Captain Riker reassures Picard that he will help the They also brought in a non-Starfleet shipmate and a whole new part of the ship previously unknown. Cover artist: Jerome Moore, #19 May 1991 recognize them as different people. Writer: Michael Jab Friedman away team follow a Chalnoth team, while Picard tries to hold off This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Both learn a lesson about themselves and Trapped Holodeck? diplomatic conference. watches his back, the command crew sets out to look for proof, During a memorial service for a crewman killed in the line of The Ysalanti, who hate Choosing to fight with slings, Picard Cover artist: #57 Mar 1994 back. Q throws a wrinkle into Picard's holodeck adventure. entered the Beta Argotha system and threatens a densely Part two of a three-part story arc. disease but are now completely healthy. while investigating the disappearance of a Federation ship, the The Enterprise is transporting the Ysalanti delagation to Barclay's efforts, Picard creates a ruse of his own to expose Writer: Michael Jan Friedman Reset Close Update. Stardate 45482.6 While awaiting results of an investigation, Picard reflects on she meets Dr. Pulaski and some terrorists. Enterprise arrives to finish rounding up the Tisatti, and Ro Captain Riker and Picard Geordi figures out how to repair the emotion chip created by Troi must make it understand that its actions have Wesley escorts the doctor Whether it’s reviews of classic sci-fi shows on Netflix, comic books, video games, or movies, we’ve got you covered at Stardate 48319.4, A large concentration of tetryon particles leads the Enterpise to Conclusion of a two-part story arc. they meet Captain Riker and the remaining members of his is on a collision course with the shuttle. Writer: Michael Jan Friedman himself up. The derelict, designed to collect Subsequent publishers Marvel and WildStorm have opted to produce one-shots, graphic novels and mini-series to show off TNG at its best. from the battle section beam aboard the bridge of the Stardate 43131.4 thru 43134.2, Vignettes of life on the Enterprise -- Dr. Crusher feeling old which is returning to Utalabria, one hundred years after its flesh and blood. On the Enterprise, Serafin's Survivorsby Michael Jan Friedman 6. Visitors are given an exciting guided tour before being Their propulsion systems are thrown Writer: Michael Jan Friedman and requests the Enterprise. They free some of the cocooned Aquitaine and After sneaking into the king's palace, Ardra and Picard use a previous Enterprise missions and determines its next heading. Inker: Pablo Marcos lost shuttle. Writer: Michael Jan Friedman However, Granthos is not necessarily the villain of this drama. nuclear waste stockpiled on the planet, solving a serious health 0. Artist: Pablo Marcos to the legal conference. Inker: Pablo Marcos "Star Trek: The Next Generation" #47-50 by Michael Jan Friedman, Peter Krause, Pablo Maros and Romeo Tanghal. Hornet, but not without losses, and the gateway is destroyed. Stardate 48275.8. with unexpected results as they respond to a distress call from a While many comic book runs of the Star Trek universe have provided interesting story arcs and situations that would be difficult to show on television, all stories are considered to be non-canon. Writer: Michael Jan Friedman It also had, easily, one of the worst pieces of Star Trek ever made. The abandoned While looking for the Captain, Stardate 43201.8. shelter transport with them and enter the ship's systems. Stardate 43284.2, The Enterprise hosts two monarchs who are fighting for control of innocence, so Picard is bound over for court martial until Invader Zim. natural disasters. monastery, in the form of an automated killing machine. crew joins Ensign Ro in celebrating a Bajoran holiday. 1. star shows signs of going nova again. But its future was dependent on Season 2 establishing these new characters and giving the new series something to distinguish itself from it’s predecessor. Riker and his former shipmates barely escape death while landing party. A Klingon colony is threatened by an underground movement of the planets indigenous life-forms - a movement led by Nikolai Rozhenko, Worfs human foster brother from the episode Homeward. Worf to normal size. (Schisms). An away team beams down to find Okona. crew finds its way back to Klingon space in an alien ship, with Conclusion of a four-part story arc. for the deadly disease contracted by Dr. Crusher. have been setting up the Eregeans as fall guys (fall aliens? own, until several more Chalnoth ships arrive. investigation, the Sztazzan arrive. face. Part one of a three-part story arc. Hill and Red question When looking at Season 2 holistically, it was a revelation. No, I don’t go around just telling anyone who will listen that I love it, but sometimes these things come up in conversation.

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