If she is acquitted, the College must readmit Student A. 136. Title IX Regulations, supra note 3, at § 106.45(b)(5)(vi–vii). Section VII.1.8 After the preliminary meetings with Parties, the Student Conduct Administrator shall determine if the factual allegations of the complaint, if taken as true, constitute sexual misconduct under Title IX, in which case the matter will go to the Board for adjudication. . Note that speech accompanied by non-consensual physical contact is more likely to constitute punishable harassment. Gorman v. Univ. 1379, 1385 (W.D. He is not like her. Please ensure all values are in a proper format. The Student Conduct Administrator should determine if the dispute may potentially be resolved through mediation facilitated by a professional and independent mediator. In sum, this Code is an embodiment of FIRE’s belief that protecting student civil liberties is a necessary prerequisite for preparing our democracy’s next generation for successful leadership and engaged citizenship. This Model Code of Student Conduct is a guide for college and university administrations for governing student life. 60. If necessary to protect the rights and safety of the Educational Community, the College may take any action up to suspension (under Section II.4) against a Student who has been charged with any felony and up to expulsion (under Section II.5) against a Student who has been convicted of any felony. . Student Conduct Administrator: A College employee who is responsible for the implementation of this Code, including Title IX coordinators, investigators, and decision-makers. The Code shall also apply to Academic Dishonesty regardless of location, even if the Academic Dishonesty is not discovered until after a degree is awarded. Delays in filing shall not affect the Complainant’s eligibility for Supportive Measures from the College. Section VI.1.9 In addition to meeting with Parties, the Student Conduct Administrator shall initiate an independent investigation, as necessary. Section VI.1.11 At least ten business days before a Hearing, the College shall send all evidence it has gathered to Parties and their advisors in an electronic format or a hard copy, including evidence the College does not intend to present or does not believe is relevant. 2014) (finding university not liable under Title IX due to lack of sufficient control over sexual harassment at an off-campus party) and Ostrander v. Duggan, 341 F.3d 745, 750 (8th Cir. This notice shall include: Section VII.1.5 Within seven business days of receiving a complaint, the Student Conduct administrator must decide whether the factual allegations of the complaint, if taken as true, constitute sexual misconduct under Title IX, and communicate this decision to Parties. . 62. LEXIS 178017, at *42 (W.D. [25], There are two main principles the College must keep in mind when enforcing harassment policies.

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