An unmissable event for the meeting industry in APAC, MICE Show Asia is where the incentive travel, meetings and events industries come together to connect and build the future of MICE. We received 98 applications from 46 countries, from which 87 were eligible and were assessed by a group of PCOM members and New Professionals Programme Alumni.

One of the ICA's Objectives is to build capacity within the archive profession.

This document is intended as a support tool for sports clubs and federations (most being small or medium-sized non-profit organisations) so that the fonds... As we have previously announced, the four-yearly ICA Congress in Abu Dhabi has been rescheduled from November 2020 to October 2021, as a result of the... 27 October 2020 | Theme: "Your Window to the World" | CCAAA Declaration: 2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year so far... With the theme 'Digits: for Good,' World Digital Preservation Day 2020 is an opportunity to connect the digital preservation community and celebrate the positive impact digital preservation has, for good – or at least for as long as required. By making a donation to FIDA, you will be: - helping to protect the world’s archival heritage, - supporting and encouraging the use and development of archival collections, - fostering international links between potential partners, - simplifying archival access around the world, - funding administrative and professional training in archiving specialities, - raising your profile as a contributor to democracy, - contributing to raising awareness of the importance of archives around the world, PCOM Projects Funding and Endorsement FIDA Projects Funding Contact us Join ICA. Join us for a webinar on 27 November 2020 at 19:30 CET | In 2019, ICA launched a membership consultation process entitled ICA for its members, by its members which sought to understand... ICA is now accepting proposals for Congress 2024. The ICA is a registered charity, no. As I did back then, I continue to believe the ICA can be an institution that makes sense of our contemporary predicament by daring to experiment, serving as a forum for new ideas, and applying those ideas to our own structures and actions.

Spanning 600,000 square meters, the show has 10,000 people brought in to move and sculpt the ice. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and our concern for the safety of staff, artists and visitors, the ICA building remains temporarily closed, with these talks occurring online. Show slide info.

A fundamental element of this capacity building is to support Young and New Professionals to develop their professional knowledge and to encourage them to participate in all that the ICA has to offer. Spanning 600,000 square meters, the show has 10,000 people brought in to move and sculpt the ice. Subscriber - Volunteers are a vital element in the ICA's work. Banner Homepage Call Congress 2024 1900x500, Financial support for their projects from the ICA and the Fund for the International Development of Archives (FIDA), Subscription to the International professional journal "Comma" and ICA twice-yearly newsletter "Flash", Unlimited access to all ICA website resources, Exclusive subscription to ICA digital publications, Reduced rates for attendance at ICA-organized events, Access to an international network of highly committed experts, Disaster Relief Fund Banner, copyright Emilie Gagnet Leumas, Archives are Accessible - Register your Institution, COVID19 The Duty to Document is Essential, UNESCO PERSIST Call for Comments - CLOSED, Blue Shield Insternational Statement January 2020, Advice and guidance – archiving personal data, Presentations from FAN meeting Yaoundé 2018, Presentations from the Archives and AI digital symposium now available, EGABE - Archive Buildings and Environments, EG EMDP - Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness, PAAG - Photographic and Audiovisual Archives, EGATTT - Theft, Trafficking and Tampering, Previously HRWG now Section on Archives and Human Rights, 27 October - World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, 5 November - World Digital Preservation Day, Call for applications to host the 2021 Conference, Speech to the GA by Incoming President David Fricker, APPLY for the Digital Recordkeeping Training (29-30 Nov), ACCESS Practical Information to travel to Cameroon, Personalize your IAW2019 Communication Kit, Search the International Archives Week Programme, Personalize the IAW2020 Communication Kit, Internship: Development and Communication Officer, ALA - Asociación Latinoamericana de Archivos, CENARBICA - Central Africa Regional Branch, ESARBICA - Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch, NAANICA - North American Archival Network, SARBICA - Southeast Asian Regional Branch, SWARBICA - South and West Asian Regional Branch, SAFT - Section for Archives of Faith Traditions, SIO - Section of International Organisations, SLMT - Section of Local, Municipal and Territorial Archives, SPA - Section of Professional Associations, SPP - Section for Archives of Parliaments and Political Parties, SAHR - Section on Archives and Human Rights, SIO - Section on International Organisations, SLMT - Section on Local, Municipal and Territorial Archives, SPP - Section for Archives of  Parliaments and Political Parties, Empowering Archives and the Profession Webinar: ICA Strategic Plan and Constitutional Reforms. Personalize your IAW2019 Communication Kit Search the International Archives Week Programme Publish you event in the Programme Write for the ICA Blog Challenge Social Media #IAW2019, Personalize the IAW2020 Communication Kit  Search IAW2020 Interactive Map  Publish your own event Join #AnArchiveIs Campaign, Guidance Standards and Tools Education and Training ICA Publications Specialist subjects ICA Congress 2016 Presentations Past Projects Promotional Material Multilingual Archival Terminology DTAAdelaide2019 Presentations, ALA - Asociación Latinoamericana de Archivos ARBICA - Arab Regional Branch CARBICA - Caribbean Regional Branch CENARBICA - Central Africa Regional Branch EASTICA - East Asian Regional Branch ESARBICA - Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch EURASICA - Eurasia Regional Branch EURBICA - European Regional Branch NAANICA - North American Archival Network PARBICA - Pacific Regional Branch SARBICA - Southeast Asian Regional Branch SWARBICA - South and West Asian Regional Branch WARBICA - West African Regional Branch, SAE - Section for Education and Training  SAFT - Section for Archives of Faith Traditions SAHR - Section on Archives and Human Rights SAN - Section on Notarial Archives SAR - Section on Architectural Archives SBA - Section on Business Archives SIO - Section on International Organisations  SLA - Litterary and Artistic Archives SLMT - Section on Local, Municipal and Territorial Archives  SPA - Section of Professional Associations SPO - Section on Sport Archives SPP - Section for Archives of  Parliaments and Political Parties SUV - Section on University Archives. The ICA Abu Dhabi 2020 Congress, Empowering Knowledge Societies, will be an opportunity for the profession from all over the world to share innovative ideas and research and for colleagues from allied and other professions to join us at this important event. - Why not become an ICA volunteer? Visit Insider's homepage for more details.
Section on Sport Archives (SPO) collaborate in Support guide for the archives of sports associations, available in some languages.

