Soon her students followed her to the slums, and others have continued to trace that path since. In the case of Mother Teresa, she provided charitable services at no cost to the people of Calcutta, just as Northouse illustrates with his example of healthcare in “non-profit settings” (Northouse, 2016, p. 231). But servant leadership isn’t reserved for the history books. Even if his goal was not to become famous, he was then widely regarded for his work. Mother Teresa: her people and her work. Retrieved from course website: Beginning with direct efforts, cleaning children's sores and caring for those dying of tuberculosis, Mother Teresa worked to provide basic care to those in her direct area of influence in India. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. This ties in directly with the behavior of emotional healing, the second in the set of behaviors that identify a servant leader. Missionaries of Charity is comprised of members who are her followers, all of whom carry out her vision. For instance, Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa and Gandhi are all considered servant leaders. Servant of love: Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity. Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King were similar on the page of working for people selflessly. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press. Servant Leadership: Antecedents, consequences, and contextual moderators). These member followers are “altruistic and humanistic” and wish to do the work (Northouse, 2016, p. 239) and become servant leaders in the villages and towns in which they work and serve. Situational leader is a person who helps followers according to the situation. Situational leader is a person who helps followers according to the situation. By stepping in their shoes he personally experienced their sufferings and problems and this helped him in making better decisions for them. In 1950, she endowed a group of people for philanthropic work. This made him immortal in history. Faithfulness is more important than the Big Dream. Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Dr. King also followed a transformational leadership style. Upon her death, Mother Teresa was the leader of nearly 4,000 sisters participating in the Missionaries of Charity (Biography, 2017). Whereas, Mother believed the poverty lots is given by Christ and took steps to help needy people. Retrieved from, Clarke, W.C. (2017). The second is that while the idea of servant leadership initially evolved from calls for leaders to behave in a more Christ-like manner (Sendjaya & Sarros, 2002); they do not necessarily have to approach their roles from a particularly Christian, or even a religious, perspective (Bardeh & Shaemi, 2011; Donghong, Haiyan & … After a year at a mission in Ireland, she departed for the region that most associate her with - India. As to my calling, I belong to the world. Mission executed by Mother Teresa was never anyway related to any political or economic change. Despite of death 22 years ago, Mother Teresa is still alive in the hearts of people. She treated everyone with equality. On the other hand, major role of Martin Luther King in bus boycott, Montgomery made him central figure civil rights movement. The organizations she established help not only the sick and poor around the world, but also improve the conditions of the communities in which Missionaries of Charity services are present. Mother Teresa. They can help us understand in depth what servant leadership is all about. He was also awarded with ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ for his work. Like other servant leaders, she had her critics from time to time, but there was no one who could question her motives behind her desire to help others. Leadership Style Mother Teresa was a situational leader. (2017). In return, many students that she had taught returned to join her in her cause to help humanity. 236-238). Her previous vocation of teaching the poor was abandoned as she followed through with her conceptualized plan to serve the poor. Most leadership literature talks about having the big vision or big dream you want to achieve, but Mother Teresa focuses on faithfulness in the smallest things. He brought sense of equality in the people regarding living, jobs, housing and stop treating humans as objects. In other words, although Mother Teresa had the vision and the higher calling (Northouse, 2016, p. 232) and established the charitable organizations, those carrying out her work behaved in the same manner, emulating her traits as a servant leader. She was very organized and determined of her serving and helping people. The impact of Mother Teresa's work, which is seen throughout the world, culminated in her Nobel Prize in 1979 and did not end until her death in 1997 (, 2017). Three servant leaders: Jesus, Mother Teresa, and Pope Francis are models in servant leadership. Mother Teresa served the most destitute people in some of the most destitute areas of India, and established missions and efforts to serve others throughout the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus." Mother Teresa was concerned with the issue of poverty, caring for the ill, feeding the hungry, and housing the homeless. They were lenient about their philanthropic work. Mother Teresa’s widely-travelled father often told her stories about the places he had been to in the Balkans, Western Europe and Africa. Her traits of adaptability, determination, inspirational, authenticity and strong vision made her most charismatic, transformational and