If you want any more info about Nutmeg, just let me know. Most do not produce dividends, and with those that do, the money is automatically reinvested back into your portfolio. Note: This is a fully updated repost of my original Nutmeg review. I like to see monthly updates by Shaun Money Manager on Facebook and they ask for questions from investors. You may or may not get such good overall results, of course. I have never invested because I don’t understand it. The products and choices are explained well and fees seem ok and in line with competitors, i.e. And as I don’t anticipate needing this money in the near future, I intend to remain invested in Nutmeg and maybe add to my holding again as the opportunity occurs. DIY Stocks and Shares ISA from Hargreaves Lansdown, Standard Life Stocks and Shares ISA Review, Hargreaves Lansdown Stocks and Shares ISA Review, Forester Life Stocks and Shares ISA Review, Shepherds Friendly Stocks and Shares ISA Review. It is possible to open a Nutmeg account with just a £500 lump sum and monthly contributions of £100, although for amounts of £5,000 and above there is no need to make those regular contributions if you prefer not to. As well as going for the diversified approach that we looked at earlier, they also tend to stick to exchange traded funds (ETFs). A transfer can be done simply when you set up your new Nutmeg account and give them the details of your existing ISA. If you’re wondering why it was such an odd sum, I put in £6,000 from my savings. The process of deciding what to invest in doesn’t need to take you much time at all. Usually, reviews end with the reviewer’s verdict on performance. Robo advisors have grown in popularity in recent years as they offer a hands off route into stock market investment management at fees which are much lower than those charged by typical fund managers. But you can, of course, withdraw some or all of your money any time if you need to. In particular, they now offer three different types of ISA portfolio: Fixed Allocation, Fully Managed and Socially Responsible. I've mentioned Buy2LetCars a few times on this blog - most notably in this in-depth…, Today I am looking at another property investment platform, Bricklane. x. I’ve been looking into Robo-Adviser platforms myself. It turned out to be one of my better investments, so in this (June 2020) update I thought I’d say a bit more about it. Thanks! Nutmeg Review in a nutshell. If you've used them leave a review to vote in our Awards for a chance to win £1,000 in Amazon Vouchers. Great post Nick, I’m going to check out Nutmeg! Nutmeg Review Nutmeg, a U.K.-based robo advisor, offers individual savings accounts (ISAs), a lifetime ISA, retirement accounts and general investment accounts. Reply. Thanks for the comment. When an exclusive discount is on offer it will be stated in the page content. Consolidating different ISAs with one company is often a good way of saving money and making it easier to manage them. Required fields are marked *. In case you are interested, here is a screen capture from the website showing how my money was invested in January 2020…. Just enter your email address on the page that opens for further details, without any obligation. Nutmeg currently has four different types of investment product on offer. ESMA & FCA Risk Warning – “CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Digital wealth manager Nutmeg has enjoyed a coronavirus boost and now boasts more than 100,000 customers after investors shifted online amid the pandemic. 15 min Read Published: 04 May 2020. December 21, 2017 @ 5:17 pm, Investments are so over my head and yet this has certainly piqued my interest. The Fully Managed and Socially Responsible options both charge 0.75% up to £100K and 0.35% beyond. As you will note, the Fixed Allocation portfolio has lower charges then the other two: 0.45% up to £100K and 0.25% beyond. The simplicity of the product offered was the greatest draw for me. Here's what users have to say about them. There isn’t really enough data yet to say which will produce better results in the long term. If you really like to delve in the performance and statistics of your investments then you will be able to find out everything you want to know to understand it all perfectly. January 19, 2020 @ 3:55 pm, My husband and I have always been quite risk adverse, but your return just shows why it is good to be wlling to take a risk sometimes. The process of building up an investment portfolio with Nutmeg involves you giving them the information that they need to find the right way to meet your needs. Everyone has a maximum annual ISA allowance, which is currently a generous £20,000. Of course, I am not a qualified financial adviser and everyone should do their own research (and/or take professional advice) before deciding to invest with Nutmeg. In April 2016 I invested some money with the Nutmeg investment platform. This means that it is the sort of account that can work harder for you without you doing very much at all. Even if you take off the extra £1,000 I invested, that means my portfolio as a whole is back more or less where it was before the pandemic struck. That’s competitive compared with traditional mutual funds, although you can find cheaper investment opportunities and platforms if you look around. Yes, investments can be hard to get your head around, and yet with the recent reforms to the pensions system it’s something we all have to try and grasp.

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