Regards. Wage Plus Payroll : Attendance - Payment - Payslip, Calculator For Wood -Timber - Flush Door - Plywood, Wood calculators & Recorder - TIMBERPOLIS, Heavy Vehicle Inspection Maintenance, CMMS APP, Cookies help us deliver our services. Lineal Metres x nominal width x nominal thickness = cubic Metres. Round to the nearest three decimal points Cheers. You also learn that harvesting cost is $100 per thousand board feet, trucking is $100 per thousand board feet, and milling is $250 per thousand board feet. Nominal = size of a piece of timber before the timber is dressed. A small manufacturing error was fixed. Thank you for the great service and taking the stress out of just one more little thing in my life.... Read More, The fence looks great. If you have a steel, wood or concrete beam with complex boundary conditions and loads you're better off solving the problem numerically with one of our finite element analysis tools. As he was your companies first contact I felt I had chosen the right company for the job. The calculators "remember" previous calculations, and generate a running report of entries and subtotals. Fantastic for the following reasons: very easy to deal with, responds promptly to emails/calls/txts, honest, reliable and works hard to give you exactly... Read More. 
2)Timber Round logs Thanks for your great service! 
 Job well done. The blokes that installed the fence were amazing! I thought it would be a difficult fence to erect - however from Glen going through the options to the end result - great job! The team at The Fencing Factory are fantastic! Thanks to Ben and the team for a great all round product, service & hassle free installation. The next step is to enter the height and diameter of the one tree into the tree value calculator at the top of this page then select tree type. Ben was a wonderful consultant and was very informative, polite and helpful. As a forest landowner interested in selling timber, you are naturally interested in the price you will receive for your product and how that price is determined. We are very happy with our fences and gates and it was all definitely worth the wait. Calculator - Log volume calculator - Wood log volume calculation - Logs - Volume m³ BF - - Wood calculators Very competitive price. This calculator will also convert the Cubic Metre measurement in to Cubic Feet, Board Feet and Lineal Metres for the length of timber calculated. Length: The log length is the length to the last full foot (especially for hardwood logs). A professional job well done. When choosing the 1.8 m high Good Neighbour Fencing, the gap between the palings is a standard 30 mm on both sides. Timber Calculator Plus is the simple and easy way to calculate cubic of Round Logs, Timber Cut sizes, Door, Board, Plywood etc. It is the best application for timber merchants and sawmill calculations. This is defined as a round beam that has been sawn or shaved on one surface such that the sawing or shaving does not exceed 3/10 of the radius at any point. We believe word of mouth is always the best way to advertise and The Fencing Factory has been recommended by us to several people already. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, Timber Calculator Plus | Wood - Door - Plywood. Metric: Hoppus m³ via girth = (mid-girth in cm/4)² x length in metres / 10.000. 
3)Doors Calculations are based on post spacings of: 2300 mm centres, so you can span a full 4.8 metre length of rail over 2 bays and you will have some flexibility with your post spacings. 
6)General(User Defined). Thank you to Ben, Andrew, Paula and Tracey. Round to the nearest tenth ft³. The fence looks really good and we are all pleased with it, the installer did a neat job. It was within budget and the final product was exactly what I had in mind. The boys did a great job in the install. It is the best application for timber merchants and sawmill calculations. You can always order online or over the phone and we will contact you as soon as possible for delivery or pick up. I would like to say thank you to all the staff I have come into contact with during this exercise. Press calculate to get the tree value and multiply that number by the number of trees in the woodlot to get a total timber value. NB! When choosing the 1.8 m high Good Neighbour Fencing, the gap between the palings is a standard 30 mm on both sides. Staff are also professional and polite. - Round Log Cubic calculator … Installation went ahead in tough working conditions. Outstanding service and workmanship - I knew I had chosen the right company when I walked into their office and was greeted by a dog. ) The measurement of standing timber and logs may seem strange and complicated to you, and it is possible that you may be quoted dramatically different prices based upon differing estimates of the amount of timber you have and the …

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