effective leader. San Francisco: Harper & Row. Leadership Theory and Practice. Throughout her life she worked to establish a relationship with God, and was moved to become a missionary at the age of eighteen. Here, after working for decades for her mission,  she would further serve by founding the Missionaries of Charity in 1950. The second antecedent condition that is required for servant leadership is leader attributes. (D. Day, Ed.) (2016, August 26). If the term doesn’t sound familiar, the names of those who’ve practiced servant leadership will. Home — Essay Samples — Leadership — Servant Leadership Style: Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. Servant leadership not only requires an analysis of the leader, but also in its outcomes in terms of follower performance and growth, organizational performance, and societal impact (Northouse, 2016, pp. 233-234). Placing others needs before their own, Mother Teresa and her followers strove to provide for those less fortunate, but also inspired others to become servant leaders through their example. Doig, D. (1988). Northouse asserts that servant leaders take on the responsibility for the care and well-being of others (Northouse, 2016, pp. She provided amenities to people as per their situation. (2014). Leadership And Conflict Management In Project-Structured Telecommuting Business Environments, An Overview Of Book About Martin Luther King, Influence And Ideas Of Martin Luther King, Phenomenal Leaders: Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X, Mother Teresa's Role Caring for the Sick and Dying: A Biography, Review of the Series, “Voyage to Africa,” By Basil Davidson with Emphasis on 20th Era Uprisings, Analysis of the 19th Century Proceedings Surrounding the European Americans Treatment of the Native Americans, A Study of the 19th And 20th Era Economic Recession, A Study on 19th Century Labor Organizations, Evaluation of the Link between the Different Wars during the 20thera, A Look at the Life Events of Whitman during the 19th Century. The organizational performance is seen in the organizational citizenship behaviors that Northouse discusses, and the fact that the values are held to the same standard now as when Mother Teresa was alive is a testament to her strength as a servant leader. Mother Teresa would implement her plans to help the people of India. Also, he was victim of racism for which he fought. In the case of Mother Teresa, it is clear that her work has lived on long after her death, as the charities that she founded continue to thrive and have expanded their operations around the globe (, 2017), following the vision she set forth. (2017). Servant Leadership Case Study - Mother Teresa. This is a leadership where leaders adapt to change according to and for followers. Retrieved from This essay has been submitted by a student. Mother Teresa transformed the charity act into compassionate sense where penurious were treated with respect and dignity. The remaining two behaviors of servant leadership, empowering and creating value for the community, Mother Teresa and her charities have continued to thrive and perform her important work long after her death in 1997. Also, she was canonized as Saint Teresa on 4 September 2016 in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. Practicing solitude towards his followers, Martin Luther King Jr. was always very close to heart of people. Mother Teresa will always be remembered for her humanitarian nature, care and unconditioned love for all especially for needy and penurious. Northouse, P. G. (2016). Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. His parental and easy to reach out nature made him most effective personality amongst his people. She was caring, understanding and determined to help as many people as she could. “In order to respond better to both the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity Brothers in 1963, in 1976 the contemplative branch of the Sisters, in 1979 the Contemplative Brothers, and in 1984 the Missionaries of Charity Fathers” (, 2017). Through her leadership and guidance, she was the example of a leader. Context and culture indicate how and where these behaviors are carried out. Despite of criticism she never moved away from her path of being humanitarian. Elizaraxi. In a quote that she certainly must have known would be associated with her legacy, Mother Teresa said near the end of her days  "By blood, I am Albanian. (, 2017). Not only has her original Missionaries of Charity expanded tremendously, but the impact on what it means to be charitable was evidenced when, nearly twenty years after her death, Mother Teresa was canonized and elevated to sainthood in 2015 (, 2017). In the other corner of the world existed Martin Luther King Jr. who had immense power in his words and charisma to make millions of people follow him and win his battle against equality. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our Cookies policy. The Missionaries of Charity continues to provide care around the globe, based on the original goals and vision of Mother Teresa (, 2017). Mother Teresa was born in Skojde, the capitol of Macedonia, in 1910. He taught people to stand for justice and for what is right. There is likely no better example of a person that embodies the idea of servant leadership. In doing so, the final antecedent condition of follower receptivity (Northouse, 2016, p. 232) comes to fruition when her followers in turn become servant leaders who continue to carry out her mission (, 2017).

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