This allows for the audience to begin identifying and connect with contestants while allowing for more time to be spent in the actual competition phase of the show. However, the judges were impressed with her Layered Lemon Curd Parfait, both in presentation and taste. The first season’s pilot episode was aired on September 12, 2010 and the finale episode on November 15, 2010. Airing from 20 June, the remaining eight MasterChef contestants travelled to London for the first stop in "Euro Week". Under the fourth cloche were three different fish: tuna, kingfish and eel, all of which were correctly identified by both contestants. In the end, Shannon Bennett was pleased with each contestant’s performance; all had elements that were impressive. The second series of MasterChef Australia brought some changes to the format of the show.

Callum Hann and Courtney Roulston appeared on, Donna Hay – Top 50 Pressure Test 1, Celebrity Chef Challenge 3–6, 8, 10 onwards, MasterClass 10, Matt Moran – Top 50 Pressure Test 2, MasterClass 1, Celebrity Chef Challenge 6, MasterClass 7, Celebrity Chef Challenge 7, Finale Night, Peter Gilmore – Pressure Test 1, MasterClass 6, Finale Night, Philippa Sibley – Celebrity Chef Challenge 2, Shaun Presland – MasterClass 3, Celebrity Chef Challenge 12, Justin North – Celebrity Chef Challenge 3, MasterClass 4, MasterClass Reunion, Adam Humphrey – Celebrity Chef Challenge 4, Lovaine Allen – Celebrity Chef Challenge 4, Peter Kuruvita – MasterClass 5, MasterClass Reunion, Frank Camorra – Celebrity Chef Challenge 5, Warren Turnbull – Team Challenge Reward 8, Martin Blunos – Celebrity Chef Challenge 9, Mitchell Orr – Celebrity Chef Challenge 10, Adriano Zumbo – Pressure Test 9, Finals Week Elimination 1, Christine Manfield – Pressure Test 10, Masterclass 13, Alla Wolf-Tasker – Signature Dish Challenge, Jacques Reymond – Signature Dish Challenge, This page was last edited on 21 August 2020, at 21:11. Callum’s lentil curry was praised for its flavour but his Flatbread did not impress. Prime Minister Julia Gillard filmed a guest appearance. Jimmy named his cookbook 'Flavours from My Home', citing he wanted to share what he learnt from home and to use the book to encourage readers to not be afraid to use all kinds of spices. Prediction: Between the top 3 expected finalists, Dev, Filo, and Georgia. Adam also found difficulties with the dish, in particular whilst trying to mould the maltose disc on top of the meringue using a kitchen torch, he cracked a few. Three different sauces were under the next cloche: tartare, hollandaise and romesco. The first challenge of Finals Week was then revealed - an invention test with the contestants split into two teams and asked to invent three dishes with the core ingredient of crustaceans, with ten minutes to plan and 75 minutes to catch and cook their crustaceans. ... Elena Duggan defeated Matt Sinclair to be crowned the winner of Masterchef Australia season eight. Round 1 was a Basic Skills Test where contestants had to name ingredients and complete cooking challenges represented by six cloches. [3] During the time in which he was injured, Matt Moran acted as a fill-in judge starting from Celebrity Chef Challenge 6 and continuing until Mehigan returned during Week 8. Adam, Callum, Claire and Jimmy moved on to the next challenge. She was criticised for not providing any crunch in her main course, for poor presentation of her Gorgonzola Mousse, and for an unbalanced Muscat Sauce. The judging panel consists of Gary Mehigan. Callum was awarded points for his julienne and brunoise, but Adam was only awarded for his julienne.

Adam correctly identified the first two while Callum could only identify the starfruit. His Muscat Ice cream, although tasting good, was criticised for its poor presentation. The Icelandic volcano eruption in 2010 caused filming to be delayed.[5]. The judging panel consists of Gary Mehigan. This was problematic in that it removed the contestant from the show altogether, meaning they didn't keep themselves in the pressured situations that the others had. Celebrity Cooks who have appeared include Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Martin Blunos and Brett Graham. Sakai mainly spoke through an interpreter, though Adam (visibly and admittedly starstruck, having been born in Japan and having watched Iron Chef) was able to converse using his "rusty" Japanese. Callum named his cookbook 'A Cook's Roadmap,' focussing on cooking techniques rather than ingredients or course. In Series 3 Alvin Quah and Jimmy Seervai gave cooking lessons at Masterclass. Courtney was deemed safe and Alvin became the first finalist eliminated. Junior MasterChef Australia has already released two seasons. The series was won by Greta Yaxley from Claremont, Western Australia. While his dishes looked good, he was criticised for overcooking his Crispy Skin Duck with Tamarind Glaze. Last to present, Adam named his cook book 'Two Asian Kitchens,' which would include traditional and modern dishes inspired by Asian cuisines. The judges were underwhelmed by her Crepes with Lemon and Ginger Curd, saying it needed another element to make it work.

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