Based on these criteria, here is my list of the top 10 most wheelchair accessible US cities (in no particular order) that wheelchair users will have a … While this country is for the most part very accessible, there are some areas that are certainly much more accessible than others. With its highly accessible public transport system and compact city centre, Melbourne is one of the most accessible cities in the world. INSIDER found some of the most accessible cities the US has to offer, according to various studies and rankings. Despite the colder climate, the Windy City ranks high for making 90 of all 145 rail stations ADA compliant, and the Healthy Community Mapping System that the University of Illinois is creating for the city to track the actual accessibility of buildings, fitness centers, sidewalks, and stores is a big boon. In the US, people living with a disability receive a monthly stipend of 1,165 dollars, a figure that is barely above the poverty level. That time a hippo attacked me in South Africa... A Wheelchair Accessible Great Smoky Mountains National Park Travel Guide: What to Do and Where to Stay, 8 Disability Travel Agents to Plan Your Next Trip. But not all states or even cities are created equal, especially in terms of providing facilities for those with disabilities. The disabled community has a key role to play in the revival of the economy and can only play their part if they are facilitated and supported with the right safety nets considering their different disabilities. However, if you want to make your way to some of the quieter areas, you’ll find the sidewalks are in need of repair. When it comes to places to stay, you might find that the OYOrooms are some of the best in the USas they are wheelchair accessible and pretty cheap too. For example, the Golden Gate Bridge offers easy access and although it’s always a little cold on the bridge, you don’t need to worry about accessing it. Employers and government services need to consider this special group of people in their physical and financial planning. The dimensions covered are economy, quality of life, and healthcare, each with a possible 33.33 points. The Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority has nearly 2 dozen paratransit buses in operation. There are many wheelchair taxis available and they’re usually ideal for manual and electric wheelchairs. One of California’s most visited cities, San Francisco, is the ideal place to visit if you want to spend time somewhere that’s impressively wheelchair-friendly. Across the US, some cities have been identified as more accommodating to the disabled community through access to economic avenues, healthcare, and a quality life. Metro Transit, meanwhile, offers a shared ride program, a map of accessible downtown routes and reduced fares.

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