When it comes to stitching itself, the biggest length made by the DDL 8700 can go up to five millimeters – Equivalent to at least six stitches with every inch. Pros: The DDL 8700 is excellent when you use it for interior fabrics, as well as certain types of apparel. It also works well for fashion designers (both experienced and budding), tailors, dressmakers, and those who use the sewing machine for their business. Popular . stitch length 5mm 4mm: 5mm Presser foot By knee: 13mm By knee: 9mm: By knee: 13mm Needle: DB×1 (#14) #9~#18,134 (Nm90) DA×1 (#9) #9~#11, 134 (Nm65) DB×1 (#21) #19~#23, 134 (Nm130) Downloads Catalog Manual. If you’re planning to attach zippers or gathers to a fabric, then you’re going to have to purchase a separate zipper foot and gathering foot. It’s also great in handling medium-sized or lighter types of fabric (with the exception of leather). But pick a few fun features that you think you will want to get accustomed to in the future or ones that excite you to learn. Well if you currently work or operate a business that specializes in fixing or manufacturing all sorts of garments, no matter if it’s haute couture or a ready-to-wear tee, you’ll definitely have to get a heavy-duty sewing machine that’s just as tough as these high-powered industrial operations. For those with more experience on an industrial machine, this is no problem. The machine is strong and sturdy and is highly durable. The Juki DDL-8700 Industrial sewing machine has quite the fanbase. The company is now known as a world leader in the industry. In fact, the only thing you have to do is to unpack it, add a bit of oil to the oil pan located beneath the table, and fix the machine’s tension. And it’s pretty much the only option you have when you want to purchase a sewing machine that’s more powerful than the standard sewing machine, but just as affordable in contrary to those huge industrial sewing machines on the market today, or even those popular mini sewing machines. My mom rarely took me shopping because I always found a way to use my needle and thread to make my clothes last. Log in. This way users don’t have to overextend themselves to reach it, or accidentally slip and press down on it when trying to move it. There’s a maximum length of five millimeters per stitch, and a minimum of six stitches with every inch. The unit is also highly durable, and works quietly. Apart from the sewing machine itself, the Juki DDL 8700 includes a 1/2 HP clutch motor (110-V and 220-V), six additional bobbins and a bobbin winder, 10 needles, tools that have a printed manual with instructions, and a table top plywood with dimensions that measure 20 to 48 inches. Meanwhile, it would take hours or even days if you were to do it with a needle, thread, and hands. There’s a 110-voltage servo motor, allowing the machine to run smoothly and quietly. It is a whole new world with tons to explore and learn about. It’s not exactly a portable unit either, since it’s very bulky and can heavy. The unit’s dimensions (LxWxH) are 48 inches by 20 inches by 48 inches, and thanks to its all metal built, it is quite heavy. Required fields are marked *. Can you change the needle position manually, or is it set in place indefinitely? Top 5 Mistakes Which Beginners Make in Using Sewing Machines, Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine with 60 Built-in Stitches, How To Oil A Sewing Machine In 4 Easy Steps, 3 Best Long Arm Sewing Machines For Teens, Parts Of A Sewing Machine: Our Complete Guide.

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