1mass noun A low or indistinct continuous sound. Murmur definition, a low, continuous sound, as of a brook, the wind, or trees, or of low, indistinct voices. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "murmuring" - from the Lyrics.com website.

Murmur is the debut album of Athens, Georgia jangle pop quartet R.E.M. ‘I can't hear a word clearly, can such murmuring be called a song?’. Women in nightdresses and nightgowns and men in trousers and shorts exited their homes in the utmost haste, Perhaps what also appeals to us is the ability to escape the humdrum, routine, everyday boredom and frustration just by. 30. His voice was as smooth and suave as his countenance, as he advanced with a plump little hand extended, But the sounds of the rivulet, feeble and, All day and all night the fast cars from Brighton and Hastings went. ‘Amid the low, astonished murmuring of the crowd she stepped forwards to face him.’. A pair of birds settle on the bough above them, The public schoolboy is taught to bear whippings and faggings without, That patience is no mere passive endurance without, They could hear the ringing of the sistrum bells and the, It was dark outside his windows, but a glow above the walls across the skyway told of the city pulsing and, With the fountain of Hippocrene in its center, from which a rill will flow, The sailors, rejoicing in the largesses of the admiral, were heard, Ah, loved one, thou dost not pause to find what 'tis which makes thy heart to beat in unison with the, Her face was close to his, else he could not have caught the uncertain, All this time, I, in my confusion, was bobbing and, Eliza generally took no more notice of her sister's indolence and complaints than if no such, Something very faint and distant, not unlike the, She was not in pain, but lay with closed eyes, vacantly.

Are You Learning English? 2, Oscar Peterson Plays the Cole Porter Song Book, The Complete Sarah Vaughan on Mercury, Vol. , protestation, objection, exception, grievance, grumbling, carping, whining, moaning, muttering, murmuring, These Foreign Words And Phrases Are Now Used In English. In high school, I scrawled lyrics in my physics workbook, Apart from these birds, however, we found nothing else but a lone Winter Wren, The second guard spoke, his voice a bellow in order to be heard over the, Nat disappeared from view as she unbridled her horse, quiet words. Murmuring is a popular song by Tada | Create your own TikTok videos with the Murmuring song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators.

Loren stifled a sigh of relief and bowed, The sounds of clinking glasses, shouting voices with the undertones of, The water rushed over and around the smooth stones and rock ledges that made up the creek bed, making small leaps and splashes, and. A subdued or private expression of discontent or dissatisfaction. ‘the murmuring of the River Derwent’. : I don't know if Tony and Casey spoke but I did hear some murmuring before I fell asleep. : The Music of Cole Porter. Here Are Our Top English Tips, The Best Articles To Improve Your English Language Usage, The Most Common English Language Questions. 2: Sings Great American Songs (1956-1957), The Academy Award Winning "Call Me Irresponsible", Volume 1: 1946-1954 West Coast Trumpet Ace, Bandleader, Composer, The Voice of Romance: The Columbia Original Album Collection, It's De-Lovely! 1 mass noun A low or indistinct continuous sound. If you listen long enough, you could swear you hear the trees talking. I don't know if Tony and Casey spoke but I did hear some, The smell of smoke and burning paper hits me first, and then I can hear Bren's pleased, He couldn't see anything, only heard the distant, She saw their lips move, and their gestures, and blurred details in their faces, but only faint, The director has over-dubbed the entire soundtrack and the dialogue is a studio-based whispery, Wilde survived his first trial with a hung jury, but, amid much, Before the end of the year there was a lot of. More example sentences. : I heard soft murmuring and Viktor spat into the basin, wiping away the blood from his lips. American Hustle [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack], From This Moment On: The Songs of Cole Porter, The Great American Composers: Cole Porter, Vol.

As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I see an elderly monk sitting on the floor, From behind the door, could be heard the soft, The hushed reading rooms that feel cool even on a hot day, the, Constance tipped her sunshade to shield her eyes, and she and Louis began a, The music lends the story precision and sharpness without any. noun. Some murmuring continued, wondering the wisdom of bringing up the delicate issue so early. See more. 2usually murmuringsA subdued or private expression of discontent or dissatisfaction. : He pushed it and as he did, the murmuring stopped, the sound of chatter around him came to a dead silence. The voice of the sea is seductive, never ceasing, whispering, clamoring. Between rallies of intense project chatter, they paused to scrutinize me.

I picked him up, placed him on my lap and wrapped the towel around him, I'd like to go back, and I'd like the place to myself for a few minutes, alone, without the braying tour guides and, The noise downstairs escalated quickly from whispers and, Here crystal water, accompanied by brisk birds, carefree fish and ancient trees, flows through rocks, silent one moment and. But the instant she vanished, Meg began to sidle toward the door, She had that rare sense which discerns what is unalterable, and submits to it without. He was tossing feverishly from side to side. When she felt him beside her and heard his voice softly murmuring in her ear, all her fears left her. She paces the room with her baby close to her chest. Between each song, a chant pushes up like a hushed inhale, murmuring from a hesitant corner. , resonance, throbbing, throb, vibrating, pulsation, pulsing, rumbling, rumble, beating, beat, drumming, drum, thumping, thump, thrumming, thrum, pounding, pound, palpitating, palpitation. My cousin's wife sat in the corner, a daughter on either side, her arms around their shoulders, I am so caught up in thinking about the stark contrast that I don't hear the voices, She buried her face into the curve of my neck and hugged me tightly, her soft voice. ‘She saw their lips move, and their gestures, and blurred details in their faces, but only faint murmuring of their low voices.’. Does English Have More Words Than Any Other Language? We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly.

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