It’s normal to feel overwhelmed if you are trying to choose paint for your vehicle. Matte auto paint isn’t exactly popular, but it’s definitely making a comeback. Matte finishes can polarize opinion, some people love them, others will not be as impressed. Registered Office : 45-49 Greek Street, Stockport, Cheshire, SK3 8AX | Registered in England and Wales Company Reg No : 05004960. Cars you finish with solid paint are easy to touch up and repair. For more information about auto body paint, call CBS Collision. You can’t achieve a pearlescent finish on a budget. Pretty bizarre... Matte looks awesome, but it's a bitch to maintain - even more so than regular black. I like the look of matte black then shiny, it just looks nicer in a sense, shiny black makes it look more richy, I like my cars to have a hot wheels feel to them tho lol. Matte paints are usually offered on high-end vehicles, colours tend to be greys and blacks. 96. Metallic paint is a bit more expensive than other types of paint. A matte auto finish is tricky to apply. If budget is an issue, you should probably just go with solid paint. Solid, Metallic or Pearl - Car Paints Explained. New MY20 Qashqai Line-Up Sees Return Of... 2020 Ford Kuga PHEV Recall - Faulty Batt... 2020 Ford Focus Trim Levels & Specs Comp... start your search for a new car deal here. Because of the matte finish, you can’t polish matte paint with a normal polisher. They can be a status symbol and the chances are the car will be an expensive purchase, the special paint will add £1000s to the final price and repairs to the body/paintwork will cost significantly more than standard paints. It can be difficult to find touch-up paint that matches your car’s paint exactly. It’s plenty glossy, just not as glossy as metallic paint. As it becomes more available, it also becomes more affordable. When buying a new car, you will almost certainly have several paint options available to you. Phone: 318-636-6134. 3319 E. Texas St. Bossier City, Louisiana 71111 Next time you’re in a car showroom look at both metallic and pearlescent finishes and you’ll notice a clear difference and will very likely prefer the classier looking pearlescent paint. CBS Collision specializes in auto body repair and painting, hail damage repair, paintless dent repair, auto detailing, glass repair and glass replacement. Just put jammers on and get the kind you want, ya goof. Other special paints on some of the most prestigious cars can offer some stunning effects too by layering the paint and mixing it with various materials. It resists fading and bleaching and maintains its gloss much longer than standard auto paint. NJ Turnpike Kia Forte with sensors/cameras? Waxing is probably not a good idea. Dupli-Color DA1605 General Purpose Acrylic Enamel Flat Black 12 oz. CBS Collision is a full service collision repair shop capable of repairing any type of vehicle. I saw a matte black C coupe and a matte grey SLS in the Mercedes dealership a few months ago. They can also add a flattening agent to the final lacquer topcoat. >> What if I am not satisfied with the work done on my vehicle. Black cars do well with laser but matte black should do better, right? CBS Collision is affiliated with The Matte paint seems like it would be less maintenance. But if you’ve got a big or an unlimited budget, or if you just want to splurge, you should look into matte, metallic, or pearlescent paint. In order to take advantage of the full functionality of this website Javascript must be enabled. Pearlescent Paint vs Metallic Paint vs Matte Paint vs Non-Metallic Paint, How a Minor Fender Bender Can Affect Your Insurance, CBS Collision is Honda Pro First Certified. Metallic paint is very similar to the standard auto paint. Solid or standard paint is available in a massive variety of colors. I can't comment on other guns but I tested a matte black civic and it performed well against a Laser Atlanta on a 2,000 ft course. In this post, our car paint experts at CBS Collision will discuss the pros and cons of each type of paint. It holds up well and looks good. White and light-coloured paints are some of the best choices for maintenance as dirt and blemishes are less noticeable, surface scratches are usually much less noticeable too on white and light coloured cars. Some of these special paints can become very, very expensive indeed and great care also needs to be taken in maintenance and choosing which products are applied to the surface. and dings will be nearly invisible underneath pearlescent paint. Please change you browser settings. This paint contains a hardening agent, which means you don’t need to add a topcoat. As with metallic paint, only abrasive polishes specifically recommended for pearlescent paints should be used and always take advaice and do a spot check before using any products on the surface. It looks like you have disabled Javascript in your web browser. You are using an out of date browser. Pearlescent paints, referred to by some car manufacturers as ‘Mica’ or 'Pearl' for short go through a similar process to metallic paints except the particles are ceramic. by, The most important thing to remember when choosing car paint is the effect you want to have. You must log in or register to reply here. Thanks for the heads up, I'll do a little research on that. The level of glint and shine will depend on each individual manufacturer. I have a black car now and it's a lot of upkeep to keep it clean. Because of the powdered metal manufacturers mix in, metallic auto paints will reflect light more than standard auto paints. The upside to matte paints is you will have a car that looks extrememely impressive, they’re won't be many like it and it will stand-out in the crowd, plus residual values should be better than normal. Solid auto paint finishes are easiest for home auto paint projects. This means that metallic paint hides. The difference is that a manufacturer will add little bits of powdered metal and aluminum to metallic paint. Custom Shop Hot Rod Black - Hot Rod Flatz Urethane Automotive Flat Matte Car Paint, 1 Gallon Kit. Again, the most important things to remember when you’re choosing your car paint are the effect you want to gain and your budget. Looked cool but I am not sure I would buy one. The benefits of a pearlesent paint are you get a much better-looking finish, so when you come to sell the vehcile, it will be more valuable and appealing to buyers, a clean pearlescent car is extremely eye-catching. The result is that the light splits into many different colors, and instead of just a sparkle, you get deep and varying shades of color that change with your angle. You can call our Bossier location at 318.741.2373, or our Shreveport location at 318.636.6134. You should also be very careful what kinds of cleaning and maintenance products you use on matte finishes, abrasive polishes can result in a very expensive trip to the official body shop, so be sure you know the do's and don’ts if you intend to purchase a car with a matte paint finish. The resale value of your car will grow exponentially with pearlescent paint. Phone: 318-741-2373, 399 Watts Rd. To take you back to your middle school science class, this means that the light slows down as it passes through the mica. Metallic paints are essentially a solid paint mixed with metallic particles. Pearlescent paint is more expensive than metallic paint but is considered to provide a much better-looking finish. Solid paint colours are available as standard usually and choices can vary from just a few options to several colours. >> What should I know about the repair process? I could only get pt around 150ft. 4.4 out of 5 stars 89. The main benefit of pearlescent paint is an aesthetic one. V1G2. The auto-paint market gets bigger and more diverse every day. Black is hard to get speed at times especially older guns like my LRB. JavaScript is disabled. In this post, our car paint experts at. You can get a same-color paint pen to go over small blemishes at home. FREE Shipping. Pros of Matte Paint. Larger scratches and dents are more of a hassle to repair with metallic paint. It can be a hassle to repaint or repair a pearlescent finish. Vehicle data and images are supplied by a third party.

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