bake in the calm of my kitchen. (who, surprise surprise, was from Hong Kong). 19-23 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun, 2291-0198. Simple n nice. biscuit that may or may not have been a slice of bread in a former life. 38), Recipe Review: HK Style French Toast - Millennial Joys, Hong Kong Style French Toast 法蘭西多士 | blog3, The classic Hong Kong style French toast has peanut butter in it but if you are allergic to peanuts you can substitute with jam or Nutella, Deep fry the toast for maximum satisfaction or you can pan-fry it, which is healthier but still delicious, Maple syrup / sweetened condensed milk / honey, Evenly spread a generous amount of peanut butter on one side of bread, about 1.5 tbsp, Put two slices of bread together and gently press the bread to seal the sides. These small commissions help keep Chocolates & Chai going. He taught me how to say something that shouldn’t be repeated on a nice wholesome food blog such as this one, while telling me that he had taught me how to introduce myself. Remove the bread crust from the 4 sides, Make the egg batter by beating the egg with vanilla extract until well blended, Drench the bread in the egg batter until all sides are well coated, For the healthier version, pan fry the toast in a non-stick pan with 1.5 tbsp of oil until all sides are golden brown, about 1 minutes per side over medium heat. Peanut butter (or chocolate, jam at your choice)3. Welcome to my blog! 5 out of 5 stars (211) 211 reviews $ 4.98. Cut the crusts off the bread slices. TOAST creates modern, simple clothing for women and functional, thoughtful pieces for the home. Oh, and it’s deep fried, so it definitely needs to be part of your next balanced breakfast. didn’t have any condensed milk. I wanted to try it for myself and ordered it anyways. Total Cooking Time. 3. Slices of toasts2. I hope you enjoy it! Read More…, Sign up to the newsletter, and become part of The Besties Club! the custard.). Also, if you’re able to teach me how to introduce myself in Cantonese, I would appreciate it. Cha Caan Teng, the most popular and casual eatery in Hong Kong boasts its fame with hundreds of options on its menu. Fingers crossed this lives up to your French cafe memories! “No, no, no” he said, “Hong Kong-style 2. Egg (beaten)Instructions:1. I love peanut butter, so this has my name on it! I’m really glad I did! © 2020 Food Party The noodles were perfectly al-dente, soaking up all that delicious pork knuckle sauce. JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa. My version is like this:- crucial element of French toast is making sure you have the right kind of And it’s great on French Toast!). looks so yummy! (Cream between the layers does sound delicious!). For instance: “That mildly rotund child over there loves chocolate cake like Ala loves Hong Kong Style French Toast, b*tches!” And that, my friends, is how the French toast crumbles in 2020. I hope you enjoy it! But seriously – this was delicious. restaurant”). I hope you and yours enjoy it this Sunday, Ginni! Flip and repeat for the other side. Well, the same is true of French toasts! This French toast looks super extra. That Food CRAY !!! In addition to the textural component from the crushed confection, the juxtaposition of the hot French toast and the cold ice cream takes this dish to another league. start to fall apart. Coat the sandwich with beaten egg and slowly grill the french toast until golden and crispy.5. We made it this afternoon with cherry jam and it was SCRUMPTIOUS! This sounds insanely good…pinning for a future special brunch! Red Bean Ice or 紅豆冰 ($15 HKD or $1.95 USD). Thanks for visiting! Heat oil over medium-high in a deep-sided pan. hidden Required fields are marked *. It’s everything you could possibly want for sweet indulgent brunch. What do you think of it? 8 slices of white bread 2 eggs 3 tablespoons milk Fruit jam (or peanut butter) Butter Sweetened condensed milk (or maple syrup) Vegetable oil for deep frying. For the traditional version, deep fry the toast until golden brown, about 2 minutes. Mom's spaghetti? OH. A few things I’d like to mention before you jump into the recipe. It is really delicious but nowhere near being representative to Cha Chaan Teng food.

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