The ICA 2020 conference theme aims to facilitate and deepen the conversation about Open Science in the field of communication. The Amelioration Act of 1798 introduced anti-contraceptive measures and offered enslaved mothers monetary rewards for every live birth. ICA’s Training Programme was established in May 2017 at the Programme Commission meeting in Arusha, Tanzania.

Cleave to the Black: Transcript of a Lecture in Three Parts. Archives are the documentary by-product of human activity retained for their long-term value. The text is from Shields’s forthcoming, Derica Shields: Cleave to the Black: Transcript of a Lecture in Three Parts, Derica Shields presents an experimental text based on historical, archival and herbal medicine research, in conjunction with Cameron Rowland’s exhibition. The St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show, one of the last big events planned for 2020 in the Twin Cities, is now off the calendar.

Liverpool built the world’s first wet dock in 1716, allowing cargo ships to dock directly at the port. It starts on January 5 each year and stays around for about seven months, annually attracting roughly 15 million visitors. In 2012 the ICA's Programme Commission made Africa a priority area for its professional programme work to support the development of record-keeping capacity in Africa, the needs of African archivists and records managers, ICA strategic objectives and priorities, and the delivery of archival education.

A new Chronology of Audiovisual Heritage por the celebration of Audiovisual Heritage Day – WDAH, Expert Group on Indigenous Matters (EGIM), Support guide for the archives of sports associations. We are the Ice Cream Alliance membership association supporting the ice cream industry. In conjunction with Cameron Rowland’s exhibition. Energised by their shared obsession with securing ‘natural increase’, the planter class joined with abolitionists to write open letters (William Wilberforce insisted that ‘planters set themselves in earnest to produce an increase by breeding’ as early as 1780), treatises, medical studies and, finally, legislation.

- Would you like to do something worthwhile with your time and boost your professional knowledge and contacts? Tuesday, October 19, 2021 to Friday, October 22, 2021. The ICA Newsletter of October is now released! They disseminate knowledge both within the ICA community and to the wider world, and they drive some of the Council's key membership bodies.

The EGIM was an idea that had gradually gained support in the ICA since the publication of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) on 13 September 2007.

The return is to be a custodian of society's memory. The ICA Programme Commission established the Expert Group on Indigenous Matters (EGIM) at the ICA conference held in Adelaide, Australia in October 2019.

It aims to provide ICA members with high quality training opportunities across the full scope of archive and recordkeeping competencies via a range of delivery methods including online learning, ... ALA-ICA Annual Conference 2017 Conference Registration Previous Annual Conferences Join ICA, REGISTER for the Conference (26-28 Nov)   APPLY for the Digital Recordkeeping Training (29-30 Nov)   CONSULT the Conference Programme  ACCESS Practical Information to travel to Cameroon, Governance Meetings Schedule  PRESS  Partnerships, Conference Latest News Conference Programme  Registrations ICA Meetings General Assembly 2019  Past Conferences, Annual Conference 2017 Annual Conference 2015 Annual Conference 2014, International Congress ICA 2016 Programme  ICA 2016 Presentations. The International Council on Archives (ICA) is dedicated to the effective management of records and the preservation, care and use of the world's archival heritage through its representation of records and archive professionals across the globe.

A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Disputed Archival Claims: An International Survey 2018/2019 is now published!

They are free to attend, but booking is required through the ICA website.

For those interested in more information on. Mysterious frozen lakes filled with bones, mummified bodies hanging from inside a glacier, and a 30,000-year-old virus frozen in ice brought back to life in a laboratory. International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. The mission of the International Council on Archives (ICA) is to promote the preservation and use of archives around the world.

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