Try it with bulletproof coffee. Not only are these recipes delicious and taste great, they are actually quite easy to prepare and even quadruple the recipe. This is the fastest and most satisfying option that I have found when I am on the go and haven’t prepared anything the night before. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at Pour onto prepared baking sheet and spread into an even layer. With the advent of almond flour, coconut flour and coconut oil we have the ability to mimic the foods we love and have grown used to over our lifetimes. Want more keto recipes? The best part? Most of us grew up slurping down a bowl of cold or hot cereal before we ran out the door to school and continued the tradition well into adulthood. If you are using an electric mixer and not a food processor, it may be easier to mix the dough when the butter is at room temperature. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until golden, gently stirring halfway through. As your body progress into ketosis, you’ll start to feel more energy and better focus as you lose fat. Some Keto cereal recipes use egg whites. This recipe brings back fond memories of Wheatena. No one “likes” dieting. Sugar-Free Mixers Get You Up To 25% More Drunk, English Breakfast Traybake = Fanciest Fry Up Ever. You just might need 2 bags – 1 for you and 1 for your family! Press the topping onto the dough with your hands. I love the addition of cacao nibs to add just a hint of chocolatey flavor that goes really well with coconut. Not sure what milk to use? We like stability no matter how much we protest and try to “roll with the flow”. This post may contain affiliate links. People have emotional connections to their food whether they admit it or not. See disclosures. Before I found the Keto Diet, I loaded myself and my family up with “ancient grains” and thought I was eating healthy….and I was, sort of. Confectioners Swerve …. If you try a recipe, please use the hashtag #sugarfreemom on instagram for a chance to be featured! Cook: 5 minutes. I like cinnamon, so I add extra. The best easy Keto breakfasts include the traditional eggs and bacon, freezable egg cup quiches, omelettes, and low carb pancakes. 30 Crazy Delicious Ways To Roast Vegetables, Wine And Spirit Tags Are Perfect For Holidays, 5 Masters Tournament Recipes To Make At Home, 23 Healthier Ways To Eat Pumpkin This Fall. But, I really like coconut and eat them with my Keto Cereal. Grains have been a traditional part of our breakfast regimens for centuries because they are can be eaten quickly and keep us full until lunch. Breakfast can be a tricky meal to keep healthy especially when you’re on the go. Pair this with Califia Farms Coconut Almond Milk, only 1 net carb per 8 oz – the lowest I’ve found in my grocery store. This Keto cereal recipe is for everyone who's secretly missing Cinnamon Toast Crunch (aka "Curiously Cinnamon" in the UK) for breakfast. I’ve saved the best for last! Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown. […], Your email address will not be published. Keto Low Carb Cinnamon Crunch Cereal Recipe. But as we get older we develop routines that make us feel safe and grounded. It gives the same protein kick without having to beat egg whites first. But they are definitely not part of the low carb Keto Lifestyle. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You can use coconut oil instead of butter if you are vegan or like the taste better. Add this to the dry ingredients. SO MANY GREAT RECIPES!, I CAN;T WAIT TO TRY THEM. Please read my disclosure for more info. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and add to the butter/sweetener mix. If you’d rather have a quick and easy hot cereal that you can easily whip up in the microwave, Sugar Free Mom has got you covered. Rotate the baking sheet if the back browns too quickly. Luckily there’s many Keto friendly alternative recipes to satisfy your cravings. Add some extra dried spices or cocoa to make it “your way.”. Makinze is the Associate Food Editor for This drove me crazy because it seemed like whether I was eating Cocoa Puffs or oatmeal for breakfast everyday, there was not really a change in my weight. the best quick & easy 5-minute Keto breakfasts, KZ Clean Eating’s Swedish breakfast cereal, Easy Keto Spice Cake (Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Holiday), 11 Fail Proof Quick & Easy Keto Fat Bomb Recipes With Only 3 Ingredients. We write all about the Keto Diet and love sharing easy, healthy and delicious Keto recipes to keep our awesome readers on track with their weight loss goals. Let cool completely. Ingredients 1 Cup Almond flour (105g) * 1/4 Cup Coconut flour (25g) 4 1/2 Tbsp + 2 tsp Monkfruit sweetener, divided 2 … For many people it’s difficult to wave good-bye to breakfast cereals. Keto Hot Breakfast Cereal Remember to subscribe to the Sugar Free Mom Newsletter for free and receive fresh recipe notifications delivered into your inbox! When you are first starting out on the Ketogenic diet, it’s best to stick with whole foods with minimal carbs. Cut into squares with a knife and prick each square with a fork to prevent large air bubbles. Pour onto prepared baking tray and spread into an even layer. Found from: Keto Connect I’ve saved the best for last! You could go all day on this stuff. Dr. Thom Collins BS, JD, CKN Certified Ketogenic Nutritionist. (Every kid on the block had a Chia pet at one time or another). I just might take stock out in this company and buy a truckload. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl. No matter how disciplined you are, there is a food that reminds you of a simpler time. You can replace the psyllium husk with double the amount of ground flax seed. There is no weird aftertaste with Monkfruit Sweetener and there is this lovely hint of rosemary and vanilla that makes it melt in your mouth. Keto breakfast cereal - as grandpa used to say - needs to stick to your ribs. The texture will remind you of corn flakes. