the uses of the above aspects of reflection of light in various technological devices. Then ask a reporter to present those thoughts to the whole class. Sit in a circle. Providing reflection activity worksheets for each lesson plan to prompt students to think about what they know, what they learned, and what they need to know as they progress through their exploration. It is clear that the power in learning is in the action of doing the activity. Instructors should select a range of reflective activities to meet the needs of different learners. Read 20 End of the Year Reflection Questions for Students (and here are … Reflection should be ongoing and throughout the project, not … Student reflections guided my classroom teaching and lesson planning as I had hoped, but I was surprised by the unexpected benefits it brought to the students. Providing reflective thinking activities that prompt students to think about what they have done, what they learned, and what they still need to do. Students reflect on the challenges of collaborating with students from around the world and share their thoughts on what they gained from taking part in the ambitious project. Based on their experience and library research, students make recommendations for future action. Journals are easy to assign, yet difficult to grade, and many argue that this means of personal reflection should not be graded at all. Students identified several new approaches they would use in future exam preparation. Explore Light Patterns with a Mylar Light Box from Buggy and Buddy . This reflection activity is useful in inter-disciplinary interests and expertise to … Reflect on the year, either verbally or in writing. The process of reflection starts with the student thinking about what they already know and have experienced in relation to the topic being explored/learnt. Invite students to share problem-solving strategies. Exploring Shapes and Patterns in a Mirror Box from The Imagination Tree. Help students find the words they need. Here are tips and activities to help spur self-reflection in your students. The post-lesson reflection is an opportunity for students to pause and assess what they think they have learned in … Reflection can happen It is a good exercise for initiating reflection and dialogue around personal values. Student self-checks. Explore Your Values. Although I already know the 'guess the word' game, a colleague of mine recently mentioned how it can be used as a reflection activity. It's also challenging to make reflection something that doesn't seem boring and tedious. To help make reflection a little more fun, I've made a reflection question generator and dice that can help students … But what are some specific questions or activities we could be doing to help students reflect? Answering a few quick questions about a learning experience may be just the right kind of reflection activity for younger students. The Reflection activities should be completed BEFORE starting and … Teach a First-Grade Student: Have kids orally describe a concept, procedure, or skill in terms so simple that a child in first grade would get it.

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