Here Bingham rested at a small hut where they enjoyed the hospitality of a group of peasants. In the central part one can see a rectangular prism that is 36cm high and which is pointing from North-West to South-East. It was, however, discovered in the 19th century by European explorers. It is located in the middle of the mountains of Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu, it is surrounded by the valley of the Urubamba River, and by other mountains of the Vilcanota mountain range. This is the part of the city that is first visible when entering from the Inca Trail. After the fall of the Inca empire, Machu Picchu was abandoned. They vary in texture, size and architectural style that set them apart from each other, although all have the same trapezoid shape. Why Did Machu Picchu Get Abandoned? Machu Picchu is an architectural jewel, which combine perfectly the architectural style with the beautiful natural environment that surrounded it. Most of the roughly 150 buildings in Machu Picchu were built of granite so their ruins look like part of the mountains. Machu Picchu was built in the classical Inca style, with polished dry-stone walls. The … Continued, To commemorate 7Wonders Day, Alessandra Fasino has created a poster collection representing the entire list of Wonders that combines vibrant typography with a rainbow of colours. Is It Worth Visting The Chapora Fort Goa ? They only ruled the place for 80 years and abandoned due to Spanish conquests. All the stone structures at this site are built in limestone and granite. The emperor Pachacutec of the Inca civilization chose this to be the site of his empire. Machu Picchu was named “a fantastic city above the clouds”, and listed among the 10 most amazing spiritual destinations in the world by the prestigious “Skyroad” magazine. The largest peak in Machu Picchu, called Huayna Picchu, is known as "hitching post of the sun.". This site is a wonder for many archeologists and engineers as to how the stones are wedged onto each other than even a knife cannot pass through them. Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca City was named to be part of the new list of the Seven Wonders. They numbered more than a hundred and had recently been cleared of forest and reactivated. The site of the Machu Picchu was abandoned in the 15th century when the Spanish arrived and plagued the city. There is a good panorama from here of the agricultural and urban sectors and the surrounding landscape. It is covered with a tropical forest and has been abandoned since 400 years from the time it has been discovered. Machu Picchu was declared a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary in 1981 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. To retain its originality and avoid damages only 2500 visitors are allowed on this site in a single tour. On his return to the USA, Bingham decided to organize another expedition to Peru. These are only possibilities and not real facts. The remains of the skeletons of humans and animals in the burial suggest these rituals were made. Almost immediately, he was greeted by the sight of a broad sweep of ancient terraces. Feel free to send us an email at! Pinterest. These extended packages can be fully personalized to meet all your … Inca ruler Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui (or Sapa Inca Pachacuti) built Machu Picchu in the mid-15th century. She has been featured by NPR and National Geographic for her ancient history expertise. This has long been one of South America’s favorite tourist destinations for many reasons. The sun is visible through the gate each morning. Bernard Weber, founder of the New Open World Corporation (NOWC) said: “Machu Picchu is testimony to the incredible value and vision that the Incas had of engineering. Machu Picchu, the most famous citadel of the Incas, is accessible by train from Cusco or traveling along the Camino Inca. link to Christ the Redeemer Statue, Brazil - History, Facts, and more. Bingham offered to pay Arteaga well if he showed the ruins. Many people grew up learning about the seven wonders of the ancient world. In Cusco Bingham made the acquaintance of one J.J. Nunez, then prefect of the Apurimac region, who invited him on the arduous trip to the ruins of Choquekirau. There is a good reason why the site was declared one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. It takes 4 days to explore this Lost city of the Incas. Alessandra Fasino is a … Continued, Zurich, Switzerland: On 7 July (07.07) this year, and every year from now on, the world will celebrate 7 Wonders Day. Machu Picchu is Cultural and Natural Patrimony of Humanity in 1983, headed the list of the 22 most sold Tourist Destinations in the world in 2008, was considered by Lonely Travel as one of the 10 most Representative Constructions in the World, the magazine “Skyroad” is part of the 10 most Amazing Spiritual Destinations in the World and in 2016 TripAdvisor was chosen as the Best Destination in the World. Bingham was then told that the ruins he sought were close by and he was given a guide, the 11-year old Pablito Alvarez, to lead him there. This is one of the 7 wonders of the world, an ancient site that has been abandoned since the 16th century when the Spaniards invaded this empire. Bingham learned from Arteaga that there were extensive ruins on top of the ridge opposite the camp, which Arteaga, in his native Quechua, called Machu Picchu, or “Old Mountain”. In 2008, the site was placed on the World Monuments Fund’s Most Endangered Sites list due to the impact of widespread tourism. By 1976, thirty percent of Machu Picchu had been restored and restoration continues. The control gate is made up of a three walled room with a view with several windows, which can be found in front of the main gateway. 