And here comes the big question. You provide such helpful and inspiring information. "How come you guys don't do custom slipcovers for other brands as well? Want more information about Reupholstering or using Slipcovers? But this is my opinion only! Custom Slipcovers and Loose Cover for any Sofa model – Order Online,, No irreversible changes – it’s a cover only, so we don’t fix padding or cushions, We don’t outsource – everything from fabrics to final product is done in-house, No middlemen – we represent ourselves from sales to manufacturing. Unfortunately to buy quality, new furniture today is very expensive. We can better advise you on this with some photos? At its best it still looks “rumpled”. I have two oversized chairs that are in need of custom slipcovers but there are no tags or other info on the brand. A few years ago I was trying to decide what to do with my living room sofas. That’ll make easy to understand the what’s included in the cost of reupholstery: Here’s a tabulated breakdown of couch/sofa re-upholstery prices (inclusive of fabrics and workmanship): As we said before, the costs involved in a sofa cover are way cheaper than a new sofa or upholstery. I have decided to slipcover! The couch cushions have little holes or perforations. Can I put a slip cover on my leather sofa? In terms of pricing you’ll be looking at about $40 for a seat cushion (made of foam and dacron batting) and $70 for a back cushion (made of polyfill usually). Your sofa isn’t comfy and its cushions are very difficult to change. After all the information we’ve shared with you about the cost of reupholstery and the sofa covers, it’s time to face the question we have been wondering: What’s better? One of the benefits of slipcovering is making the cleaning of the material much easier then an upholstered piece. Either will give you a lovely end result – a new outside garment for a piece of solid furniture. Upholstery fabric is heavier and thicker than regular fabric or home furnishings fabric. The green pattern is the before photo of the Ottoman, (see photo below, left bottom) the blue photo is the after shot (see photo below, right bottom).. I found it interesting that the labor was much cheaper for slipcovers. You can also follow along with me on Pinterest! In this blogpost, we give you all the answers and approximate prices to help you renovate your sofa. Home » At Home » Slipcovers or Upholstery? Your advice is so practical yet elegant. They are in our living room, which means we don’t use them as often, but I have comfort knowing I can wash them any time. Sign up here and you will also have access to all of my ebooks, tips and even my Christmas Party menus. Hi Lynda! After analyzing the prices of each option and learning a little bit more about the differences between upholstering and the sofa covers, it’s safe to say which is the more affordable option. Sometimes the fabrics of the sofa can seem old or outdated. I started my blog so I could share my passion for entertaining, décor, cooking, and crafts. Slipcover prices are for covers with corner pleats and matching piping and are taken from our website. The Start of the Living Room Makeover - MY 100 YEAR OLD HOME, 5 Ways to Display and Repurpose Christmas Cards, The Best 20 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25. I really love the couches and pleating too. I had a chair reupholstered and didn’t use upholstery fabric and it’s now wearing through in several spots. Although we make our slipcovers tight as can be, in general, slipcovers … Your email address will not be published. There were a few upholstery stores who were contacted in the UK as well, but majority of the calls were made specifically in the United States as a simple case study. The price you pay will be the same whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link. If your chair or sofa is in good condition but you don't like or are tired of the fabric, then a slipcover is a good option. Not too sure, hmm. I finally decided to send our living room couches out to be slipcovered. Thank you for sharing. In the example of the Tuffet, applying a slipcover would hide the intricate word carvings on the Tuffet. In the case of the Ottoman, It was decided that this piece was to be slipcovered. Hi again. Here are some of the items featured in our living room. PLEASE ADVISE. I used a heavy cotton duck and I preshrank the fabric first! I absolutely loved the slipcovers that my friend Liz Marie Galvan had in her home. The original question was a red velvet I am 74 years old and it is always been my grandmothers home it was her furniture when she got married and she died at the age of 96 my question is and I know I have sentimental value towards it is it worth reposting my husband’s dog chewed up one of the cushions and that’s why am trying to decide what to do get rid of it or have it re-plastered thank you for your help. I’ve always had slipcovers too and everyone is always amazed that they stay so clean. For example, it cost me $300 to have a slipcover made whereas it was $400 to have the same chair upholstered. The cushions are very heavy my aunt had it reposted in a green Velvetwhich I do not like . Thank you! Imagine that you have a sofa that comes upholstered from the factory. Very possibly so! Those pleats are to die for! I think Leslie said that if the piece has a lot of wood, upholstering may be the better option. A sofa is always a big investment and when you buy one, you are expecting to use it for a long period of time. Can you make a slipcover for it? The Ottoman was slipcovered by Sweet Peas. Please comment with your real name using good manners. Also what type of fabric did you use? It makes SUCH a difference with your couch!! But you have to make sure that the seat and back cushions are removable, so that it looks like a sofa and not just a blanket covering it . The insides of the couch and cushions need refilled/rewired maybe. Thank you for your thoughts . In the before photo, the style looked dated. Hi..then it’s either too big of too small…give it time for the fabric to relax and see how it fits at that point. I live in LA and was wondering if you would mind sharing your slipcover contact. . Yes, tissue boxes need slipcovers, too. Finally, we’ll be able to see the cost of reupholstery vs slipcovers and compare them side by side. If you are in California, who made your slip cover? That’s because they use to look like this. It’s important to consider the use, the condition of the furniture piece, and cost. Contact us here. I have a Gus* Modern Adelaide sofa ( I looked at all the pros and cons and came to an easy decision. COPYRIGHT © 2018 COMFORT WORKS BLOG & DESIGN INSPIRATIONS, Looking to restyle your space and not sure where t, PSA: Slipcovers are a quick and easy way to refres, Is your fall style modern, cozy, or a little bit o, Too many pillows? I just used a local upholstery guy for ours! I love how much info you share about your style. Of course you can! Hopefully this final table we made makes it easy to understand our conclusions. I told him I wanted my couches to have a pleat like hers! We really love and enjoy to answer all your questions. Can you buy a cover for your upholstered sofa? Although... Can you make custom slip covers for a couch and bench seats in a motorhome? Leslie could you please share the type of fabric you used on your slip covers? Hope this helps, feel free to shoot a photo over to for further consultation. Reupholstered or Slipcover? Hi, I noticed several people ask about your slipcovers and where you had them made and type of material?? You love your sofa and it has a lot of sentimental value for you. Pin the image below to your Remodel or Home Decor boards on Pinterest (just click the Pin button in the top left corner). Your sofa fabrics seem old or outdated but your sofa it’s still comfy. We have added 4 main topics to evaluate each option: We hope that this article has helped you.

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