Register You must log in or register to reply here. Any bandsaw 14” or larger makes a great workshop saw mill for converting longer logs into boards. the same username and password for all areas. A cabin equal to my wall tent with regard to features or lack there of. You have a partner to help you move the logs after they have been cut. There seems to be three ways that sawyers charge for there milling, by the day, by the hour and by the board foot. Custom Milling; Character Enhancement; Log Siding; Delivery; by Logs & More, LLC. We offer white pine beams 8'-32' feet or any size available, red cedar and white cedar as well as siding, German chink, flooring, posts, hand peeled spindles and rails, split log steps, tongue and groove, and v groove kiln dried by linear foot for cathedral ceilings and walls. Welcome! Also look into getting, or filing down, ripping chain with the narrowest kerf chain that will run on your saw. Depending on the diameter of your logs, you can saw them in the round, or pre-split logs into quarters before sawing. Three cuts/faces on a 9 inch dia log tapering to 11 inch dia over 12 ft long could produce a 6 inch D log that two guys could move/stack. Thanks for all of the replies. forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings Purchase and Download for $19.99 at the following links: Apple Devices. Wholesale Milled Logs for Log Homes and Log Cabins Traditional logs, milled from rough sawn timbers, remain one of the most popular alternatives for log home construction. Eastern White Pine is our most popular species but other species are available including Western Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar, Cypress, and more. Example calculation for a 20FT x 24FT cabin: 9FT Tall Cabin (108″ height) Log Diameter of 12″. A gin pole would be time consuming......something in the hydraulic family would be nice. These logs appeal to people who prefer a more rustic appearance than log siding or brick and look upon the natural tendency for logs to check as part of the character of the logs. We just purchased a remote piece of property along with a Logosol M7 and hope to get to work on a small cabin later this year. I milled some hemlock with my Alaskan and 272xp and 066BB. Alaska Outdoors The only way to not assemble green is to kiln dry and that would not be an option based on your location. Specializing in cabins, quiet and serenity. White Pine Millings has been serving top quality log home building materials at competitive prices to the Appalachian region for over 20 years. that has alot of old growth Sitka spruce, 5'-6' dia. What are you going to have on site to move them around, set the wall logs and the rafters? I don't think you will beable to do it with a CSM; they are too slow. If it is a cabin, i would just slab off 2 sides, get some 1"x4" or 6" rolls of fiberglass insulation(Lowes/HD) for between the now flat logs, spike them down(no drilling) & do a butt & pass on the corners. I am researching methods to build a small, basic, hunting log cabin on my remote 200 acre property in Colorado. I would suggest that you could probably do 4 logs a day, so if you have the time, why not. The contents of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite The Forestryforum is a great place for advice, good people there. Is there a mill that can handle this size? The Alaska Moose Hunting Guidebook is now available for Apple devices and for Amazon Kindle. for a free forum account |  Upgrade to a Supporting Forum Membership | Manage Your Account/Update Password. Precision milled for uniformity. My buddy wants to store his atv in it over the summer months. Register Nice project you have there. I know a guy who built his house and barn out of logs milled 3-sided on the Logosol and I have the Woodbug. your account management area, forums and University require login.,, Merrimac Quality Log Homes 1104 Old Concord Road (Plant Location) 550 French Pond Rd (Mailing) Henniker, NH 03242 Toll Free: 1-866-637-7462 Telephone: 603-746-3944 for a free forum account |  Upgrade to a Supporting Forum Membership |, It would reduce your overall cuts with the CSM. Our specialty is taking a log cabin project from concept to masterpiece. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Select two short logs and cut a V-shaped notch in the center of each. I use anchor seal and it works great but I hear latex paint works well too. Cabin Packages . There is a wide selection of logs to choose from including various grains, cuts, and finishes. I think both are a step above the Alaskan or the mini-mill mills. We offer log home building materials for everyone, whether you're looking for a log home shell kit or just supplies for a home project or renovation. At this point the idea of just two parallel faces and spiking the horizontal logs makes the most sense to me. Building materials are down right now. Call for pricing and availability. This will increase the production per hour considerably. Use this page to get a specific calculation of logs required. I was wondering if I can successfully mill small cedars flat on two sides then stack and attach with logs screws to build a small cabin. FULL LOGS - ROUND LOG, D-LOG, SQUARE LOG . Framing it with dimensional lumber, and siding it with d-log is always an option. I look forward to seeing your results. Milling Logs into Lumber 02-25-2009, 18:27 We just purchased a remote piece of property along with a Logosol M7 and hope to get to work on a small cabin later this year. If you mill and try to airdry they will warp and twist and be useless. Please use How close is the nearest road/goat trail? This is a black cherry that was blown over by a huge wind storm that also destroyed more than half of the barns in my area.

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