79368. Extended packages that include Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, but cover another amazing Inca archaeological sites, as well as other attractions in the Cusco region and wonderful different destinations around Peru, like the Nazca lines, the volcano mountains in Arequipa and the Titicaca Lake. The luxury site chose Machu Picchu among the 20 most beautiful sites, which in turn are World Heritage Sites. Journey with us to discover the most amazing places in the world…, © 2020 – All Rights Reserved. From the river they climbed a precipitous slope until they reached the ridge at around midday. This sector houses the most important constructions of any Inca city, where one can appreciate the talent, effort and quality of the pre Hispanic builders, as the constructions are entirely made of granite, a very hard rock that is different from that used in Cusco. Machu Picchu history, it was built in the 14th century and was ruled by the Incas. Most of the outlying buildings have been reconstructed in order to give tourists a better idea of how they originally appeared. One can see a long stairway that leads to the front gate. Here young Pablito began to reveal to Bingham a series of white granite walls which the historian immediately judged to be the finest examples of masonry that he had ever seen. It is located on top of a mountain with no inhabitation that had made it obscure to reach over many years until Hiram rediscovered it, and since then it has been turned into a tourist destination with transportation available to reach this mountain and view the ruins of the civilization. Travel Guide To Pyramid Of Chichen Itza: Seven Wonders Of The World, Kanchenjunga Trek and Mount Everest Base Camp Info. World Wonders - September 2, 2016. The most eye catching terraces lie at the entrance to the citadel. The fact that Machu Picchu was built in a mountain region that was considered sacred by the Inca culture supports this view. In the 15th century, the Incan Emperor Pachacútec built a city in the clouds on the mountain known as Machu Picchu (“old mountain”). Machu Picchu is located 130 km from the city of Cusco and since explorer Hiram Bingham made it known to the world in 1911, it has received many titles and recognitions; all this popularity has meant that tickets to Machu Picchu must be reserved in advance; if you still do not reserve one of the tickets for Machu Picchu, we recommend that you check availability now. The original purpose of the area is not known for certain. Machu Picchu was discovered on 24 July 1911, by American archeologist Hiram Bingham. On this same piece of ground lies a granite boulder sculpted with steps. The last emperor did not survive and this led to the end of the Inca civilization and was abandoned in the 15th century. It is sometimes referred to as the Lost City of the Incas. Since its discovery, it has become one of the topmost tourist destinations among the 7 wonders of the world. They used irrigation to grow corn and potatoes. Machu Picchu, also spelled Machu Pikchu, is a site located in the Cusco Region of Peru. In more recent years, Peru declared the entire area surrounding Machu Picchu a Historical Sanctuary. Why Is Machu Picchu One Of The 7 Wonders Of The World? Machu Picchu is located on a remote secondary road in nearly impassable terrain high above the Urubamba River, Machu Picchu sits nearly 2438 meters (8000 feet) above sea level, on top of a ridge between two peaks of different size. von Hassel found the site, Machu Picchu was popularized by the American archeologist Hiram Bingham III, who found the site in 1911. The archeologist discovered this site during his expeditions about finding the lost civilization of the Incas and their empire. The global vote that began in 1999, accumulated near 20 million votes in its initial phase. Although several German travelers, including the engineer J.M. What Was The Purpose Of Building Machu Picchu? This is one of the most important UNESCO world heritage sites that is located in Peru, South America closer to Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. WhatsApp. Here we will explain why this complex is considered that special and received the category of Wonder of the world. The election was broadcast from Lisbon, Portugal, to more than 170 countries, and was seen by nearly 1.6 billion people; that is, one in four people in the world saw the broadcast live. The range of the tickets costs less than $500. Machu Picchu is today the main archeological site of Peru and America, and probably the most beautiful place of the world. It is estimated that during the rule of the Incas only 750 people lived on this land and had some social relation with the Inca rulers. ), I was speechless. The city was never discovered by the conquerors Spanish and remained lost for centuries. 2014: Machu Picchu is considered one of the most photographed places in the world by Sightsmap and Google Panoramio. There are four main squares at different levels, but share the characteristic of being rectangular in the classic Inca style, interconnected by sunken stairways in the parameters of the terraces. Maybe you have an idea using the New7Wonders concept? The Temple of Three Windows is located west of the main square, has a large rectangular floor. Today, Machu Picchu is an iconic mountain top tourist destination. The citadel is divided into two sectors: the agricultural and the urban, where there are main squares, temples, palaces, storehouses, workshops, stairways, cables and water fountains which run through both sectors, which measure 20 and 10 hectares respectively.

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