However, the comfort level and fit adjustments have strayed a bit from past Nathan vests, which is unfortunate because we had high expectations for this pack. After months of researching the fifty most popular running... How to Choose a Hydration Pack for Running. The VaporAir retains quite a lot of the comfort from earlier designs such as the Nathan HPL #020 — which is probably why we like it so much. We also appreciated the deviation from the insanely popular soft flasks on the front design. The included Hydrapak bladder holds two liters of liquid and is easily accessed through an open bladder pouch. The VaporAir comes equipped with one of the better hydration reservoirs we have used. While the VaporAir is loaded down with features, they aren't overwhelming and add functionality. The VaporAir is still a functional pack, and if it had attained the comfort level of some of the other high-end models, it would have been closer to being in the running for an award. Amongst the packs that came with a bladder hydration system, the VaporAir ranked right at the top. The incredibly easy to use magnetic hose clamp easily bonds the hose to the chest, meaning you don't have to fumble around or even look down for where to clamp after drinking, it just attaches itself! The hose detaches easily from the bladder for ease of cleaning, and you can thread the hose through either the top for over the shoulder access or the bottom if you prefer it to run under your armpit. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. This is an amazing hydration pack for running for anyone who prefers a bladder and hose hydration system over chest mounted bottles or flasks. Plus, all your in-stock items will be packed on the truck within 2 hours of placing your order. To account for the lack of internal space, Nathan has added external bungees which allow you to strap on any extra clothes you might want to bring. Not the heaviest, but far from the lightest. The intuitive nature of the fit adjustments, magnetic clamp, and the layout is fantastic. Shopped in one of our retail stores? By accessing this site, you're agreeing to our updated, Perfect Fit Promise on Socks & Insoles, Perfect Fit Promise on Shoes, Socks & Insoles, plus Free Return Shipping on your 1st order, Family Benefit Sharing with Double Rewards Cash (earn 10% back) on all Kid's Shoes every day, The CinchFit adjustable sizing system provides a tailored, body-mapped fit for all body types, Breathable, chafe-free materials for maximum comfort, Equipped with a 2L bladder with quick release valve, Transparent zippered pocket for quick-viewing of key essentials, Two storage pockets by CinchFit straps - one on each side, Back kangaroo pocket for stashing flasks, layers , and other essentials, Front pockets fit bottles and flasks up to 22 ounce. It also comes equipped with a quick-release hose that allows you to quickly remove the bladder without unthreading it from its shoulder straps. This new fit system is not so intuitive and doesn't adequately manage the weight of the 2-liter water reservoir. How can we improve GearLab? Long runs will never be the same with 2L of liquid, back kangaroo pocket, and breathable, chafe-free materials. The Vapor Air also features a phone pocket, two front stash pockets, a … The result for us was a less than perfect fit, as well as some frustration with the design. Our testing revealed it to be a bit heavier than other ultra-focused vests, weighing 14.11 ounces, putting it toward the bottom of the pack for weight among the vests we tested. The stretchy chest pockets are certainly large enough to add some soft flasks if you want to expand the capacity of this pack, and potentially balance out some of the weight from the two liters on the back. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Easily accessible Hydrapak bladder, lots of pockets, extra storage capacity, magnetic hose clip. GearLab is reader-supported. When the front of the pack is loaded down, it isn't as big of an issue. If you're looking for a high performing alternative to chest-mounted soft flasks, the. Check out your savings and benefits below. *See VIP Family Membership details in cart. The Nathan VaporAir offers an extremely comfortable and customization fit and an alternative to wearing two chest-mounted water bottles. Besides the magnetic hose clip which we have already gushed about, it has external bungee cords for attaching extra clothing, pole straps that are intuitive to use, reflective tape for night running, a breathable mesh back, and an attached whistle. It is a far more refined, has far more storage, and includes many features that are annoyingly lacking from our HPL 020. The sternum straps, on the other hand, are easily adjusted by sliding the clips up and down the mono-rail on each side of the shoulder straps. The past version of this vest was indeed quick and easy as well as comfortable. The breast pockets are big enough for use with water bottles or soft flasks if you prefer that hydration method or want to carry extra water. The upper clip also contains a magnetic clamp for the hydration hose. As far as design goes, we feel that the fit of the vest should be intuitive, quick, and easy. The bar is high these days in the comfort of a running vest. Although not specifically designed for such use, the chest pockets are big enough for bottles should you prefer that method. This pack is not huge, but it still holds quite a lot of equipment, food, and water. The running packs bounce and chaff. During the testing period, our main area of frustration with the VaporAir was the imbalance felt with a full hydration bladder as well as the difficulty dialing in the flank adjustments. The pack does not bounce around while running, and the adjustable sternum straps make it easy to crank down the tightness as the bladder empties. We love how easy it is to access the top of the bladder for quick on-the-go refills, and also love that Nathan continues to incorporate Hydrapak bladders in their hydration packs.

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