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, This Is The Only Guacamole Recipe You'll Ever Need. gtag('config', 'UA-73393304-1', {'anonymize_ip': true, 'allow_display_features': false }); What I love about granola is that it’s such an, By the way, you might recognize a lot of these from my blog post on the, Anyways, to amp up the flavor, I included some, I also sweetened up the granola with some, Well, if peanut butter isn’t your thing – although you probably already know that it definitely, Of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on the carb count on those nut butters since, Another way to take this granola recipe over the top is by, As I’ve said before, there’s not much you have to do when making this keto granola. If you’ve been missing the convenience of breakfast cereal on the Keto diet, I’ve curated the best Keto cereals that will keep you full for hours. Or, a big bowl of Cream of Wheat with butter and sugar. In this case, wrap the dough in cling film and chill it for 30 minutes before you roll it out. If you are a breakfast eater and still need to get out the door fairly early for work that breakfast on the Keto Diet may be one of the biggest challenges of the day. As Amazon Associates we may earn a commision on qualifying purchases. The Essential Keto Bread Cookbook, Easy & fun recipes for quality time spent at home, Easy & fun recipes for quality time spent at home, Keto Salted Caramel Cheesecake Fat Bomb Recipe, Keto Cinnamon Rolls (sugar free, low carb), Best Ever Keto Chocolate Cake (Sugar Free), Sugar Free Lemon Mug Cake (Low Carb Recipe), Flaxseed Bread With Coconut Flour – Low Carb. I LOVE TACOS and sandwiches. Blend until your dough resembles moist crumbles. It’s fun to snack on slowly with its small seeds and little clusters of cinnamon. Let the cereal cool COMPLETELY before you break it into squares. Form the dough into a ball and roll out thinly between 2 sheets of baking paper. 4.5 from 4 votes. Having something as familiar as a routine bowl of hot cereal in the morning balances out the rest of our lives in times of chaos whether that means a new job, a big project or even jerky co-workers. I never imagined that I would be eating them in my breakfast bowl. In a large bowl, mix together almonds, walnuts, coconut flakes, sesame seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds. That’s more than three days worth of carbs for me. This ingredient shopping module is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page. I hope you'll find them useful and will love this fantastic recipe. This homemade keto granola recipe has everything you want in a breakfast cereal – it’s crunchy, perfectly sweetened, and totally delicious! This Tip Will Save Your Biscuits If You Burn Them, Cake Making Tips And Tricks For Home Bakers. It is also a real plus if it tastes good. They probably stopped eating it years later when they realized the sugar content. It is also a real plus if it tastes good. Check out these quick and easy keto recipes! I also know that I don’t have time to cook a time consuming breakfast because no matter what my health goals are, I still have to work. Peel off the top layer of baking/parchment paper and sprinkle the the dough with a topping made from more cinnamon and erythritol. Your email address will not be published. I could eat this everyday…and did for a while. I have had PLENTY of bad habits in my lifetime. You could go all day on this stuff. You can also check out my list of the best quick & easy 5-minute Keto breakfasts. Grain Free & Keto Cocoa Puffs Cereal #ketocereal #lowcarbcereal #ketobreakfast Grain Free & Keto Cocoa Puffs Cereal Extra Crunchy ⚡ This recipe for keto chocolate cereal has been a long time coming. Make a big batch of this granola and have an easy breakfast ready all week long. A low carb Keto Diet is more accessible to everyone now…. It is also a real plus if it tastes good. I promise you this recipe will remind you of salted caramel popcorn. To make this breakfast cereal you need a really good recipe and a gummy bear silicone mold. It’s a permanent way of living and eating. The xanthan gum is optional, but it does give the dough extra crunch. Add hemp hearts and cinnamon and a pinch of salt. In less than 30 minutes, you could be enjoying a batch of this great gluten free paleo and keto friendly cereal. And, I also know that I am not willing to part with any more sleep to make it happen. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until golden, gently stirring halfway through. Preheat oven to 350° and grease a baking sheet with cooking spray. One cup of plain, dry Cheerios packs on 64 net carbs. privacy Not Associated With "Diet Chef Delivery Service" One portion is a heaped 1/3 cup or ca 40g. Only 2.8g net carbs per portion! Have You Been Making Your Vicky Sponge ALL Wrong? I don’t mean to sound trite when I say this. These are the exact Gummy Bear Silicone Molds I used and I ordered them from Amazon.. For the recipe, I used this 3 Ingredient Keto Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. Remove the tray from the oven and let cool. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. In a large bowl, mix together almonds, walnuts, coconut flakes, sesame seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds. Author of No Nonsense Guide to the Keto Diet and many other articles on weight loss, Intermittent Fasting, health & fitness. easy, fitness, food, hacks, health, healthy, keto diet, life, tips. Toss your ingredients in a roasting dish with coconut oil and spices and in 25 minutes, you’ll have a great keto cereal base. This is the homemade version of KZ Clean Eating’s Swedish breakfast cereal. You can read more here…, Keto breakfast cereal - as grandpa used to say - needs to stick to your ribs. This ingredient shopping module is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page. This post may contain affiliate links. Variety is key when switching to a low carb Keto Diet because it makes it seem more life a sustainable lifestyle than a diet. Try it with, Keto breakfast cereal – as grandpa used to say – needs to stick to your ribs. Try it with bulletproof coffee. Although the carb count is slightly higher than the store bought version at 2.8 net carbs per 1/3 cup, this version is a lot cheaper and very easy to make.

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